asmita chand

asmita chand versus propaganda press via dave kissoon

asmita chand

asmita chand

Name: Dave Kissoon
Email: dkiss**
Comment: Dear Sir: The below referenced links contain the same content as the links
referred to in previous complaint regarding Asmita Chand [there was no previous complaint. at least not to us  🙂 ]. The content therein is
violative of the DMCA, and is not only defamatory but is also an invasion of
privacy. It is respectfully requested that these offending links be removed
[neither link is about asmita chand]

Dave Kissoon, Esq
Cozen O’Connor
277 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10172
who told you about propaganda press:

Time: Friday June 3, 2011 at 10:59 am
IP Address:
Contact Form URL:
Sent by an unverified visitor to your site.

two days later. we’re now endangering the life of client. sounds like robert persaud eh?

Name: Dave Kissoon
Email: dkiss**
Comment: Dear Sir/ Madam,

We refer to a previous complaint filed on 6/03/11 regarding an offensive link
containing information which is an invasion of the privacy of my client, Asmita
Chand. The information contained is misleading and can cause personal harm to my
client. The offending comments were made in response to the following link, and are
detailed below:
[once again someone has not done their homework. the above link is not about asmita chand]

Auditor | May 29, 2011, 1:10 am
nelly avila moreno | May 29, 2011, 9:48 am
Auditor | May 29, 2011, 12:21 pm

Your cooperation would be highly appreciated.

Dave Kissoon, Esq
Cozen O’Connor
277 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10172
who told you about propaganda press:

Time: Sunday June 5, 2011 at 10:45 pm
IP Address:
Contact Form URL:

Sent by an unverified visitor to your site.

11 days later

Comment: Dear Sir/ Madam,
We refer to an offensive comment posted on the following website regarding my
client, Asmita Chand. The information contained is misleading, defamatory and can
cause personal harm to my client. The offending comments were made in response to
the following links, and are detailed below:

POSTED BY: Auditor | May 29, 2011, 1:10 am
POSTED BY: nelly avila moreno | May 29, 2011, 9:48 am
POSTED BY Auditor | May 29, 2011, 12:21 pm
POSTED BY: Clement Rohey Pokey | May 23, 2011, 3:15 pm

Please note that we have made two previous attempts (On 6/03/11 and 6/06/11) to
contact you regarding the removal of these offensive posts.

Your cooperation would be highly appreciated.
Dave Kissoon, Esq
Cozen O’Connor
277 Park Avenue New York, NY 10172
who told you about propaganda press:

Time: Thursday June 16, 2011 at 10:15 am
IP Address:
Contact Form URL:

Sent by an unverified visitor to your site.

we responded to the attorney twice and heard nothing back

june 7th we sent this ; “please indicate the “previous complaint” are you speaking about?” and got no reply

on june 18th we sent this; “hello dave: you are requesting that we remove these posts from our blog? none of our posts have anything to do with your client Asmita Chand in the struggle, el che”

who is Devindra Ramesh Tiwari Kissoon aka Dave Kissoon. check out here


20 thoughts on “asmita chand versus propaganda press via dave kissoon

  1. How can Freddie Kissoon be such a huge supporter of Christopher Ram who is a known womaniser and is always having affairs with his staff and then accuse other people of the same. Freddie u got double standards.

  2. Asmita Chand is Dave Kissoon wife.
    One of the agent provocateurs operating out of Office of the President made mention of her and Christopher Ram in the comments section of the two posts in question.
    So Dave you have to blame Jagdeo, the PPP and their coward bloggers at OP.
    In their haste to spread rumours about Chris they involved this pretty lady (no offence Dave 🙂

    Master Che, as far as I’m aware, Dave and his wife are not our enemies so his requests should be considered.

    Dave you should have approached the issue as a man and not with silly legal threats. You should also now join us in this struggle.

    • @ spy shop
      until abt a week ago, we weren’t even sure this lady was a real person since the jumbies from office of the dictator just make up shit as they go along
      dave never requested that the comments be removed [which is problematic]. he wanted the posts removed hence the ‘someone is not doing their homework comment’
      as all knows, we do not moderate people’s comments and it’s open to all to say anything they want. even our enemies at OD, freedumb house etc

  3. I’m positive that someone from that other blog faked these reports to you… a check on the IP address it was sent from would confirm it. You should immediately delete this thread as all you’re doing in falling for their trap to promote their agenda.

    • @ investor
      we disagree with you on that, we haven’t fallen for anyone’s trap. we don’t agree with anything the enemy have to say but we respect his right to say it
      you can’t classify anything from the enemy as reports they’re mad and always looking for an angle. everyone knows that, or should know that by now, the enemy is on his last legs
      the enemy comes here and add comments that range from the foolish to the ridiculous all the time. but we can’t think of one instance where they’ve not been exposed.

      • Well they managed to get you to make a post which draws attention to their propaganda.. I would say they won. A comment by them is different from a post by you!

        • what did they win? a lil publicity for their ranting & raving? no one takes anything from the enemy seriously
          everyone is allowed to comment on propaganda press. you didn’t have to sign up or fill out nothing for your comments to appear here. did you?
          not sure i get your last statement

          • If you don’t get my last statement, you don’t get my whole point. Comments are fine.. anyone could make it… but a post on your site is a statement by you.

            • we were responding to the letter. our post is not the point of contention or should not have been. at least not in this instance. which is what we’re trying to point out
              what’s your recommendation/suggestion?

  4. Those posts had nothing to do with Asmita Chand and her lawyer is an advocate of silencing people from speaking out freely. Why didn’t Asmita Chand hire her sweetman Christopher Lallbachan Ram to confront Propaganda Press? The comments in question seem to expose Christopher Ram and his bad dealings. Ena Ram declared on her divorce petition that “One Asmita Chand received a car, vacation and stays at Emerald Tower” with her husband. Is that libel? It’s facts.

    What defamation of character is Attorney-at-law Kissoon referring to? Is Asmita Chand the only name in the world? Or is it because Asmita was in a relationship with the accountant of drug baron Salim Juman Azeez , the bestowed grand-more-than-a-billion-dollars highly-respected and prominent attorney at law Christopher Lallbachan Ram that she is trying to hide her current affair with.

    Dave Kissoon should wake up and smell the cocaine coming from his client and try not to cheat the US Immigration system when carrying her Christopher-Rammed trademark into the states through a questionable marriage.

    Dave Martindale

    propaganda note: ‘Dave Martindale’ & his many incarnations have long preached that Chris Ram owns propaganda press 🙂 and obviously has an axe to grind with Chris Ram. was also the person who first mentioned the name of the woman in the spotlight site.

  5. Asmita Chand is so mighty that anyone who exposes her current relationship with Christopher Ram would be silenced.

  6. Dave Kissoon is obviously an inexperienced and junior counsel just as in Christopher Ram’s case. Dave Kissoon thinks just because he is a lawyer that recentlt graduated from law school a few seconds ago could allow him liberty to bullying other people to speak in favour of Christopher Ram and his mafia associates in the cocaine trade. I wonder if i go to Dave Kissoon’s law firm and file a lawsuit against Christopher Ram for sexually molesting my employee would I get justice, or would Dave Kissoon discriminate against me for being against Chris Ram’s policies, or would I have to pay him hefty lawyers’ fees for nothing except funding the flight for Asmita Chand to carry her cocaine out of the country?

    Proprietor and Partner
    Pravesh’s Enterprises , South Road, Bourda

  7. Propaganda Press you have been knowingly misinformed when you claim that I…”was also the first person to mention the name of the woman”…

    I have a contact who knows all about the relationship between Asmita Chand and Christopher Ram. I am unable to comment on the outcome and experiences of that relationship for fear that Christopher Ram will send his thugs on me. Asmita Chand was a former Queens College student who worked at Ram & Mc Rae for almost three years.

    Christopher Ram went in a sexual relationship with her during her employmenty at his accounting firm where he used to partake in over 69 positions on her during office hours. This is not defamatory, Honorable, Belated-Royal-Quasi-Intellectual-Writer Dave Kissoon. Everyone is entitled to freedom of speech just as the USA Consitution states. I wouldn’t explain any further because you also refer to the constitution and law books and charge your clients huge fees.

    Dave Martindale

  8. The money-motivated attorney at law Mr.Dave Kissoon should focus on justice for the people and not hiding the facts about the questionable relationship between Lallbachan Christopher Ram-Partner of Ram & Mc Rae Chartered Accountants, and Asmita Chand, a former employee of Ram & Mc Rae and suspiciously being involved as the booty-call girl in Salim Juman Azeez’s cocaine front business.
    A lawyer who uses his position to shut down posts and then websites shows that the lawyer is corrupt as the clients he is defending. I disagree with some of the views vented on Propaganda Press, but never have I seen legal sanctions being placed upon them by the PPP Government. It appears that the only persons doing this form of censorship is the intimate partner of Asmita Chand and her crew The Christopher Ram Cocaine Mafia.

    Three weeks ago, several anti-PNC websites were being reported by mysterious entities for revealing anything about Christopher Ram’s illegal accounting practices and domestic abuse. As Ram appears to be a power-and-sex hungry politician, I disagree with the article Freddie wrote last week about Christopher Ram being the right type of politican.

    Christopher Ram is greedy, immoral and abuses women. They have the divorce filings revealed under the public domain in accordance to the Freedom of Information Act of Guyana which is now being enforced.

    Asmita Chand’s name was mentioned several times in the Divorce Petition. I kindly suggest you check it out:

    Does it appear that Christopher Ram and his partner Asmita Chand is on a rampage to hide the truth? Talk about Freedom of Speech and Democracy.

    Dave Martindale.
    Georgetown, Guyana

  9. I wonder what are Dave Kissoon’s real objectives in this as he is a laywer who should have been aware that Propaganda Press has the right to publish information on the public domain under the rights of the Constitution…If someone posts a comment in a post about Asmita Chand it is not Propaganda Press fault. It appears that the comments in question are showing stuff about Chris Ram and his dealings with questionable sources. I wonder if an employee of Ram & Mc Rae leak out his illegal dealings what would Chris Ram do to that person?

    Not even the corrupt PPP Government send any lawsuits against defamation, so are Ram and Asmita Chand operating under double standards? Is speaking about Asmita Chand in public a criminal offence now? Well, I don’t want Chris Ram to be president if that is the case.

    The lawsuit presented by Dave Kissoon is more of a method of silencing. Ask Kwame about his two websites that contained information about Ram’s relationship with Asmita Chand. It appeared that Asmita Chand’s attorneys made the websites got shut down just for a few posts. This is insane.

    Propaganda Press you should be counter-suing Dave Kissoon for infringement of rights, lost wages if the posts are deleted and other damages.

  10. el che, if you contacted the attorney twice and got no reply maybe he never contacted you in tthe first place. if that is so you have knocked the man hard posting his private information. it looks like anyone can puan email address in the contact box. why is this important anyway? it dont look like he was trying to silence the blog. he asked only for comments regarding his client to be removed and went on to list them. u shouldnt have this thread up.just saying…

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