Mohamed Farouk Kalamadeen headless & forgotten – seelall persaud closes case

farouk with his head still intact

Written by Hydar Ally, Guyana Chronicle
Tuesday, 06 November 2012 22:59
POLICE Crime Chief Seelall Persaud said, Monday, that, since the brutal murder of Mohamed Farouk Kalamadeen in 2008, there has been no progress in the investigations and it is now a cold case.Kalamadeen disappeared on April 2 while on his usual jogging exercise at Houston, East Bank Demerara Public Road, not far from his home.

He was abducted by some men in a vehicle and relatives did not hear from him nor receive any ransom demands.

However, on Wednesday, April 30, just after 06:00 hrs, am, the headless body of a man was found at the roadside in Cowan Street, Kingston and, from its appearance, identified by his son, Irfaan.

The head appeared to have been clinically removed but on, April 30, it was discovered in the canal in the vicinity of his business place, Jiffi Lubes, at North Road and Light Streets, also in Georgetown.

A post-mortem performed by a pathologist on the decomposed remains revealed that Kalamadeen had suffered blunt trauma to the back of the head and injuries to the mouth.

Eyewitnesses, reportedly, told police that 54-year-old Kalamadeen, a former racing car driver, was picked up by men in a dark colour vehicle.

Searches for him were conducted in and around the Houston neighbourhood but, other than apprehending a few suspects, police collected no substantial evidence

Several persons of interest were questioned about the homicide but no one was ever charged for the killing.


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