canu ceo james singh & the murder of brian chung


Brian Chung

Pandit_G: Chung was James Singh’s boy. James Singh of CANU used him as an informant to know what is going on in that area he dealt in. He help James Singh to run into another competitor/drug dealer name “Andrea on the line-top by station street” a while back and they took away Andrea’s drug and plant a old rusty firearm on him and charged him. He later was sentenced and paid some money and walked out couple

james girvin singh what visas do you have?

james singh here

months later. James also use another drug dealer as an informant name Marlon from Pike Street Kitty. Marlon help him to run in on his competitor name “Captain aka Cappie” from pike street Kitty. James Singh knew that Chung was dealing drugs for a while and he left him to do his dirt in return he got information. Chung used this opportunity and took credit from a lot of other larger drug dealer and then turn them over to James to bust them so that he would not have to pay back for the drugs. Essentially speaking, is James that made Chung get killed………..he lead the man to deep waters and leave the man out there with no protection.

in totally unrelated news: Tactical Service Unit (TSU) ranks, Eon Grannum, Shendel James and Jermine Durant 25, had their case of trafficking in narcotics and demanding money with menace discharged yesterday as a result of the death of the chief witness, Brian Chung.


13 thoughts on “canu ceo james singh & the murder of brian chung

  1. I and the Guyana Gov’t cannot see the relation between the TSU story and the Brian Chung murder.
    And I must say how irresponsible of Brian Chung to get himself murdered brfore testifying in an important case!!!!!!!

  2. what a coincidence? Right before Brian had to give evidence, he got murdered. I wonder if the TSU ranks had something to do with it…………well something is stinkin in here. At least, they did not find him with a knife in his chest and say the police did it like in the case of Smiley Culture.

    • Why don’t you keep your comments about Smiley Culture to that thread, dickhead?
      I don’t know what happened as I was not there, but I do know that when the fucking police raid your house for drugs or whatever, they do not then let you go, unaccompanied, into another room “to make a cup of tea.” The police story is complete bullshit and stinks to high heaven. Reply on the other thread if you want to launch another cascade of abuse. BTW how is your buddy Henry Greene, or have you worked out that he is another mafia skunthole by now?

  3. Eye M@n,
    I forgot Smiley was your man. Dont start crying all over again for him, you cry enough on the other thread. I dont want to waste time on it again. Henry Greene is not my buddy and I would care less what you got to say about him.

  4. Oh so you stop bigging up Henry and going on about how “talented” he is and how the phantom death squad was ok cos it “got rid of criminals”?
    Like I said before, keep up the snitching, we like it cos we hate the people who you snitching on, you are performing a useful public service there. At the end of the day though people like you, James Singh, Henry Greene and this Cali Cartel or vibez cartel or whoever he be are all cut from the same cloth. None of you would bat an eyelid if innocent people die as long as it meets your agendas. When the ordinary everyday poor people of Guyana wake up and realise their power you will all end up running away or else dangling from lamp posts with broken necks.
    Special thanks to Cali Cartel and his fellow colombianos for importing the “kill the whole family” model to Guyana. The children of Lusignan thank you.

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  9. This story is so new to us and Brian knew he was going to die that night he had a phone call it was either him or his son and he choose not to run we know that it was a set up

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