Guyana Sustainable tourism conference a disaster – new leadership needed


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Name: Jo singh
Comment: Dear Editor,

I would like to make it clear how disorganized and utterly frustrating was the recent Sustainable Tourism Conference.
I am a hardworking Guyanese business person that spent 50,000 gyd to attend this
I was excited to be apart of this event.
I did not even get to enjoy a tour because they did not plan it well. The meetings
and lectures were boring and repetitive.
I feel like i was robbed of my hard earned cash.
The director of GTA is incompetent and needs to go along with the new Minister of
How can a minister of Housing be a MInister of Tourism also.
This tourism conference was a total disaster.i never got to part take in any of the tours I signed up for when all of the foreigners were able to. I found out some people paid $30,000, when i paid $50,000.

I demand a change in the heads of the tourism industry immediately. We need competent persons in this position.
The tourism industry has struggled long enough.
When will the tourism industry be recognized and invested upon.
How can the minister of housing be the minister of tourism also.
The Guyana Tourism Authority has an incompetent leader, Mr. Indranuath Haralsingh.
He is known to display favoritism and has an alcohol problem.

Please let us put educated and well travelled persons in these positions. Persons with good family backgrounds and vision for the future. Persons with integrity and who has guyanas best interest at heart.
Think about it this person is responsible for advertising Guyana. Do you really want these people to be in charge of planning the first impressions of Guyana.

Our country is doomed if these persons continue to destroy this position.This is the key time for our tourism to improve. Tourism is the future for any developing country.


Joseph Singh
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Time: Thursday April 19, 2012 at 5:51 am
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2 thoughts on “Guyana Sustainable tourism conference a disaster – new leadership needed

  1. First of all. there was no jo singh that registered. secondly the conference was a CTO conference and hosted by the Government of Guyana. Your registrtaion fees was to CTO, all tours was successful sorry for you, you are just one bitter person who does not get the facts rights. If you wanted to invest you are free to do so at the end of the day it is the private sector that was involved in investment and not the government so walk the talk Jo singh. Probably we should appoint you as the tourism minister just to see how your ‘yap yapping’ can turn the tourism sector around. infact many of the person involved in tourism didn’t register simply because they want a ‘free pass’ to the conference and that is what the typical private tourism sector is doing they want the ‘hag’ of everything free at the government and people expense when they can’t get their act right and provide a proper service, When Guyana hosted some major events like the cricket world cup sometime ago did anyone get a free pass? so Jo singh

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