ppp crime family remigrant housing scheme for Guyana cocaine dealers only?

question: how many Guyanese so-called re-migrants not in the cocaine businesshave $US80000 to $US100000 to spend building a house in Guyana?

irfaan 'big taliban' ali - another dangerous criminal

“What we want is that everybody who comes back from overseas, they are going to invest a minimum of approximately eighty to one hundred thousand US in the building of their house,” he told demwaves.com .
“The economic trickle-down for Guyana would be amazing in the next three to four years,” he told the launch of Building Expo II to be held under the theme ‘Bridging The Gap and Transforming Guyana’ from July 29-31, 2011.
The housing lots for remigrants are expected to be ready by August 1.
More than 1,000 🙂 overseas-based Guyanese have applied for house-lots either directly or through Guyana’s diplomatic missions abroad, said the [whore chasing] Housing Minister.


23 thoughts on “ppp crime family remigrant housing scheme for Guyana cocaine dealers only?

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  14. Many of these people returning to Guyana are probably vultures looking to hide from the US govt for crimes they commit, pradoville II should be named Ed Ahmad Valley

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    • @dave
      only irfaan ali baba can answer that one

      For this reason, he said, the Housing Ministry has begun working on a plot of land at Providence on the East Bank of Demerara for the remigrants’ scheme which will consist of various sizes of lots, ranging from 6000 to 8000 square feet. “The majority of the applicants have shown interest in the 6 000 square-foot lots,” Minister Ali said. “This means that persons are aware of the scheme… all the applications for house lots within the remigrants’ scheme were done via the Internet,” Minister Ali said.

      Most of the applicants are between the ages of 30 to 40 years. “We also have in excess of 100 applications with ages ranging from 20 to 29 years, this clearly shows the type of opportunities people see in Guyana,” Minister Ali explained. This programme will bring great macro-economic opportunities for Guyana as the ministry is working aggressively to have at least 500 lots completed by March of this year. With high optimism, Ali said that the building and construction sector will be transformed into a hive of activities in the next several months


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