vanisha seenauth

‘I should not be ashamed of being a victim of an abuser’ Vanisha Seenauth

vanisha seenauth

vanisha seenauth

I’m not afraid every day I wake up and realize I’ve become stronger and braver.
Those with negative comments I will not condemn.
I’m not posting and speaking out because I need your sympathy on the issue but I’ve come to realize that I should not be ashamed of being a victim of an abuser and of being in an abusive relationship I’m only human I have loved, I hope for change, I believe in second chances and I believe in forgiveness.
But everyone has a limit.
Maybe you have never being in my situation and maybe it’s hard for you to feel the pains threat and danger that follow. I’m probably not going to be safe at all after I speak out but I’m willing to make the change at some point we have to look ahead don’t look back, be brave lift our head up and speak, stand up for yourself cause no one else will.
I can get all the hugs, kisses, advises and sympathy I appreciate it, it’s comforting and has made me even stronger but no one knows what goes on inside no one can actually feel the pain as I write here I cry my tears cannot bring back my unborn or erase my pains emotionally nor physically.
Many may think it’s cruel to stab someone but if it’s your only chance of survival. What would you do?
Imagine being beaten about your body then to the ground and being kicked in your abdomen after a surgery with the words ‘I will kill u tonight’
Today I could have being a statistic adding to the number of women killed via violence.

varshnie singh jagdeoa propaganda press flashback

It is funny and sad to hear the politicians talk about the campaign against domestic violence, investing millions to “stamp it out” etc when what I am experiencing is hi-tech domestic violence and persecution. Our President is using his office and state resources including Ministers unprofessionally to disadvantage a woman

former first lady, varshnie singh, august 2010. loveless, stressful & abusive. my fake marriage to bharrat jagdeo


13 thoughts on “‘I should not be ashamed of being a victim of an abuser’ Vanisha Seenauth

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  3. she lie down and take the break so she can get a baby by the benn family and now she want complain. its ironic to see a nice coolie girl running around a fine black ugly banna, i guess. quite obvious she was after the fame so now she plan did not work out then she get upset. is she put she self in um and now she trying to back peddle and expect us to have sympathy. if you ask me, the banna look like he got aids.

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  5. some of them girls does really mek they self a clown. the same one them french kissin BM soat are the same one that sucking big-head cock. like 2-pac used to say, “every where I go, i see the same hoe”

  6. I’m glad she finally stood up for herself.. whoever says otherwise is an ignorant asshole… what gives him or anyone the right to constantly beat up a woman without consequence?? if was a man he used to beat up atleast he woulda get some good kick and cuff… d only reason i’m glad he’s not dead is cuz i don’t want her to get a serious charge or jail time… a minister son knock down and kill sumbody and never get jail time, so why should she? if she had posted that stuff on facebook before the stabbing then obviously she had every intention of ending the relationship, if the two of them end up in an altercation the next day is most likely cuz he so pissed he went lookin for her to beat her some more and got what he finally deserved! ..for those of u who got shit to say, well then as much as i dont support domestic violence, i hope ur daughter ends up in this girl’s shoes, then we’ll see who’s side u ignorant assholes are on..

  7. i gonna have to go with Allybabba. when she did swinging and living de live all was good, as soon as she belly big big Benn tell lil benn we aint deh suh, and things change….i feel bad for she cause im an indian but the facts cant change, she get wha she did looking for…

  8. To be having someone of the opposite race as your fiance/girlfriend or wife is and ought to be a blessing, for the person has forsake their religious beliefs and early teaching from childhood not to get involved with someone of a different race or religion,,//specifically speaking the Hindus,,now i am totally against the mishandling of this young lady,,as a youth and being ignorant of such a bahaviour i was also such a type ,,a total change on my behalf thereafter,,But the difference is that this young man Benn feels that having the father in a high position he can do as he feels ,,now such an incident also had happened in T&T about a month ago where a Minister of the Government,s son was videotaped with a Cutlass broadsiding an old man in the PUBLIC,,it came on CNT NEWS i had seen it,,,this young man was of Indian descent,so the fact of the matter is Stand up for your Rights ladies, regardless for it remains to be lifetime scar, thus having the fear of entering another relationship God Bless.cause

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  10. Sad story! did any one did a background check on her? for someone who left home at age seventeen for Gt and with one fail Marriage that last for less than six months in 2008. come on we all victims at some point in our life.

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