sonny ramdeo back as ezjet Guyana CEO – rosalinda rasul fired

rosalinda the clueless is now unemployed

think yuh had enuff ez jet madness fuh november? not so fast. sonny ramdeo back in charge as ceo. yes, sonny ramdeo who is wanted by the fbi is back in charge at ez jet chief executive officer

rosalina rasul get fire after playing ceo for 17 days. she tek de wuk 25th october and get fire nov 11. meanwhile over at ezjet people asking fuh they money back an ez ain got it

propaganda press please publish this notice

To EZjet Customers:
EZjet once again requests the cooperation of our customers. Our phones lines are overwhelmed, emails are numerous and we cannot possibly answer every single email, phone that comes in. We are making every attempt to get passengers their funds. We ask customers to use our online form. We will contact you with the details of your refunds once we get to your request.
Continuing to post allegations, fabrications and misrepresentations in the media does not help expedite this situation.
We thank you for your patience and cooperation.


10 thoughts on “sonny ramdeo back as ezjet Guyana CEO – rosalinda rasul fired

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  7. EZ Jet NY Manager is the mother hen Deeraj who steal all the monies and then close down the office. He now claim that he was not employted by ezjet for the past five months. this cock sucker….

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  10. Where is Dheeraj Gay-A-Ram the dancer who was running the New York’s operation, I also heard that he cleaned the account and made a run for it? he is also in hiding while Sonny Ramdeo is behind the steel gate. Last someone saw Gay-A-Ram, Dheeraj was in a Chiney man country.

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