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Guyana govt wife killers – rohee, lall, vyphuis et al

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spousal abuse in Guyana is at epidemic levels. just read sleepless, stressful & abusive my fake marriage to bharrat jagdeo by former first lady varshnie singh.

we’ll go in depth on the govt. of Guyana wife beaters soon. [sailor boy gary best, crime chief seelall persaud, bharrat jagdeo & the rest of the criminal gang]

today we’re opening the files on the wife killers

  1. clement website hacker rohee – current minister of home affairs
  2. george ‘vicious viper’ vyphuis – friend of rohee, ppp negroe hitman and commander of a division [same place akbar muhammad was held hostage by the enemy]
  3. kellawan ‘shoot em up’ lall – minister of local govt. who was banished to brazil but refuses to go. was last seen hanging with rohee at his booklaunch.

25 thoughts on “Guyana govt wife killers – rohee, lall, vyphuis et al

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  3. There are reports in the public domain which suggest that senior opposition figures including former army officer Oliver Hinckson and Mark Benschop in association with US based drug dealer Tookie Van Rossum have recruited several East Coast Demerara youths, armed them and send them out daily to rob and kill business people of Indo-Guyanese ancestry as a political strategy.

    While substantiable evidence to link these gentlemen to the plot is lacking there is enough to link them through their association with certain underworld characters and their increased presence in certain crime hot beds.
    Villagers are also talking behind close doors but are afraid to speak to the authorities.
    US based drug dealer and financier of the Fineman gang, Tookie Van Rossum has sent several high priced vehicles to be resold here in order to fund terrorist activities which are supervised and conducted by Mark Benschop and Christopher Ram. This move is aimed at preventing the authorities from tracking any money transfer trail. Benschop already received 4 SUV’s and an expensive motorcycle. He has kept two for himself and sold two. Christopher Ram already has Asmita Chand to fuck.

    A further point to note is PNCR Presidential candidate’s proclamation that 2 robberies are committed everyday. How did Granger come about his figures? Which survey did he conduct?

    Source: Ruel Johnson

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