gerald gouveia pilot and cocaine shipper

gerry gouveia & henry greene – united by cocaine & bribery in guyana

jagdeo & his pilot gerry discussing white powder business

mr. sipping wine wth steve surujbally gerry gouveia can’t help his criminal cocaine self. he got to be seen and heard at all times.

background brief

The two journalists went into detail on Minister [big dougla] Rohee and Commissioner Greene’s criminal ties as well as those of the chairman of the Private Sector Commission, Gerry Gouveia. (NOTE: All three men have either had their U.S. visas revoked or would not be eligible because of these ties.) 

serial rapist henry greene will not be able to bribe his way out of this latest rape

background brief

Reference ID Created Released Classification Origin 06GEORGETOWN725 2006-07-24 21:24 2011-08-30 01:44 SECRET//NOFORN Embassy Georgetown ¶6. (S) Consul revoked Greene’s previously-issued B-1/B-2 visa July 20 based on information recently developed by DEA and with Department’s concurrence (ref A). He is ineligible under section 212(a)(2)(C) of the Immigration and Nationality Act. Greene broke into tears when informed of this, fearing the embarrassment the revocation will cause, and denied involvement with drug trafficking. He expressed surprise that the revocation was not due to his “troubling the girls“. (Note: Allegations of rape have dogged Greene throughout his career. Insiders tell us that the victims include at least five policewomen. Greene uses his rank to intimidate victims into not speaking out, but his behavior is widely known within the police force.)

finally, buried deep in the final paragraph of a bharrat jagdeo times article we found this

The Best Cop Award 2011 went to Inspector A Alexander of D Division, who was given $200,000. He also received a trophy, a trip and dinner for two from Captain Gerry Gouveia.


Inspector A Alexander there’s a boycott campaign and every business related to gerry is on that list



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