massive cocaine bust at Guyana’s international airport

cocaine in shoe

cocaine in shoe - image courtesy of canu ceo james singh

in what might go down as one of the biggest drug busts in Guyana’s history. agents of james singh customs and narcotics unit busted a woman at timehri airport with a heavy load of cocaine
the cocaine was hidden in a couple pairs of shoes in her checked luggage.
in an invited statement canu ceo james girvan singh and lindo

james girvin singh what visas do you have?

only me and ppp cocaine passin thru dis blasted airport. is we name it jagan

creek trigger man said ‘we at canu and the ppp government are taking the fight to the drug cartels. this is just more proof that canu is doing serious work in countering the traficking of drugs out of this country on behalf of the people’s progressive party.”

225lbs of cocaine slipped past james and canu and arrived safely in jamaica back in march. but don’t worry bout dat


25 thoughts on “massive cocaine bust at Guyana’s international airport

  1. that shoe look like james singh batta sawakie aka fake converse. I wonder why james is so good at catching the small amounts better than the large amounts?

  2. james was told to leave the government cocaine alone how you want the country to look like its developing housing schemes have to build election money have to come in you guys do not fuck with rohee project or he will sent his goat to fuck you guys up

  3. The Guyana Government, CANU and the Police need to move against propaganda press ASAP!

    this website is illegal and full of naysayers. It stands in violation of many laws of this great land of ours. simply put Chris Ram, Mark Jacobs, Vidya Kissoon and the rest of the propaganda press gang has to be stopped

    anyone interested in putting an end to this site meet me at Oasis Cafe on Carmichael Street tomorrow at 9am

    I know you little bitches wont publish my comment so you can all fuck off

    • Raul don’t be an ass because just after 9 am if some people walk in and start shooting everybody from left to fucking right don’t be surprise

      I wonder what’s in it for you?

    • how low do you have to be to defend the ppp criminal family and their accomplices Ruel????????

  4. pp fat puss nontalent ruel really lookin fuh lil attenshun.y yall doan gie he spavce fuh write 2 poem or nursery rhyme or sting? james singh either buggerign he or he tryin hard fuh ppp lik he n gie he lil fuck lil wuk

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  7. simply putting for the record let’s just say propagandapress days are NUMBERED and yes you can quote me on that stupid fuckers

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