new building society Guyana – bharrat jagdeo & co. got your money


Português: Bharrat Jagdeo, presidente da Guian...

narco criminal gangster

You need to expose what these criminals have done.. They deliberately charged the CEO & 2 managers for a crime that the Dep Ceo & persons from CIOG comitted- so they had a meeting at CIOG & with the blessings of Jagdeo decided to take over the NBS because the CEO did not allow them to use $b of NBS money as they wanted to & these dogs have not even paid the 3 men after 5 years.

You go and ask any Govt Minister u know & they will tell u what happen. Ask the Directors who resigned- Yhann, ROckliffe, Bovell & ask the staff of NBS – in fact, the whole country know who do this to help take over NBS & that Jagdeo behind it so PP should expose them all especially Gopaul & macdoom


9 thoughts on “new building society Guyana – bharrat jagdeo & co. got your money

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