james girvin singh what visas do you have?

CANU CEO james girvan singh also working for russian mining company

james singh russian employers major mines inc. claimed ownership of this armoured troop carrier. Guyana criminal govt approved the importation

First, we must congratulate the Guyana police force and its members, for doing the right thing with the great discovery of cocaine in Bartica while searching for illegal fuel

And it is so amazing that the Head of CANU James Singh choose to big up himself over a 30 grams of cocaine bust or/discovery supposedly in outgoing mail at Guyana Post Office. this from the ceo of a drug fighting unit which spends millions of dollars every year.
We never heard of suspects, not even a phantom.

So while the GPF was reporting its 204kilos of cocaine found James Singh was beating himself on the chest talking about 30 grams!

He should be ashamed to make such a fuss over the alleged 30 gram bust having been a part of the roger khan cocaine empire. he knows all the routes that Roger khan use to bring in cocaine into and out of Guyana

james singh should use the CANU money he collects to do proper intelligence gathering rather than splitting tax payers money between himself and his so called deputy who at one time was going about Guyana finding landing and ports for a suspect drug dealer.

we must say the Government requires no accountability from James Singh for this money that is given to him each month and on special request too. hence the don’t ask don’t tell I am the Boss of CANU and no one can tell me nothing attitude.

The drug dealer assist the so called Deputy in purchasing the car that he is now driving so none of them is clean

This will be a great surprise for the Government of Guyana and the commissioner general GRA

James Singh who is the head of CANU which he cannot run efficiently, has handed day to  day running of CANU to a grade 1 officer and the typist, so that he can concentrate with his paid consultation work with the Russian gold company Major Miners Inc.

Which is most important to him at this time having his father Major General, Joseph Singh, as Chairman of the Board of the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission

James Singh will have an all access backdoor pass to the ins and outs of mining in Guyana no wonder he is a paid consultant for Major Miners Inc this company stated that they are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

This same James Singh was quick to have officers dismissed from CANU and he is holding two jobs at the same time. doesn’t  the Government of Guyana know james girvan singh is in breach of his contract?

James Singh should put on the news that he is proud to work with two agencies at the same time because he definitely is not afraid of anyone in the PPP/Guyana Government.

Major Miners Inc
28 Bel Air Road, Lamaha, Georgetown, Guyana
Tel: (592) 223-7217
Major Miners Inc is a growing and dynamic mining company, operating in the land of Guyana, South America. Currently in the phase of prospecting/geological exploration, our company can be considered an ideal place for anyone who is seeking to pursue a carreer in the Mining industry.
As an Equal Opportunity Employer, with a diverse workforce of Guyanese and expatriates of different nationality ranging from Americans, Russians, Ukrainians and British, we welcome a few more ideal candidates who can creatively and productively add to our mine development team.


24 thoughts on “CANU CEO james girvan singh also working for russian mining company

  1. because he is rohee boy drug money run things in guyana the goverment know that without the drugs money guyana will be worse than hati

  2. o skunt hole……….james deh pon it again? like is white gold “cocaine” the company mining?? well they got the right one, because double agent 002 aka james singh will set they ass up and rob them real good. rohee dont even like james………….rohee just be using james. rohee clear out say, he will use who ever he need to and do what ever he need to so he can get to the top. rohee would turn his back on james when he get ready.

    • Russian gold firm to work on Matthews Ridge concession

      More than 86 Guyanese have been employed so far, to work with Major Minors Incorporated, a new gold mining company which has set up office in Guyana.

      The company has been in Guyana for the past three years and was successful in getting mining concessions to operate in Matthews Ridge, Region One.

      Investor and Public Relations Officer of the company, Shiloh King told Guyana Times on Sunday, that Major Miners Inc is now in its “ setting up stage” and has established an of- fice in Lamaha Gardens, Georgetown.

      King explained that the company is looking forward to working with communities across Guyana and will move to assist the communities in which they are operating.

      She stated that one of the thrust of the company is to ensure that it lives up, to its cooperate responsibilities and despite it has not started operations yet, the company will support any worthy event or programme.

      King noted that the company will also be giving its support to the education and health sectors.

      When operation begins, the company will also move to hire more Guyanese.

      The company is a subsidiary of Petropavlovsk Plc in London. It is known as the third largest Russian gold producing company. On Sunday, the company took it’s cooperate support programme to St Cuthbert’s Mission, where they made donations to the community’s annual Athletic club marathon race. They presented the cash prize for first, second and third prize winners and trophies, of which they were forty participants.

      Petropavlovsk is one of the largest gold producers in Russia, where it has operated since 1994.

      Petropavlovsk PLC is list ed on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange with a market capitalisation of £ 2 billion. The group has commissioned three open- pit hard rock gold mines, Pokrovskiy, Pioneer and Malomir, and it is currently on schedule to launch its fourth mine, Albyn, during the final quarter of 2011. Acquired as pre- development and early- stage exploration targets, these projects were developed utilising the group’s in- house expertise for exploration, engineering and construction.

      In addition, Petropavlovsk has a large number of licences to mine alluvial gold and operates a joint venture. The Amur region is home to the group’s primary operations and a large proportion of its development assets. The region has a good transport system, based on two of Russia’s key railroads, and good access to low cost electricity from two large hydroelectric plants – providing a sound base for gold production.
      guyana times

  3. Shiloh King, please let us know how much, James Singh is being paid we hope you don’t go about denying that He works there, because I will have to view your company an untrustworthy if you do that.

  4. james gon bugger them with no Vaseline. Petropavlovsk PLC prepare to get your batty hole bust. James is a money hungry parasite that would sell his own wife for money.

  5. This Government really playing a lot of games no wonder people are saying the PPP are felicitating Drug running in Guyana

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  7. Its election year if the PPP governing Party does not put a stop to James Singh corrupt behavior and Mr. President you know what I am talking about, when will you act on this?

    I have registered to vote

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  10. the truth keeps coming out slowly, about what James Singh is doing as head CANU and even before but the PPP NOT paying any heed, what I know it will cause them some vote, but why is the PNC or now new APNU not saying anything about this?

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