chris gayle, dwayne bravo, sarwan & other west indies cricket players taking cocaine money in Guyana

just another silly negroe

gayle, sarwan, bravo and other west indies and guyana players will be playing in a cricket match as part of the cocaine extravaganza that is jamzone. chris gayle has been so sweetened by saleem azeez cocaine money in Guyana he even held his birthday at his cocaine sponsors hotel. cricket in Guyana has been taken over by cocaine money. the Guyana free press knows about all this and more, that they choose to remain silent is their business.

why was the assistant treasurer of the guyana cricket board Pretipaul Jaigobin doused with acid?

more to come


12 thoughts on “chris gayle, dwayne bravo, sarwan & other west indies cricket players taking cocaine money in Guyana

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  2. Hits and Jams All Stars – Tyrell Tull (captain), Leon Johnson (v-capt), Chris Gayle, Dwayne Bravo, Andre Russell, Danza Hyatt, Robin Bacchus, Troy Gonsalves, Seon Daniels, Raj Nanan, Krishna Deosarran, Quincy Ovid-Richardson, Jeetendra Sookdeo and Dayanand Roopnarine.

    GT Pitbulls from: Ramnaresh Sarwan (capt), Christopher Barnwell (v-capt) Kellon Carmichael, Trevon Griffith, Steven Jacobs, Shemroy Barrington, Derwin Christian, Andre Stoll, Totaram Bishun, Jamal Hinckson, Kieron Pollard, Suleiman Benn, Jerome Taylor, Krishmar Santokie. Mark Harper (coach), Shawn Massiah (manager).

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  5. I have some information for you guys.

    I happen to notice that you mentioned about Salim Azeez cocaine money.

    Salim Azeez has five enterprises in Guyana:
    Hotel Tower Limited, New Line Aqua Farm, New Line Trucking, Canal Investments and New Line Stockfeeds. Salim appears to be an agriculturally inclined businessman but the real truth is that he opens all of these businesses to launder the cocaine and visa scam money into the businesses.

    How is it possible? I used to work as a contracted accountant for Salim New Line businesses in 2008 and 2009 and was exposed to the business activities. This business makes over $5,000,000 a month in tilapia sales alone locally. But that is how you want it to appear in the financial statements. He has all of these businesses so that he can “transfer” monies between each business to reduce the likelihood that the monies came from questionable sources.

    The right man to tell you all of this is my former boss Mr.Ramesh Seebarran. He is the auditor for those businesses. In 2006, he had a grudge against an employee named Prem Dwarka and in the audited financial statements for New Line Aqua Farm Ramesh Seebarran signed it off as ” The financial statements are not in accordance with IFRS 1 due to the questionablity of the income. We had no supporting documents to validate income.”

    When Chandraballi Bisheswar died in May 2008, Ramesh was a soupdrinker to Salim. He was involved in the bidding process of Hotel Tower Ltd. The lifestyle of Ramesh Seebarran turned flourishable with drug money. His daughter Rachel Seebarran even said that Salim bought Hotel Tower with G$400,000,000 as a downpayment in CASH. What kind of business pays that amount in cash? Wouldn’t a wire transfer be more convenient and traceable?

    I believe that Ramesh Seebarran or his employees can leak some information about Salim businesses. I wish I could have showed you the financial statements of his businesses, but I left the job in February 2009 after being threatened by Rachel Seebarran in connection with “knowing too much” about Salim. The same week I was “robbed” with cutlass-weilding robbers at South Road and Oronoque. I believed that Ramesh Seebarran orchestrated or was involved as the attackers knew that I was leaving work at an unregular time.

    When you see the source documents and financial statements, ie, the audit files with schedules of income. You will see crookedness.

    Amrita Ramotaur. [pp note or someone claiming to be 🙂 ]

  6. Mr.Seebarran and Salim are close friends because Seebarran does all the auditing wok for Salim and hide all the drug dealings. Mr.Seebarran can propa hide cocaine money in the accounts and mek everything look like a legitimate business.

  7. James Mahabal, Salim Juman and Bharti Misir all own Canal Investments. Canal Investments bought over Hotel Tower. Ramesh Seebarran, as the undisputed auditor, cooks Salim’s books to make the business seem lawful and not doing shady business. Propaganda Press you’ll have a hard time proving that Salim is a drug lord without financial information. Ramesh Seebarran is distorting the financial information. Even if you put Salim in court under drug charges Ramesh Seebarran or Chris Ram will defend Salim and the accounts will prove you all wrong. Sorry, but Ramesh Seebarran run things here.

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