wyclef jean

wyclef jean shooting – another fraud in Haiti?

wyclef jean

this silly negroe boy thinks he should've been the next president of Haiti cause he can sing & dance. great qualifications by the way

we don’t know what to make of clef and some negroe celebrities sometimes
while he is singing freedom songs for the people of Egypt, clef seems uninterested in the freedom of Haitians. afterall he was one of the cheerleaders for arisitde kidnapping. anyone ever heard clef calling for the unbanning of Lavalas? but he likes to give sunday sermons
ok, not to be so hard on clefman
but now clef says he’s been shot
our info from Haiti says clef has been sporting and cavorting with michelle martelly [a lifelong suckup to duvalier & other criminals in Haiti]
according to reports clef says he was shot or grazed by a bullet. or something to that effect
make of it what you may


5 thoughts on “wyclef jean shooting – another fraud in Haiti?

  1. Wyclef Jean, what a fucking joke. He’ll probably start going on about how he is like Bob Marley now he’s got a little graze on his hand.

  2. wyclef got shot by a piece of broken glass
    by the way since when people does use antibiotics for gunshot wounds? or does clef have a bout of salmonella?

    The word antibiotic comes from the Greek anti meaning ‘against’ and bios meaning ‘life’ (a bacterium is a life form).’ Antibiotics are also known as antibacterials, and they are drugs used to treat infections caused by bacteria. Bacteria are tiny organisms that can sometimes cause illness to humans and animals. The singular word for bacteria is bacterium.
    Such illnesses as tuberculosis, salmonella, syphilis and some forms of meningitis are caused by bacteria. Some bacteria are not harmful, while others are good for us.

  3. LOL… he gon do a cover of “ambush in the night” now just like how he massacred “no woman no cry” (why Bob’s fam ain’t sue he fuh that I don’t know). “ambush in the night, glass shards aiming at me…”

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