vic puran – spotlighting a criminal lawyer in guyana

vic puran barry dataram and his wife after vic got him off from being extradited to usa

the cocaine syndicates are back at it again and vic puran is our local cadillac aka robert simels. a venezuelan Luis Alberto Garcia shows up in Guyana with 150 kilos of cocaine. seelal and the boys take the coaine away and jail the venezuelan.

how does vic puran become this man’s defence lawyer? [it’s not a question you have to answer]

here’s a very short list of a few vic puran’s clients: roger khan and all his killers, clay hutson, barry dataram, vishnu bridgelall, nyrod singh etc etc

more to come


16 thoughts on “vic puran – spotlighting a criminal lawyer in guyana

  1. Is there something in the cocaine that is causing all these drug dealers wives to get such lovely ass(es)???? [see mala khan and now mrs dataram]

  2. how do you go about becoming a drug dealer in guyana,
    Do you purchase a concession for a particular territory from office of the president?

  3. vic puran is just a lawyer he just doing a job its up to the government to do their job i am surprised they caught some one with cocaine those cops will be in hot water for not following rohee orders and that is simple leave my people cocaine

    • beg yuh pardon!!!?
      you moving fast speed 🙂
      puran is not ‘just a lawyer’ he is in deep with the cocaine underworld. unless of course it’s just coincidence that all of htem happen to be his clients or his friend & partner in nefarious activities glen hannoman
      it was puran and hannonam who flew out to suriname and trinidad to bring roger khan back to Guyana

  4. Simple really, its clear for all to see the barons are in control and CANNOT be touched, people need to face reality that political change is nothing but a dream, The only politician guyanese take the time to listen to is Obama, as far as our politics go they just look at skin or race – and thats the hard truth whether Black or Indian. So if folks really wanna take back some ground what needs to start happening is this – People like puran need to be taken care of, see him sitting in his car you walk up and “drop three in he” and the same applies for all the cronies remember to get to big ones at the top you just need to remove their support structure.

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    • This comment is based on the remark mad by “Corrupt Guyana.” Vic Puran was a remarkable attorney and he may have defended criminals however you unintelligent individual that was his job. You have no moral stature by posting comments like that. May his soul rest in peace

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