guyana’s president hanging with ed ahmad & other criminals in new york

Dear Sir/Madam:
President Donald Ramotar seems doomed to fail. His recent visit to NY, USA is a precursor to this. A few things struck me, reflective of the same leadership style of his predecessor, which festers the growing disenchantment with the PPP/Civic. The influence and popularity of this party will continue to spiral downwards, and if a snap election is called, its poor track record will ensure ar bigger defeat at the polls.
Ramotar’s NY agenda was dictated by Raj Singh, Kawal Totaram, Ed Ahmad and Bhola Ramsundar, the usual suspects and cohorts of his predecessor. These are the same opportunists who have exploited and secured multiple personal benefits, contracts and concessions from the Guyana Government during President Jagdeo’s tenure.
We are still livid with the US$250,000 “law books update contract” Totaram and cohorts clandestinely siphoned off from tax payer’s money via their mysterious New Global Consulting Firm, when the actual costs was a mere percentage of that.
Much of Ramotar’s time was spent with these same elements, to the exclusion of other patriotic Guyanese who were deprived of an opportunity of meeting with the President’s team and learning about ways to build and contribute to our dear Guyanese brothers and sisters back home.
To flaunt his association with criminal and corrupt elements is a big mistake, and reflective of the Jagdeo legacy. Whereas Guyana may need a new global order, these are certainly not the people to guide us to that goal.
It was inappropriate for the President to deliver his speech at a night club. It was hypocritical to mask this as a meeting with the grassroots, when his agenda was really to make decisions affecting his constituents with a few mercenaries at Mr. Totaram’s law offices. Guyanese top the drunken driving arrests in NY, and to have the President rubber stamp this stigma surely puts Guyanese in a bad light. Mocha may be a nice place to party, but to subject the secret service and NY police to overcome the problems presented is unnecessary.
We Guyanese Americans are extremely disappointed that this Government does not seem to understand that Guyana needs a new direction away from the Bharrat Jagdeo mismangement of our beautiful country.
President Ramotar should have offered new hope to Guyana, but it appears as though President Jagdeo is still the puppet master and his syndicate- Raj Singh, Kawal Totaram, Ed Ahmad and Bhola Ramsundar are still pulling the strings, and sharing the bounty at the collective expense of all Guyanese. The government should disclose all contracts, benefits and other arrangements with these and other individuals and corporations
The President also kept name calling his opposition in a derogative way. Unless he learns to accept that all Guyanese-overseas and locally, must have a voice and that his administration must learn to find middle ground with the opposition, Guyana, and his presidency, will be doomed to failure.
C. Mohan
Guyanese Patriot


7 thoughts on “guyana’s president hanging with ed ahmad & other criminals in new york

  1. President Ramotar was unwell and was taken by PR man Lake Persaud to a Dr. on Liberty ave– Doctor diagnosed LANTOS (insulin inj– Nadir collects these in large amts when abroad) Saying –Sir yu need LANTOS– Lake persaud promptly thanked the doctor and took the President across the road to GREEN PARROT BAR where 2doz. of Bharrat’s lantu friends were hanging out- Lake presenred him to the lantos– they then had a political meeting where Ramjattan ,Granger and others were cursed– then the went on to lawyer office etc as wwas previously documented–

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