james girvin singh what visas do you have?

Emily Leitch, Mark Mc Lean & 35lbs of Guyana cocaine @ JFK – CANU officers ‘handled’ courier

we’re working on this. check out demerara waves for the basics.

Emily Leitch was picked out the line and caught at JFK on july 27th. mark mc lean who just happen to be the late drugs man ‘taps’ nephew is in custody in Guyana. [taps son works at office of the dictator under kwame mccoy. his name is jason abdullah]
unlike kerwin dimmott mark mclean has already called the name of the female CANU officer who works at the airport and a former female male officer now free lancing elsewhere.
stay tuned to propaganda press for the latest from the offices of cocaine clown prince james girvan singh


17 thoughts on “Emily Leitch, Mark Mc Lean & 35lbs of Guyana cocaine @ JFK – CANU officers ‘handled’ courier

  1. ….and another specular job by CANU CEO, James Singh. The CANU officers working under James instructions and was instructed to let this load pass. They only catch the ounce people to make it look like they working. James must be so upset that uncle sam catch this load.

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  9. Great article, lots of intersting things to digest. Very informative anyone who know James Gayvan Singh will know he takes Drug Dealers Money, the funny thing is we are also hearing he gives Rohee a cut.

  10. Thank you very much for that magnificent article how come the Guyana Government not doing anything about CANU and James Singh? Can anyone tell me?

  11. What do it takes to get the job of Head CANU
    What do it takes for the Government to take back the Job from a Head of CANU we know what happened to Nedd, but James Singh is in the drugs men pocket and NOTHING HAPPENING???????

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