brian young

Monogram Energy, Inc is dead now called Marquis Tech Holdings

brian young

brian young aka brian yong

monogram energy inc. flat lined at $0.00010 on 3.01 EDT July 18th 20011
Changed Ticker Symbol
MGRN.PK is no longer valid. It has changed to MGRND.PK.
Last Trade: 0.0025
Trade Time: 1:45PM EDT july 29 2011
Change: Up 0.0002 (8.70%

Marquis is back in gold and will be rolling out Wi-Fi and IPTV in Linden 🙂

tune in for the latest news and updates on all the crooks, fraudsters and others being allowed to plunder Guyana right here on propaganda press


5 thoughts on “Monogram Energy, Inc is dead now called Marquis Tech Holdings

  1. Brian Yong, the faggot has received a loan from the Ministry of Finance for in excess of US$1M approved by Ashni Singh. How can a government ministry give loan to a member of the public?
    Paper work done said the loan is to purchase electronic equipment for the Minsitry of Finance. Can someone investigate this?

  2. Sometime in 2010. A former employee at his business place in waterloo st has the details. Faggot Yong is renting the business place fromce. Faggot Brassington for $200,000 per month. The place is next to Chris Ram’s offi

    • we’ve not come up with anything as yet on this
      fanmail regarding monogram
      Yes, I know about the name change. They’re currently working on the 1.03:1 forward split.
      The latest problem is that the shares are all locked for existing shareholders so they can’t sell and benefit from the recent pop in the share price. They’re just watching the trading in hopes that when their shares are able to trade, they’re still trading at higher prices.
      More and more, people are thinking they’re getting scammed.

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