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One Laptop Per Family Guyana project documents

so what if jud lohmeyer wrote the original project document? look at these lips baby!

One Laptop Per Family Guyana
One Family – One Community – One Internet
One Connected Country

Project Plan – Draft v2.0 | April 1, 2010

Produced by:
Project Management Office
Office of Climate Change
Government of Guyana
Georgetown, Guyana
South America

This Project Plan is being developed by the Project Management Office to support and foster Guyana’s community and economic development within the Low Carbon Development Strategy, LCDS, adopted by the Government of Guyana.

One Laptop Per Family Guyana Mission Statement
It is the mission of the One Laptop Per Family Guyana to provide Internet connected mobile computers to families throughout Guyana to foster community and economic development, support computer education in primary and secondary schools and increase Guyanese technology awareness, knowledge and skills through a family focused community based project model to prepare individuals for ICT related work.

Earned Laptop – Families receiving laptops will be required to repay the investment in their family through community service. Each OLPF community project will include community projects that will benefit the entire community as repayment for the laptop.

Internet Connected – Every laptop provided through OLPF will have Internet connectivity provided for the first year. Connectivity and communication is the primary value of a public technology deployment and will create more Internet service demand.

Project Partners – Each OLPF project will be jointly developed and run through a community group and Project Partner. Project Partners are aid and donor organizations and GoG Ministries working in communities on development projects. [notice there is no mention of enetworks or vishook persaud raping the Guyanese people]

Family Focus – A family team, learning and earning a laptop together. Family members, especially teen males, participating in community groups focusing on economic development, capacity building and education, collaborating with Project Partners is the primary target of OLPF laptop distribution. This primary OLPF participant is expected to bring the computer experience and learning to their family.

Community Originated Projects – Communities working with Project Partners will develop, manage and execute their own OLPF project. Communities will submit an application to OLPF requesting laptops for their projects. OLPF will review requests from communities based on alignment with OLPF mission and principles for laptop support. [again no mention of the raper man son vishook or cockman sesh sukhdeo]

Trained Support Community
Every OLPF project will have two trained Support Technicians selected from participating families. OLPF Support Techs will be commercially trained and certified to support OLPF hardware, software and Internet. Training will include the building of a Guyana OLPF support community on the Internet for Support Techs interaction and collaboration across Guyana.

Renewable Energy – In keeping with the Low Carbon Development Strategy that Guyana has adopted, OLPF projects needing new power sources will make every effort to use renewable energy sources for the powering of laptops and networks.

stay tuned for entire project document. we’re having connection problems with the high speed Guyana internet service and can’t upload it at this time and now the light flickering like we gon get some blackout

one laptop per family Guyana project document


18 thoughts on “One Laptop Per Family Guyana project documents

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  3. After a while these laptops wil need some form of maintenance and can overheat and burnout very quickly. Will you need someone to fix these laptop overheating problems or any other type of laptop problem should they arise after the guaratees on these laptops have expired?

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  4. andrew its good you have a promising bussiness but the only way you can get some of this action you have to be one of the boys if you is family then you will have no problem i wish you all the best but remenber they dont want the best they only want the ppp crime family

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  6. To fix a laptop computer I strip down the laptop using precision instruments/tools and before anywork is done I make sure to remove the display screen first so as not to damage the screen. I then prepare to take the laptop apart and then remove the motherboard from the laptop from then on I remove the heatsink from the motherboard and then I use thermal compound (Artic Siliver thermal compound) on both CPU and GPU and then place the motherboard into a reballing machine and then further work on the motherboard. I have a blog that anyone can go to which shows the type of work I do.

    (copy and paste link exactly as it’s typed into your web browser)

  7. To use a laptop you usually need electricity to power it, to connect to the internet you also need phone line or some other connectivity. Many Guyanese do not have either, or only intermittently. These things cost money, most Guyanese do not have suficient spare cash to pay for these things, or for the repairs that may be needed. This seems to be an opportunity for better off Guyanese, rather than for all as mooted.

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  9. Don’t talk about Robert Moneygolde Persaud he making lots of money when the PPP is out of power he will be set for life those people don’t care about me and you

  10. Many Guyanese do have phones, they have more than one laptop or desktop, they do have electricity and to have money to pay for these things, they even go over to the USA and have lavish weddings, it’s all on youtube how Guyanese have lavish weddings in America and in the end they moan about paying mortage debt.

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