jamaican Shanique Myrie raped by barbados immigration officer

Myrie, in relating her story to the Observer said: “The lady took me into a bathroom and told me to take off my clothes. I did as requested. After searching me and my clothes she found no contraband or narcotics. She then asked me to bend over, open my legs and spread (my private parts). She said that if I did not comply then she would see that I end up in prison in Barbados.

“When I bent over and spread my (private parts) I felt something enter my (private parts) and when I looked between my legs I saw her gloved hand in my (private parts). I screamed and stood up. She then told me if I obstructed her doing a cavity search she would have me locked up. I bent over again and spread. She again inserted her fingers and poked around. I felt like I was being raped. I was so hurt and ashamed. I felt dirty and defiled,” she said.

“I asked her who she was and she said ‘I am your worst nightmare’. She then said ‘All you (expletive) Jamaicans come here to do is either steal people’s man or bring drugs here,” Myrie recounted.


25 thoughts on “jamaican Shanique Myrie raped by barbados immigration officer

  1. THERE IS NO TRUTH to a report by a Jamaican woman who claimed she was finger-searched before being denied entry into Barbados last week.

    Government is however planning a high-level meeting with the Jamaican High Commissioner to Trinidad to try to prevent any major fallout between the two countries as a result of the media hype surrounding the incident.

    At a Press conference yesterday, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Senator Maxine McClean made it “absolutely clear that a thorough investigation had been carried out by the Immigration and Custom
    s departments into a report that had been carried in the Jamaican Press suggesting that Shanique Samantha Myrie had been finger-raped by Immigration officers after she arrived on Barbadian soil on March 14”.

    case closed

  2. “I am going to sue them,” she went on.

    The trip was her first out of the island and Myrie lambasted Husbands’ claim that she was a human trafficking victim.

    “I went to visit Mrs Pamella Clarke. When I arrived at the airport they asked me who I came to and I gave them her number. They called her and she told them she wasn’t feeling well and had sent a man called Daniel to pick me up. They asked me about Daniel and I told them I did not know him. I have no reason to lie. They are the ones that are lying,” she said.

    Myrie said she was locked in a room with another woman whom the Sunday Observer contacted yesterday. The woman, Rickrisha Rowe, said Myrie cried all night as she recounted her ordeal.

    “I saw her being carried up and down by a man and a lady. She was crying when she came into the room and she told me what they did to her,” said Rowe.

    “She said they stripped her two times and that the woman was squeezing her breasts as if she could cut her skin and put something inside them. She said they made her bend down and spread,” said Rowe, who revealed that she was also denied entry into the island because she had overstayed on a previous visit.

    Rowe, however, said she found that strange because she had returned to the island without a problem since the time she overstayed.

    She said the conditions in the cramped room were deplorable.

    “I was locked in the room for over 12 hours. There was dirty toilet paper stuck on the wall and the place was filthy. You wouldn’t want to lean up anywhere. The bed was small with board and a raw sponge. In addition, the place was freezing. It was very cold, don’t care what you put on,” Rowe said.

    Both women claim they were herded out of the room minutes before the flight back to Jamaica and were told they would only have time to wash their faces and brush their teeth.

    Read more: http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/news/Barbadians-are-the-ones-lying_8588601#ixzz1Hp8xPZ7D

  3. Nice to see the Bajans (mis)treating all Caribbean the same!!!!

    Equality or what????

    Has anyone heard of them mistreating any white people or is it just brown skin people this is reserved for????

  4. The activities of the official fornicators in service of the Barbadian Immigration, who raped a Jamaican woman and the two policemen who raped another Jamaican woman that they detained, will be discussed at the CARICOM meeting, I hear. While Bajans are very horny and love strange flesh, to be openly violating tourists is out of place and a threat to all visitors, especially those coming from Europe and North America who do not understand the Bajan culture the way Caribbean natives do. It would be best of all female visitors to stay away from Barbados or go their at their own peril!

  5. there are many jamaican whores in barbados. this is the way they have chosen to ‘combat’ the situation. the police know of the strip clubs and brothels and take their money on the side. immigration does not have enough resources to fight the strip clubs. they can only realistically do it at ports of entry. i don’t know if she was cavity searched or not. i also don’t know if she was being trafficked or not. it’s a nasty situation.

    white people are not treated this way. they treat white people nicer than bajans. by far.

  6. there is no evidence supporting this woman’s story. i wouldn’t be surprised if it’s just a money making scheme. she’s probably a whore after all.

  7. I once had a bajan g/friend, but i found out she likes girls also, you see i didnt know this before but one in every 3 bajan women is a dyke, its in them to be this way, the bajan women are dykes and the men are faggots, the security personel who searched that poor jam town girl is a dyke (lesbo) maybe she does that all the time, this time her activities were made known.

  8. you see the difference between the jamaican government and the guyana government with the Guyanese this ppp crime family will not care a shit you will be sailing alone this government only have the power to ship cocaine

  9. Jamaican officials dismissed preliminary findings of the Barbados Government, which concluded that a Jamaican national lied about being subjected to degrading treatment by an immigration officer in Barbados.

    Foreign Affairs Minster Dr. Ken Baugh told the House of Representatives today, that following a detailed interview with Shanique Myrie, conducted earlier today by ministry officials, Jamaica has no reason to discredit Myrie’s story.

  10. How come the Barbadians are seeking to investigate and mend fences with the Jamaican Govt. When Guyanese was being victimised by them not a peep, is it due to the high esteem Lord Bamsie is held in by his fellow Caribbean Leaders?


  12. After all these incidents i have never heard Jamaicans for Justice coming forward and saying anything about the issue…….”SHAME ON THEM”….obviously the bejan immigration officers are lesbians n the men Faggots

  13. Jamaica need not to b a part of the CBI with all these almshouse happening……We should not be entertaining them now its carnival time……mek dem kiss wi ass

  14. Not suprised by bajan raping of jamaican woman. All caribbean islands treat jamaican travellers with disrespect and rudeness. This is why the negro race is at the bottom of the ladder today. They don’t even try to hide it when you’re in their midst, turks and caicos, bahamas, barbados etc. To me the worst kind of racist is the one that hate and discriminate against their own.

  15. Well. I gathered that Shanique Myrie is a whore. I am a Jamaican. Firstly, immigration officers should not have the duty of searching travelers. That’s not thier role to play as an immigration officer. That duty is for the custom officers/securities. Shanique is a super bitch!!!!! Maybe shw doing this to make money. People. Dont let her fool you.

  16. Guyanese,an Jamaicans should be the last people to talk about any Caribbean island. the two worst countries in the region. By far the worst people in the region. If you put these two countries together they still cannot equal Barbados in anything. Bajans dont even waste time talking to these two. (Alex) J,cans should be search in Ja: first.

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