lindo creek massacre victims photo

canu ceo james singh was a trigger man @ lindo creek massacre

lindo creek massacre victims photo

Nigel Torres, Cecil Arokium, Compton Speirs, Bonny Harry, Horace Drakes, Dax Arokium, Clifton Wong and Lancelot Lee - massacred by James Singh & Co. at Lindo Creek, June 2008 (sorry names not in order of fotos)

update: we left off Clifton Wong when we initially published this article.
for those who’ve dialled in saying you don’t believe this. call James Singh on his GT&T cell and listen to him stammer through his lies 592-624-7822

Customs and Narcotics Unit (CANU) CEO James Girvan Singh will complete three years in office come October 1, 2011.

Since taking office, Singh has caused several officers to be dismissed on flimsy accusations. Most of these officers were, and still are, more experienced and knowledgeable about the business of CANU than James Singh ever will be. These dismissed officers were former assistant commissioners and senior superintendents of the Guyana Police Force.

james girvin singh what visas do you have?

tell us what you know james girvan singh

James Singh is also guilty  of sexual misconduct as previously documented here. His victims were predominantly East Indian female CANU applicants. Many of these women never returned and others were not accepted for employment after refusing the sexual advances of James Singh.

In violations of every law, Singh would ask female applicants question about sex partners etc.

We already dealt with the fact that James Singh failed his University of Guyana exams. He is the proud holder of a Diploma in Public Safety and Security Management he paid for.
What this nation also needs to know is James Singh failed the same polygraph test used to force out experienced officers out of CANU Officers like former CEO Orville Nedd.

The Guyana Government is too ashamed to disclose this and they cannot dismiss James Singh because he knows too many of their secrets.

All Guyanse remember the the Lindo Creek massacre of Nigel Torres, Cecil Arokium, Compton Speirs, Bonny Harry, Horace Drakes, Dax Arokium, Clifton Wong and Lancelot Lee in June 2008.

The popular myth peddled by the government, police and army  is that these men were killed by the Fineman Gang.

crime chief seelall persaud

crime chief & wife beater seelall persaud led the team to lindo creek. he was getting backup when the slaughter began

These eight men were killed by a group of men that took part in the exercise at Christmas falls to kill the Fineman Gang. Christmas falls is close to the Lindo Creek camp where those eight men were massacred.
This operation was was headed by the current Crime Chief Seelall Persaud.

James Girvan Singh was also a member of this party that massacred those eight men. What’s odd about it is that fact that this time James Singh was not member of any law enforcement agency in Guyana. He was merely a member of the Guyana National Rifle Association. A private body.

The obvious question is, what on earth was he doing there in the first place?

The family of Nigel Torres, Cecil Arokium, Compton Speirs, Bonny Harry, Horace Drakes, Dax Arokium and Lancelot Lee should take note. Fineman & Co. had nothing to do with the Lindo Creek Massacre.

These are some of the reasons Crime Chief Seelall Persaud and Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee are so afraid of James Singh. They have not told him anything despite his repeated violations of the law. They are afraid that he will leak this and other information to the press. This is why James Singh is allowed to do as he pleases.

clement james rohee, IT sexpert, visa scam artist aka the real slim shady - recommended james singh

Three months after his participation in the Lindo Creek Massacre, James Singh assumed the position of CANU CEO. He was put forward by Clement Rohee and the decision made by Janet Jagan, Bharrat Jagdeo, Donald Ramotar & co. at the PPP 29th Congress at Babu John.

James Singh signed letters of dismissal for CANU officers he claimed did not show up for a polygraph test even though he has no legal authority to dismiss Officers. Around the same time he claimed these officers did not show up for the polygraph, he started walking with a cane. He claimed he went overseas for treatment  but in reality was running from the polygraph .

After the polygraph James Singh threw away his cane and stopped limping.
He is now stronger than ever. Or so he thinks.


28 thoughts on “canu ceo james singh was a trigger man @ lindo creek massacre

  1. An anonymous person left the following comment in response to a post on this blog about James G. Singh’s appointment at CANU. If the information is even close by a wisker, then we are in for a torrid time as drug barons would seek to further flex their power.

    Comment: James g singh is the cousin of deceased drug trafficker vibart ravi boodhoo. they were very close. he is a close associate of paul daby and his son peter, bramanand nandlall aka bramma, clayton hutson aka clay, juman azeez of no.2 canal, gerald pereira, paul rodrigues, ricardo rodrigues, the last three were roger khan’s lieutenants, roger khan, singh did payouts for khan,s cocaine deals.

    he installed sophisticated equipment on kaow island for roger khan. he is also associate of trinidadian drug dealer, abode, who was arrested a few weeks ago in guyana. his close associate and uncle in law is david coates aka lammy, his two sons dwight and nicholas, one of whom was arrested in november after police in holland made a drug bust of more than 200 kilos in a container of scrap iron, mike singh of roraima security, gerry gouviea. one could go on and on.

    singh is presently in association with corrupt canu officers rajcumar and mannieram, both benefitted from money for airfare from one premnauth persaud currently wanted by canu on drug trafficking. rajcumar admitted being involved in backtracking. in just named a few of james g singh associates and persons he is obviously giving protecrion could the government appoint a person in the like of james g singh to head a drug unit. he is also said to be a member of the phanrom and were involved in serious activities.

    Anonymous said…

    “Cambridge International College” – Thats a bottom-house “school” formerly on North Road that was in fact a scam. It is and was never a college.

    Which leaves Devry – a trade school for school dropouts in the US and Canada who cannot qualify to enter regular Universities, or even Community Colleges.

    Wow. What qualifications to run an anti-drug force!
    Friday, 02 January, 2009

  2. James Singh your day is coming
    You have done enough bad things for bad things to be done to you now I suggest you take note of (Gen. 9.6) “He who sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed”

  3. I do not think I want to vote for the PPP when they have a man like James Singh there at CANU it is about time he be remove from that place do the PPP think people are fools.

    • The PPP is trying to clean up their shit this government is deep in cocaine that’s why James Singh is there Seelall Persaud needs to grow some balls and tell us what happen at lindo creek

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