marlon ‘trini’ osborbe killed. ricardo rodrigues chief of security – guyana cocaine wars ongoing

marlon osborne killed in guyanaanother one gone. trini tek sick leave the day ricardo get dust off and now dem come an duss-out trini

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The police are investigating the murder of Marlon Osborne called “Trini”, 32 years, of Achievement Place, South Ruimveldt Gardens, which occurred at about 1400h. today Wednesday October 31, 2012, at Laluni Street, Queenstown, Georgetown.

Investigations revealed that Marlon Osborne was driving motor car PNN 9922 when shots were discharged from another vehicle which drove away. He received injuries and was taken to the GPHC, where he subsequently succumbed.

A man has been arrested and is in police custody assisting with the investigations.

pop off & duss dem off – marlon pon kaieteur front page

flashback june 2004

Georgetown — Police constable, Mark Cromwell, 21, attached to the Linden Police Station, was among three men arrested by an army patrol last Sunday in the Buxton/Friendship area in possession of two automatic pistols and 23 live rounds of ammunition.

The two others were Marlon Osborne aka Marlon Scott and ‘Trini’, a 24-year-old mechanic of Buxton, and Marvin Sears, 22, of Vigilance, ECD, a mason.

A statement from the army said the patrol spotted the men acting in a suspicious manner while they were travelling in a black Honda Accord along the Railway Embankment in Buxton. Their car was intercepted at the junction of Friendship Middle Walk and the public road and a search conducted.

Sears was in possession of a 45 Smith and Wesson Automatic Pistol with eight matching live rounds and Osborne, a 9mm Sigsauer Automatic Pistol and 15 matching live rounds. The serial numbers for both weapons had been filed off. No weapon was found on the police constable.

Police sources said they were trying to determine the origins of the weapons.

The vehicle in which the men were travelling has been traced to an overseas-based Guyanese who reportedly sold it to a man currently before the courts on an arms charge. Documents in the car showed that it was registered to the latter but records at the licence office proved that the car’s registration was not yet transferred.

From reports, a relative at the home of the overseas-based person to whom the car is registered, said the vehicle was sold to another man sometime ago. The relative stated that the vehicle was involved in an accident and was left with a mechanic who the army identified as Osborne, one of the three men arrested.

Reports indicate that Osborne fled the village sometime earlier this year after he was shot at. Members of the army had reportedly escorted phantom informer from his home in Friendship. His house was later burnt down.

the guyana govt phantom gettin cleanup and duss-off by they own guns


6 thoughts on “marlon ‘trini’ osborbe killed. ricardo rodrigues chief of security – guyana cocaine wars ongoing

  1. you should know better black boy,this govt sees everyone as expendable except themselves,this is the new nazi,thieves,murderers and cowards,they seek to use as many people as they can.

  2. wha, PP…………you all agents are better than CID at getting the facts. This is really accurate and top secretive, 0007, CIA shit. I am startin fo think that PP got them own satellite – lol. good wok PP.

    seem like trini set up the kill pon he boss and now the boss people after him OR could it be that he was running his big mouth saying how he got to gun down the boss killer and the killer put it pon he. Or could it be the brazos put it pon he and he boss for robbing them and killing they men in lethem.

    Lets look at the tale of events:
    Big robbery went down and cocaine missing along with the bodies and guns.
    The same guns them get find and bury in Lethem.
    Recardo cousin is linked to the guns.
    Recardo get gunned down and trini tek sick day.
    The plane get find that all the drugs come in, but the men still missing.
    Trini get perminant sick day.
    More to come………………….

  3. The vehicle that Trini and the other guys were found with in 2004 belonged to Roger Khan. Trini was a phantom and he and his family were chased out of Buxton.

    By the way, Trini was visiting cousin Raymond when he was shot. He was reversing out of the yard when he was shot. Raymond house is a usual stash for guns and drugs.

    Did Raymond call the shot? Or is he next?

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