Guyana Football Federation paying $12/day – 5 players quit team

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somebody forget to tell the boy rapists of the Guyana Football Federation slavery days done. the whole team should quit or abscond

FIVE members of the senior national football team have opted out of representing Guyana in the semi-final round of the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) Regional Championship set for Grenada.

Regular starter and a scorer in all three games in the first round of the competition, Gregory ‘Jackie Chan’ Richardson heads the list of players who have refused the Guyana Football Federation’s (GFF) meagre offer of US$12 per day stipend.
When contacted yesterday via the telephone, General Secretary of the GFF, Noel Adonis, told Chronicle Sport that the situation is one which caught the Federation by surprise since there was not a slight hint of such action as no form of communication was made to the Federation by any of the players involved.
Adonis who revealed very little promised that he will have more detailed information by today as it relates to the composition of the side and what really transpired.
The depleted Guyana team under the direction of Technical Director Jamaal Shabazz was expected to depart Trinidad & Tobago yesterday for the Spice Island where they will confront Haiti in the opening game of the 4-team group competition tomorrow. The other two nations contesting the group are French Guiana and the hosts Grenada.
The top two sides from the round-robin group play will advance to the finals set for Antigua, December 3-16.


2 thoughts on “Guyana Football Federation paying $12/day – 5 players quit team

  1. These motherfuckers in GFF, who d fuck is Noel Adonis?? Just another old leech fucking parasite living nice on football money and coaches and players getting shaft, nothing but mob justice would dislodge these stubborn fat ticks. Someone please get rid of these fuckers so guyana football could progress!

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