eve in guyana jamzone sponsored by cocaine – is she still laundering money?

eve is no stranger to selling her a$$ or making sex tapes. before rap fame she was whoring and stripping. after rap fame she was still whoring and stripping this time for teodorin obiang. eve also laundered money for this criminal tyrant’s son while back in equatorial guinea he is jailing, starving & killing his countrymen and women. as a money launderer eve fits right into the hits & jams crew since they can’t go to america to collect their cocaine receipts.

Guyana Times: At a news conference on Friday at the Princess Hotel, Providence, the rapper explained that as an artiste, she was always interested in visiting Guyana and with the proposal coming from Hits and Jams Entertainment she was all excited and ready to confirm her participation in the Jamzone celebrations.
Eve will be shar ing the stage with Trey Songz, and it is possible that Trinidadian cricketer, Dwayne Bravo will also be performing live. This was revealed at the press confer ence on Friday. Also at the press conference were Chris Gayle, Dwayne Bravo and Keiron Pollard.


6 thoughts on “eve in guyana jamzone sponsored by cocaine – is she still laundering money?

  1. don’t you have anything positive to put on the internet. just because a man is doing well does not mean he is into drugs. besides how a man feeds him self and his family is none of you freaking business.if you jealous maybe you should man up and start grinding instead of sitting on your ass writing this dum as article putting down something that is positive for guyana and will generate money.the time you take to put some on down with this article is the time you could have made real money and maybe be a baller as them.pnc had their chance and freaked up the country.

    • @ dwaine
      they still mekkin negroes like you? you have evidence to negate the evidence we’ve presented to show that hits & jams [rawle ferguson, kerwin bollers & co are cocaine people]?
      oh so it’s all about grinding and generating money by any means. why not fare out your sister and mother then? that could make you some money too
      since you end with pnc you gotta be an east indian negroe. ppp crime family inc been ruining guyana for 19 years.

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