guyana’s most wanted criminals photo released

if you see any of these criminals take them to your local citizens court and DEAL with them. it's your constitutional right to do so

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Rudy Insanally; Minister of Finance, Dr. delusional Ashni Kumar Singh; Minister in the Ministry of Finance, negress Jennifer Webster; Minister of Transport and Hydraulics, Robeson ‘puss’ Benn; Minister in the Ministry of Education, deceased Dr. Desrey Fox; Minister of Agriculture, billionaire Robert Montgomery Persaud; Minister of Human Services and Social Security, maniac Priya Manickchand; Minister of Health, Dr. cocaine spychief Leslie Ramsammy; Minister of Tourism, Industry and Commerce, Manniram cocaine Prashad; Minister of smiley Culture, Youth and Sport, Dr. Frank Anthony; Minister of Labour, Manzoor ‘sudden riches’ Nadir; Minister of Home Affairs, rapist, hacker, wife killer & more Clement Rohee; Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Doodnauth Singh; Minister of Housing and Water, Harrinarine 10% Nawbatt; Minister of Education, odious, liar, deceitful, crook etc Shaik Baksh; Minister of Foreign Trade and International Co-operation, Dr. Henry Jeffrey [negro thrown under the bus by jagdeo but still wanted]; Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, killaman Kellawan Lall; Minister of Public Service Dr. Jennifer Westford and Minister in the Ministry of Health, Dr. rapist Bheri Ramsarran.
missing from this lineup whorechaser  irfaan ali baba khan, carolyn rodrigues-birkett, ronald phantom gajraj. info on some other wanted criminals can be found here and here but keep in mind these lists are incomplete


9 thoughts on “guyana’s most wanted criminals photo released

  1. Please help us with this matter,16 years kid was found dead in black bush polder corentyne berbice ,he was with 8 other friends,they leave around 5 pm on Sunday 30 of October to hangout in another village ,at around 10 pm,one of the suspect went to they grandmother house and told her the grandson is missing ,next morning the found him dead , he had broken neck back foot hands ribs damage face etc ,their is police officer by name of Devindra Pardat who is in charged of the case is relate to one of the suspect,please help us,this police officer Devindra Pardatis a mole,he knows the deces family,so he’s playing it both ways,hope to hear from you soon,

  2. Word is on the ground that the PPP knows they will lose the elections and are developing plans at Freedom House in Robb St to rig the elections.
    To all parties, APNU and AFC, ensure and check that the Ballot Boxes are empty before polling starts especially in PPP so-called strongholds.
    Sources said they are planning to stuff the Ballot Boxes with PPP voted ballot papers.
    They also have underaged persons registered with GECOM with bogus ID cards and these names are on the voters lists.
    Plans are also ahead to bribe opposition polling agents.

    • It is clear that whatever is said in the previous comment is just what the APNU/ PNC/RIG is planning to do on elections day. All the bad things they do they try to blame someone else for their stink actions. You are trying to hide who you really are by renaming your party but the blood and stain of the past will still be in the minds of the people you have hurt so much. The PPP/C administration has not brought paradise on earth but they have done more than enough to bring this country out of the vast depression it was in before 1992 and they deserve another term to continue serve this great nation. APNU is filled with nothing less than that of a group of pathetic liars, thieves and squandrells who seek to destroy the people of Guyana.I predict that after this elections that the APNU leadership will come crashing to an end because of the power craving vagrants they have there and the power drunkards.

      • Lea, The PPP where in predominantly Black area buying Voters ID CARDS for as much as $100.000 or $500 US Dollars I was enlighten that it was only black People ID CARDS where being purchase as no other ethnicity ID Cards were purchased this is what the PPP is turning to

  3. lea look around the rest of the caribbean,and see how far backwards guyana is.the ppp had 20 yrs to change the country and bring it into the 21 century and they fail, instead they make it a transhipment point for cocain.they have to stop making the pnc a excuse

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