james girvin singh what visas do you have?

james singh canu ceo – clement rohee’s out of control monster

james singh & clement goat rohee inspecting ALL the cocaine & marijuana supposedly seized in Guyana for the past TWO YEARS!!

field report from an agent deep behind enemy lines

The head of a Narcotic Division is a very powerful person, but some of them routinely abuse the privileges and authority entrusted upon them. enter into the world of james girvan singh, the monster clement james rohee created.

February 21, 2011
Officers from The Customs Anti Narcotic Unit (CANU) acting on a tip off went to John Fernandes wharf where they found almost 300lbs of Cannabis (Marijuana) in a container that came from Jamaica.
The officers who went on this search are extra corrupt agents who’re james singh’s friends in CANU. with James Girvan Singh at their side they went into the container removed the marijuana and took it to their office.

they left the container and its remainder contents unprotected and they did not inform the customs authority of their intentions or actions.

Head of the presidential Secretariat and Cabinet Secretary Dr. Roger Luncheon and commissioner General Guyana Revenue Authority Mr. Khursid Sattaur got involved in this matter and two officers was dispatched to investigate the breach committed by the CANU officers.

At a meeting held at CANU Headquarters the two officers, met with James Singh where they requested that he submit a statement in relation to the breach that was committed at John Fernandes. When this request was made, James Singh acted as if he were more powerful than the most powerful man in Guyana His Excellency Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo, President of Guyana and commander –in- chief of the armed forces. He flew into a rage.

James Singh got up, kicked his chair backward and told the two officers in a very loud tone of voice, if it was Henry Greene (commissioner of Police) or the Chief of Staff Best (Commodore Gary Best) they would not have gone and asked them to write a statement.

James Singh in other words is comparing himself with two professional and highly qualified men with years of military and paramilitary training. This little jackass now thinks he is so powerful, he is now rating himself with the two men who are holding the highest offices in Law Enforcement in Guyana.

the mysterious University of Guyana certificate
james girvan singh should be ashamed of himself. he did go to the University of Guyana, but failed his examinations and had to repay the people that send him there. he was uncerimoniously dismissed from that company.

One will have to wonder how James Singh ended up with a Diploma from the Univer$ity of Guyana after failing his examination$.

james girvin singh what visas do you have?

jagdeo, luncheon nor rohee caan mek me write no statement. tell dem i fuckin seh suh

additionally at the meeting with the two officers, james singh declared that the president [bharrat jagdeo], the Minister [his creator clement rohee] nor Roger Luncheon can make him write a statement on what went down.

To further compound matters, james singh & co. claim  the marijuana was destroyed. but there were no further investigations done.

It would take a psychic magician to find out what was going through the brains of jagdeo at the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) 29th Congress in August of 2008. it was here that he agreed to Minister Clement Rohee persistent request to hire James Girvan Singh as Head of CANU

James Singh has told friends that Minister Clement Rohee has benefited from him being head of CANU in various ways. james singh is fully knowledgable of many of Rohee’s weaknesses so he might be on to something.

James Girvan Singh is an uncontrollable monster, but there an old saying that says when you create a monster there comes a time when you will have to kill it yourself.


23 thoughts on “james singh canu ceo – clement rohee’s out of control monster

  1. This arrogant idiot James Singh feels he is powerful? if he goes in jail he might end up sucking cocks! because he has no qualification to hold his position as Head of CANU. But he want to ignore his superiors and be a bitch, he is lucky Uncle Paul is not the shrewd cartel that he is suppose to be, because he would have been a dead BITCH! by now….its only time with you1 you little pussy!

    He went to UG but didn’t graduate…..he probably brought it …..de man is a dunce….i think he got some american certificate from courses u saw on american tv

  3. He is a puss and I have heard the story above from a totally different source that dont even get online. I will get more of the information from the man. I will make a call to GT. James Singh frighten CLAY HUDSON and RECARDO RODRIQUES. He know uncle paul wont do him anything. He plays both sides and he gets money from the USA DEA. You dont see how CANU is doing a bunch of hiring and getting lots of funds for equipments and so on. His vehicle got crash up the other day and he got a new one. How come the Police Narcotics branch dont get all the funds like what CANU is getting? Because maybe auntie James is getting funded by the USA DEA to sell out information.

  4. Never give a sword to a fool or power to an unjust man. Absolute power is the parasite that ruined many powerful men -James Singh what you sow is what you reap, trying to rule a kingdom with absolute power and its attributes is like trying to dance on a floor drenched with oil, an ideal recipe for disaster as you James Singh will have an unforgettable fall !!

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  6. How much are you willing to stump up if i take out james singh. some serious money.. 1 will personally put a bullet in e fucking in his forhead. at nathu bar or palm court.

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  10. My offer still stands Firm… Don’t make senior James Singh be a problem for you.. Talk some serious money and let me [deleted]

    propaganda note: comrades there’s no doubt that ppp crime family inc. are a band of criminals and we’ll be better off without them. but keep in mind the enemy is busy looking for loopholes in what you say and don’t say

  11. The person that make that last Cali cartel it’s not the same Cali cartel comment is a fake it most have been someone of James friend did that so he can run to the Minister and say look you see they want kill you too and mr president

    That comment was made by James Singh and friends

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