$32 million Guyana cocaine found on ship in Jamaica

khurshid sattur

khurshid sattur responsible for inspecting all ships with his $1 million non working container scanner

update: read this and laff til u cry – Guyana moves towards US shipping container compliancewhen you done start preparing mentally & physically for the day you might have to suitup to help remove the ppp occupiers from Guyana

$32-m cocaine bust

Thursday, June 02, 2011

FIVE persons are now in custody following the seizure of 13 kilogrammes of cocaine worth approximately $32 million on a ship in Kingston yesterday.

james girvin singh what visas do you have?

tell us what you know james girvan singh mr canu ceo

According to a Jamaica Customs Department official, the five were detained at the wharves after the contraband was discovered shortly after 6:00 am on a vessel en route to the United States from Guyana.

“It was about 13 parcels of cocaine,” the customs official told the Observer. The packages, said the spokesman, were sent to the Transnational Crimes and Narcotics Division where detectives were questioning the five suspects.


13 thoughts on “$32 million Guyana cocaine found on ship in Jamaica

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  2. The government and its enforcers are all gaining from this trade as is evident.
    Wonder if ts the Hotel tower/ edge night club/ fish farmer shipment.
    i dare the GPF to follow up on what i am saying……
    Salim Azeez-fish farmer…. and owner of the above projects is definitely connected to this bust as well the one in barbados.. his man ” fat boy” is missing i wonder if he is in barbados
    ……until later

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  11. this is the situation going through every nations. so its a phenomena and not a problem and if it is, it ain’t that difficult to be solved.

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