Seshnarayan Dwarka tortured by canu ranks in Guyana

james girvan singh rides again – CANU CEO eliminating cocaine rivals, torture & more

james girvin singh what visas do you have?

james singh here. canoe ceo

First we got a call from Stevie Wonder but when Ray Charles checked in from his grave asking us to congratulate James Singh and his goons we knew something was up.
He who has eyes let him see cause even the blind caught this farce by James Girvan Singh and his cocaine crew.
The last two cocaine seizures made in Berbice were clever stunts by James and his CANU goons. They’ve been at it 3 years facilitating and participating in the Guyana cocaine importation and exportation rackets.
Surprise, surprise James Singh did this just as his 3 year contract as CANU ended in October and his latest metamorphosis into a cocaine crime fighter just happen to coincide with Guyana election 2011.
PPP Crime Family Inc. always willing to promote and tolerate fellow killers & cocaine travelers decided it’s best for their business to have this corrupted, drug dealing, money taking , torturer, cocaine thief and murderercontinue on as Customs and Narcotics Unit CEO.

Guyana is on the move against cocaine. Or something like that.
None of this will come as a surprise to readers of propaganda press. Nor the fact that James Singh drug dealing friends and associates furnished the information for those two drug busts.
We were reliably informed a few weeks ago that James Singh and a few cocaine clown princes were hatching plans to make CANU look good. But the sad crux of the matter is James Singh cocaine and gun smuggling buddies are using CANU to eliminate their enemies in the cocaine business.
There’s been a war for control of the cocaine receipts of Guyana since the dearly departed roger khan became a guest of the federal bureau of prisons [he’s now california dreaming after being gang raped in new york]. The faction backed by James Singh and ppp crime family inc [i.e the Guyana government] is having the upper hand for now.
Information is given on drug rivals creating the perfect scenario for James Singh and his CANU goon squad to swoop in like saviours. This is supposed to make them look good in the eyes of law abiding citizens of Guyana.
But James Singh and company must also be congratulated for constantly thieving cocaine, marijuana and money from the CANU secured store room.
A hefty quantity of marijuana was recently stolen from the CANU HQ secured store room and sold to a local pusher man. After the pusher man discovers where the marijuana came from he told his people that they cannot touch it and to get rid of it immediately.
James Singh, his cousin Rayman and Clayton Hudson [former policeman & ppp cocaine don wanted by the DEA] for reasons known only to them then went to pusher man’s house to carry out the most dreaded assault, luckily, the pusher man was not at home at the time that saved his life. At least for now.
The marijuana was then taken and placed in front of CANU HQ front gate. Now we all know that CANU got a few watchmen at the gate and some very powerful spy cameras.
We await Queen James explanation to the Guyanese people on how a big block of marijuana wrapped in brown tape walked out of the secured storeroom and the secured CANU HQ compound without being detected. This same block of marijuana was then rediscovered outside of CANU HQ main gate!

How did this marijuana get there James? Enquiring minds would surely love to know.

QUESTION – who is the thief JAMES SINGH or the Store Keeper?
QUESTION – James Singh what did you do with Black Salim US$19000 that you stole and the other legal document that was removed from his house by you and your CANU boys.

What a shame James Singh the head of CANU is once a thief and always a thief.

Yet again CANU is taking part in torturing of suspects this time around on Salim Bacchus, AKA (Black Salim) Narayan Jaibandhan, Gary Belgrave and Leo Hernandez and a new torturing technique using the taser gun. literally speaking those people where severely beaten and tortured by CANU officers including James Singh with taser guns is this the way forward for Guyana?

Is there no one else in Guyana willing to talk out against James Girvan Singh? Must we be the only ones? If the Government and People of Guyana including the Oppositions not forgetting the DEA need more we challenge you to ask Mark Mc Lean how many million$ he give to James Singh for his release after 35lbs of cocaine was intercepted at JFK?

How strange the female CANU officer name that Mark Mc Lean mentioned when he were arrested as his accomplice was dismissed from CANU but the man who is chef conspirator is released after paying James Singh several million dollars in bribe.

This Government has so much information on JAMES SINGH illegal activities but they have NOT acted. Is clement rohee & co now afraid of the monster they’ve created?


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