a letter & a plea to Major General Joe Singh

Major General Joe Singh

Dear Major General Joe Singh:

Last week you told Stabroek News that you are very  much concerned about the gold smuggling in Guyana. Very well Sir, we’re all concerned about the looting and plundering of this country’s resources. But what should also be a major concern of yours Sir is the drug smuggling and other illicit activities being carried out by your son James Girvan Singh.

Before James was recommended by Clement Rohee to head CANU, he was part of the infamous Roger Khan cocaine squad. He was a regular, hanging out at Blue iguana [owned by roger khan] and Ropa’s bar, another hangout of this gang. James nick name back in those days was “The price is Right”

Major General Joe Singh we sure you taught your son right from wrong as a child. However, as a man, your son has lost his way. He no longer knows the difference between right and wrong, justice and injustice.

Sir you knows this country like the back of his hand from your many years in the GDF. Please take James BACK to Christmas Falls and let let him tell you about the wrongs and injustices commited there. Guyanese and the world need to know the truth of what took place on that dreadful day with those eight innocent miners Sir. They were looking for a daily bread but had their lives were snatched away in a most brutal fashion.

Sir, your son James Girvan Singh has taken away untold sums from many Guyanese families. He is only concerned about the people who he wants close to him. These persons in his unit who are close to him are all corrupt.

James routinely points his fingers at person who are against his illegal actions and corrupt practices. Sir, you would know when you point a finger, three are pointing back at you. James most recent public fiasco is his so called controlled delivery of cocaine to the USA.

Sir, you’re seen as a morally upright man in Guyana. You’ve served this country in the Guyana Defence Force above and beyond the call of duty for 34 years. We’re writing this letter to you because we believe you can rein in your son and put a stop to his illegal activities. He’s out of control and has done too much harm to this nation.

We have no confidence that the Minister of Home Affairs or other senior govt officials will act on this most urgent matter.


32 thoughts on “a letter & a plea to Major General Joe Singh

  1. I say Joe Singh is not clean, he just has not been caught yet.
    I say this because :-
    If he was clean, his son’s activities are well known, he could have done something to stop it, so you have to assume that his son’s activities are OK by him.
    The PPP crime family would never put anyone clean to run anything, they would only put a fully paid up member of the gang.
    The company you keep says a lot about you.

  2. in defence of the major general, james girvan singh is a grown man who’s free to do as he please. legal or illegal.
    propaganda press has no info that would lead us to call Major General Joseph Govinda Singh anything but an honourable, upright and moral man all Guyana should emulate. he’s miles above the likes of the criminals of ppp crime family etc..
    and anyone who says they have info to the contrary we’d like to see it

  3. ape, ape, ape…………………. hooray! It smellll in here, did someone poops? oops, i see you smiling Major General!

  4. mark jacobs is a cia trained terrorist and one of hte masterminds behind this site with chris ram & co. he came to guyana on the same flight with akbar muhammad

  5. Propaganda Press get your facts straight. Even Liveinguyana Blogspot and http://www.exposedpropagandists.wordpress.com have better and precise information that what you have here. Why don’t you investigate the death of former DDL Director Chandraballi Bisheswar ( formerly of Republic Park) in 2008 that Christopher Ram placed a hit on to silence Bisheswar. A man who owns an accounting firm by 252 South Road named Ramesh Seebarran performed the murder but he’s free as a lark. Propaganda Press I know you are too much of a pussy to publish it for the whole world to see because you’re the frontier for Christopher Ram.

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  7. Ruel Johnson is not to be blamed for failing to get justice done for the death of Chandraballi Bisheswar. It’s the failure of the corrupt Guyana Police Force who only operate on the highest bidder. It’s for sure that Ruel Johnson may be too scared to forward his knowledge to the police fearing that Chistopher Ram or Ramesh Seebarran recruit their death squads to eliminate the informers.
    Chandraballi Bisheswar was a former Demerara Distliieries Ltd. Board of Director who operated an accounting firm by 198 Duncan Street named Bisheswar& Co. Ramesh Seebarran was a former employee of Ram& Mc Rae who obeyed the commands of Christopher Ram. Ramesh Seebarran took over Bisheswar’s accounting firm one month after his skeptical death in June, 2008.
    Many former employees of both Ram & Mc Rae and Bisheswar, Seebarran & Co. claimed that Ramesh Seebarran had to posion Chandraballi Bisheswar because Bisheswar died a few hours after having lunch with Ramesh.
    This shit isn’t political. I don’t give a fuck with Guyanese politics because most of the politicians are corrupt like fuck, PPP, PNC, AFC u can’t trust them.
    Ramesh Seebarran was the auditor for Salim Azeez’s businesses New Line Aqua Farm and Hotel Tower. These people are benefitting from cocaine money. It’s corruption this website should be rooting out and not biasing themselves to the PPP alone. Politicians are corrupt.

  8. read before you start typing. ruel johnson said “Propaganda Press get your facts straight…Why don’t you investigate the death…”

    last time we checked the police was an arm of the govt. so you should take up your complaints with them. or chris ram controlling the govt and police too?

  9. El Che u know that the guyana police can’t be trusted. You know they will protect Christopher Ram till death do them part. The Guyana Police Force work under directives of the PPP. That doesnt necessarily mean that they vote for the PPP. The police can collect bribes from Ram and protect him. Ram is also a lawyer. He can bluff his way out. How come Ena Ram didn’t get Ram jailed when he abused her like a dog for several years. How come Ram’s brother have his daughter Melissa rounding up young girls from Mazaruni and the police isn’t doing anything. These police would do anything for money. Chris Ram helps Salim Azeez. Don’t you think that anyone who complains will get some fucked up from Salim’s goon technically because trying to reveal Ram is like revealing Salim’s sources? The police just working under the PPP. They are not the PPP.

    • the police work under directives from the ppp and will protect ram til death do them part…you been drinking?
      is ram a part of the central executive committee of the ppp now?
      wuh yuh want we do with this info? cause you also KNOW that chris ram own propaganda press

  10. When I say that the Guyana Police Force work under the orders of the PPP it doesnt mean that all the police will obey the commander because they are severely underpaid. They will take bribes from anyone and protect them in return. The idea is that most of the police aren’t voters for the PPP, preferably they want to work in the police force for respect and getting bribes. Whe Christopher Ram pays a police, that police has an obligation to protect Chris Ram. The police hides that agreement from the PPP Bosses because the penalty is “bugger and lef”.
    If you can provide more info on the hihly speculative death of Chandraballi Bisheswar because he was a DDL Director and Christopher Ram was suspected of hating him because Chandraballi tried to expose Ram in his swindling of funds from Hotel Tower.
    Also there is a connection between Christopher Ram and Salim Azeez. Hotel Tower. This motivates Christopher Ram to be involved in organised crime and pay police to keep him clear and off the radar. You’re site wants to expose corruption but you fail to identify the framework of corruption which is the auditors and accountants such as Christopher Ram, Ramesh Seebarran, Chintamali and others who cook the drug lords books to prevent suspicions by the various Embassies when the drug lord and their families apply for visa.
    I think its unfair that these cocaine facilitators are getting every benefit of Guyana and the overseas system while hardworking Guyanese slave for these PPP and PNC rich guys and can’t even get a loan, visa, anything so easy. A lot of websites saying that Chris Ram own propaganda press and you justify it because you celebrate Christopher Ram even though he was a harsh woman abuser and pimp. It’s time you set the fact staright. If Christopher Ram owns this blog, then there is a chance that the authors would not fully follow his procedures. Simple.

  11. you obviously do not live in Guyana since you believe the ppp owned and controlled police is protecting chris ram
    you guys have abt 40 websites you’ve promoted on this site. why not use those to further the causes you champion?
    we can’t do it all

  12. Simple logics which you apparently lack. Is every police in the GPF under watch by the PPP? Chris Ram is part of Salim Azeez drug enterprise so he has protection on behalf of Salim Azeez. Chris Ram helped Salim’s business go off the radar of the FBI that’s what an insider said. Once you pay a police money that police will leave you alone. If Chris Ram raped Asmita Chand and buggered her like what he did three weeks ago the police would not press charges on him because Christopher Ram paid money. I agree with your idea that the GPF is controlled by the PPP but there are some police who work underhand on their own like Merai who got caught and instead of being knocked off from the force he was demoted to a desk and chair then turned head of command in Berbice.
    I do not own any websites as you claim. And I am too scared to open a website because Christopher Ram will end up killing me like how he killed my uncle Chandraballi Bisheswar.

  13. Auditor you don’t live in Guyana & you’re spewing too much rubbish. all senior police officers are under the control of ppp crime family inc. ALL
    you’re trying but u making it up as you go along. hiding from fbi, pay off rape etc etc and now Chandraballi Bisheswar is your uncle!! so ”Asmita Chand” is who you? yuh aunty? tell the world more abt this rape and sexual assault
    for your information, steve merai was never demoted. he was promoted
    auditor your logic is neither inductive or deductive. it’s inconsistent, incomplete and now henceforth and forever more invalid. you’re a high priest of fuzzy logic. a new age aristotle. to quote abert einstein “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” Auditor, you’re a distant traveller. a universal nomad

    i look forward with great anticipation to your next news bulletin where am sure you’ll deal with formal proofs

  14. El Che or whoever you are, I am truly dissapointed that you question the ones who speak out against corruption, yet you come up with false and fabricated blantant lies about me.
    I did not ever mention about Chris Ram being protected by senior police officers. I demonstrated an example that the Senior Police are held accountable and the smaller ones in the GPF are the protectors because they receive bribes.
    Steve Merai was caught having a controversial conversation and was eventually stripped of his post in the GPF during the crime wave caused by the Freedom Fighters.
    Asmita Chand was a former employee of Ram& Mc Rae from 2000-2002 and beauty pageant contestant and Chris Ram sweetwoman. Asmita Chand is nobody to me and I do not care.
    Why are you insulting the status of Chandraballi Bisheswar? He is my uncle and you know it.
    I do not run any News Bulletin. Where you came up with such ridiculuous claims? Are you a Form one student who failed 69 times?
    Very inexpereinced, immature and lack sense of professional logic that truly scoffs at the truth. It is not my obligation to reveal my sources because you can truly use your sense of journalism to determine your sources. I am so disappointed that you are not true journalists, but turning mouthpieces for this person who owns this business down Campbellville.

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  21. James Singh having fun making money from Runnings, this was told to me, by my sister who known him very well, if you know what I talking about she know him very well:).

  22. This article is a waste of time. Guyanese will never learn that we are like the people of South Africa. Just as they had to help them selves we will have to do the same. Until the people of Guyana get up and fight the system we will all die hoping for change.

    The army leaders are dogs. tyey are sitting back and allowing the PPP popet masters to pull their strings.

    I find it strange that ED COLLINS who had the GDF at his finger tips did not over throw the PPP government, but now , he is in-the APNU fighting for change. (what fucking change)??? he had the power to change shit at his finger tips and he sat on his midle finger.

    sometimes i wonder what is his game?

    I say fuck it, let young singh continue to get his shit if he can. It’s the system that allowed him.

  23. this is my view because I know James Singh loves Drug Man Money I hope the PPP have a Sound Contingency Plans when the shit hit the fan

    But a smiling visitant here to share the love (:,

  24. Govinda is getting big pay at OP, it’s my view all of them know that James Singh is corrupt ….. And still he’s head of CANU ohhhh

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