Seshnarayan Dwarka tortured by canu ranks in Guyana

Seshnarayan Dwarka tortured by Guyana govt thugs – James Singh & child mother frequent flying

Seshnarayan Dwarka tortured by canu ranks in Guyana

Seshnarayan Dwarka tortured by canu ranks in Guyana

Kaieteur News: Head of the Customs Anti Narcotics Unit, James Singh, has denied allegations that his ranks inflicted a severe beating on a Vreed-en-Hoop, West Coast Demerara resident, on Tuesday causing him to be hospitalized.
Seshnarayan Dwarka is alleging that he was taken from his home around 05:00hrs by CANU ranks on Monday after they conducted a search and came up empty handed. [torture is nothng new for canu check out canu ceo james singh tortures, robs & threatens suspects]


james singh has refused to comment on his frequent overseas trips with his child mother. we’re trying to determine if these trips are government related, russian related or cocaine business related.
The last frequent flying CANU officer was shot about 30 times in Buxton on august 24 2002.


13 thoughts on “Seshnarayan Dwarka tortured by Guyana govt thugs – James Singh & child mother frequent flying

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  2. I know james singh carry out the torture for sure. A big drugs man paid him to deal with the man since the torture man was a runner that lost the big man drugs. James was paid half up front and half if they get back the lost drugs.

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  4. The Guyana Human Rights is run by that lil pagly girl that is the daughter of the puss, rotten teeth, lawyer name Vidyanand Persaud. He is Justice Prem Persaud big, stinkin brother and live in corida park. Vidyanand Persaud is big and stupid and does take a century to do cases, so if you need a slow lawyer then you can pay he a visit. His daughter, supposedly a lawyer too, is a big pagly girl that dont know shit…… a fine girl and she husband more fine than she. Is she running things at the human rights and i dont know what the hell she dont speak up about the torture issues.

  5. If this is the same Vidyanand girl that married to fat big stink mouth lawyer Jailall Kissoon’s son?
    If so the whole of the GHRA is a corrupt organisation.
    Jailall Kisson is a stinking old corrupt bastard who kill people for a piece of land.

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