Guyana govt forces killing protesters in Linden – 3 confirmed dead

our agents in Linden are reporting one person dead after govt forces storm the wismar mckenzie bridge

update 1134pm so far we can confirm four dead


29 thoughts on “Guyana govt forces killing protesters in Linden – 3 confirmed dead

  1. more black on black killing,thank you once again police force,hope the pat on the back from the govt is well worth treating your fellow citizens like animals while PPP officials walks all the way to the bank laughing.they never have to use guns only fools.

    • Excuse u. Lindeners robbed ppl beat them n raped them who were waiting to cross due to the road block they burnt buildings n vehicles. They r totally illeterate. Dnt blame the ppl passing its the govnt u gota blame bt lindeners ignorant. So killing them is ok.

  2. o skunt hole man, tha is some uncle tom shit going on. them put brummel to kill the negroes. how coward is that. be reasonable and stop overcharge the people for electricity. is a poor town man, how them gon pay for it. govt will try anything to get money these days. the govt dont want no body protest. some of them man that get kill dont even look like them got an electric bill in they name.

    • Every fucking guyanese pays n they cnt pay? Fuck them. Shooting is good fr them. Total assholes. They raped n beat n rob ppl … They police shud shoot all of them.

      • You are a total idiot, I can tell you are ignorant, you should head back to school, learn to read and write. If it was your mother or sister, would you address this situation the same way? I am sorry for you, I hope you would not be caught in this situation. I will pray for your ignorance.

    • Really? They rob beat n rape ppl that’s protesting? Well there’s a cure fr protesting it is permanent n effective. Bomb d whole place n don

    • Racists? Those asshole lindeners beat ppl rape them and took away their hard earned money and valuables. They shud die. Police shud shoot more

  3. At the same time PPP pressuring linden the man who transports all GPL fuel gets paid 200 million a month to do so after being a former GPL employee from essequibo who was fired for fuel theft.

  4. the media shows hw many ppl got shot n died bt they don’t say what these illiterate ppl did. They burnt vehicles- where will those ppl get money frm to buy it bk or cover the loses?? They beat the drivers n porters- its not the ppls fault!! They raped women who weren’t lindeners- that’s not peaceful protest. So they should shoot more. They shud die.

  5. as a fellow guyanese ,to make the world know whats happening ,any footage that u hav ,must be posted ,this atroscity mus not go un punished ,the government mus go ,the president tries to make the leaders , a diversion tactict so that the blame wont fall on him.he is the leader of the country &is totally resposible

  6. C’mon Guyanese are you people dense or what, the PPP formula is obvious,1.Start violence,anywhere using blacks, the opposition provides those in the form of protesters,2.Export this violence to the business and indian communities by creating hostile conditions between black opposition and the police,3.Create a criminal nexus between opposition,blacks,crime and,the police that ensures these entities exhaust themselves fighting each other while galvanising the Parvati Edwards viewpoint in the minds of indians.4.In the ensuing confusion reintroduce jagdeian doctrine of no mercy for criminals,hence indirectly annointing the PPP once again as the saviour of the east indian and bringer of peace and developement. Classic Assadian theory with an injection of the Stalinist Playbook

  7. The poeple who born n grow up in linden r not the one to be blame for this shit that is happening there, those assole, out-siders come to linden n is distroying this town.they did it 64/65 n they they r doing it again.i live in linden for 20 yrs, yes i was n out-sider..i worked with buxite company for sme time. i try my best to put back some of my earnings in this beautiful. when know like daddy george, the willabus family,the pension asso. passay.just to mention a few. it is sad.U have to pay more in order to live better….things has change.

  8. oh come aie pay lil bit nah linden. aie u want suck off we tax payers lil money. we fed up mining linden. ow ow aie u stop suck abe.

  9. this asshole that keep saying one thing over n over u have luck that this site dont expose people cause as a lindener n a uncle to one of the lost i would of come n **** u myself so u is just a junky n a corner waiting to die nasty n not to be rape


  11. Well Forbes Burnham told everyone years ago, he said if you all allow the Indians to take power, you will have hell to get them out. It is most evident that the Indian Government is dismantling and will continue to dismantle every area where blacks are employed. Take a good look at what happen to Guyana Airways and the Bauxite company, this is evidence to what the government is doing to the people of Guyana. The Guyana government thinks that Guyana is America and they are trying to run Guyana like America. How can Guyanese pay the same price for goods and services like Americans when Guyana is a poor third world country. Guyanese are not earning the salary to pay for the high cost of electricity. The Guyana government is using the black police to assainiate the black people who are protesting for the democracy and fair treatment. Guyana is heading back into the fifties and sixties. The blacks fought with sticks and stones and the Indians fought with guns which were hidden under their floor boards of their homes. The present government will be happy if blacks kill each other.

    • You are an ignorant,liar.You know that 2,000 indians had to be evacuated from Linden in May 1964 as 18,000 blacks turned on them.The blacks,beat,murdered,raped,killed,looted and torched them and their homes for 3 days.I was told” They (blacks)were tearing Indian babies in 2!” You 18,000 black Linden people are the same killers and rapists and thieves still living freely there.The police did minimal to get the crowd under control.This was not a peaceful protest.Police should have locked you all up and made you all pay fines for all your damages. I have not seen anywhere act uncivilized like you Linden blacks.

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  13. It a shame the way some of you people are talking. You are forgetting where we as a people come from and where we are now. Just think where would we be with that kind of stupidity that is coming out of some of you. That makes some of us that is out of the country sad, also how ugly you people look when other people from other countries look at what other Guyanese say and feel about others ……. We don’t look good to the rest of the world

  14. Nothing new here —- the same kind of killing is happening at the Guyana Ashram — Thank God the Wicked swam vidyananda died.

  15. Why do you people believe this is news or this is surprising ??

    This is and old trick that the WICKED vidyananda did when he was alive — call me and I’ll tell you the whole story: 718-835-8876

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