i will kill christoper ram, asmita chand & freddie kissoon!!

in response to leslie ramsammy latest girlfriend. updating another sex crazed Guyana govt criminal an obviously sex depraved individual sent us a long rambling note via our contact form specifically addressed to the owners of propaganda press and a comment.

I have contacts who would kill you and evaporate your body with acid. No lie. Take down the picture and it’s all good. If you don’t do that IT’S FUCKING WAR !!!
Fuck you, Christopher Ram, Christopher Ram sweetwoman Assmita Chand and Freddie Kissoon. Y’all deserve to DEAD.

if this is indeed ‘Lisa’s man’ looks like you’ve been knocked out by spychief leslie ramsammy or Lisa want nothing to do with a mad crazy rass like you who might jook or chop she up one day. try dealing with that  first and get some professional help from your new man-in-law leslie


7 thoughts on “i will kill christoper ram, asmita chand & freddie kissoon!!

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