king's jewellery world

king’s jewellery world, a Guyana criminal spotlight

king's jewellery world

king's jewellery world - our gift to the world

pandit_g: no, its a fact………pyneandy owns the bistro/cara suites. Check the transport and you will see the history. His buddy is King’s Jewelry and they does roll together. Kings is Salem finance.

star: Much respect to Pandit G for his open views on what is going on in Guyana, but we have heared about most of the Guys except one Mr. Sanjay Persaud. How has he raisen to what he is, do anyone buy his jewellery that he could afford to live where he lives, or even the vehicles heared his Range Rover was Paul Dabys and he paid 10M . Shed some light on this Pls!!!!

King’s Plaza
141 Quamina Street,
Tel: 592 226-0704. 592 226-0682
Fax: 592 225 2524

176 Middle & Waterloo Streets,
Tel: 592 225-8570. 592 225-8575

Camp & Regent Streets,
Tel: 592 225-0000
Duty Free Shoppe

Cheddie Jagan International Airport,
Tel: 592 225-0000
Grand Bazaar

Uriah Butler & Churchill Roseveldt Highways,
Tel: 868 663-8237

Bay Street (3 doors east of Rawson Square)
Nassau, New Providence,
Tel: 242 326-7576
Fax: 242 323-4289

111-19 Liberty Avenue,
Richmond Hills, Queens
New York, NY 11419
Tel: 718-641-5464
Fax: 718-641-5465


12 thoughts on “king’s jewellery world, a Guyana criminal spotlight

  1. Kings been the financier for Salem for a long time. Salem even told me that he can go to King’s (looknaught ??) anytime and get any amount of money to borrow. When salem do the dirty work and land then kings does benefit. Salem buy all his jewelry from King’s and pay premium prices……..he paid $7M GYD for a rolex, he paid $10M for a 2 carat diamond ring and he also buy a big platinum necklace that I dont know how much he paid for that. Salem dont even know what his specs of his jewelry is………….king’s rip him off. Kings got lots of property………they have large property in Atlantic Ville, Shamrock Garden, Lamaha Garden, Land of Canan, Le Resouvineer, etc. These properties all push prices in the one million dollar USD EACH. Jewelry sales in Guyana is not to the point where one can make that kind of money………..people barely struggling to eat. People prefer to take their gold to a goldsmith and make they own thing at a fraction of the cost.

    Sanjay was a fuel smuggler……….that is how he made the illegal money. He had a couple of boats and was partner with Morris Gopie. He used to smuggle large amount of fuel and he get caught………….not only that, he snitched on Morris. They are no longer speaking and he no longer park his boats at morris and he is taking blows right now……….money aint making. He had already build the building on sherrif st and his other relative that live in bel-air build another things on sherrif on subrianville that supposed to be some mini mall. He had to borrow money to finish the building. He dont own paul daby range rover………….paul daby has a 2008 White range rover that he used a caricom duty free to bring in. Sanjay has a 2006 black range rover. Paul Daby son name randall got a dark blue Benz SL500 from Recardo Rodriques that was brought over from surnaime illegally. The car has a lot of problems and Randall sold it to Sanjay family that live in bel air. They agreement is that he pay $2M GYD per month until the car is paid in full at $10M GYD total. The car was repainted from dark blue to a black. Since the car is stolen from surname then they have to hide and drive it, because the police and GRA knows.
    Talk half, left half for later…………………………hahahah

    • Pandit G shut your modda skunt you tink dis is joke for spewing libel and slander. people like you does fuck up accounting firms by making them lose clients. shut your fucking mouth. you talk too much shit. sanjay worked hard to get what he has you are jealous. gopie used to get loan from Jim fishing business in florida. no one do drugs or fuel smuggling.
      incumbent and incompetent skunt, if you saved 10,000 a week in a year you get 520,000, in a decade you get 5.2 million. Go and buy that fancy car now.
      Maurice and King’s SAVED their money and WORKED HARD to get where they are at.
      I assume that you are a bottom feeder in the US leeching off welfare money from the state. Go and save those food stamps.
      You will get nowhere in life and you will die a meaningless man while Maurice, Sanjay’s, Buddy’s and King’s get richer by the day.
      If Ram and Ramesh Seebarran are auditors for these ppl, how can they do anything illegal you motherfucker?
      Shut your fucking shitmouth before someone blast your head off.

  2. who ar you people, wher do you live and wher do you come from – all your articles are ant-ppp it seems you are all racists – have you got anything to talk about forbes burnham and his 28 yrs rule as a dictator and racist?
    You can show my email and this comment

    • @ alfanso simon
      for your own sake this site don’t show people email. but if you crazy enough and that’s what you really really want let us know
      btw what’s so racist about spotlighting criminals?
      thanks for checking in from your comfortable UK confines

  3. All those are locations of King’s establishments…………..those are also known drug routes. Most people in GT now send drugs thru to Barbados, Trinidad, Jamaica, Panama, Mexico so that it can then be sent to the USA. Its much easier. Also, kings can take payment in any one of those country and transfer the money as legal proceeds since it looks like actual jewelry sales.

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  5. I see that same Benz SL 500 black car parked in front of Sanjey’s on Sheriff str. He said is his own he buying all the mafia’s old junk. But may i say hat’s off to those youngsters for accomplishing all they have, all the balls to do it. I guess only in Guyana.
    And may i say i love this site.Keep up the good work on highlighting us.
    Bless u!

  6. i would love to know who in america is buy all this drugs you claim is being sent to the us and pay all that money……i think people in america buying these drugs are the real money person

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