225 lbs Guyana cocaine arrives in Jamaica safely

james girvin singh what visas do you have?

james singh here - jagdeo move we from wharf duty since last year august

Jamaica Observer: THE 225 pounds (122.65 kilogrammes) of cocaine seized today at Port Bustamante in Kingston, has a street value of more than $217 million.

The seizure was made by the Customs Department this morning after a routine examination of a transhipment vessel, Vega Azurit from Guyana, which arrived at Berth 9 at 5:00 am.

Read more: http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/news/Kingston-cocaine-seizure-valued-over–217-million#ixzz1GsDPDIo8

story updating…stay tuned

Name of Vessel:      m.v. Vega Azurit
Port of Registry:      Monrovia
Call Sign:      A8KR2
IMO Number:      9403437
Year Built:      April 2008

mv vega azurit left port georgetown en route to kingson jamaica with a cargo of ‘wood’. khurshit khurshid sattur & raper man clement rohee are hot on the case. james singh is right. last august, bharrat jagdeo ordered all CANU agents off the wharves. some equipment htey beg the whiteman for to scan containers will soon be sold as scrap iron. it’s sitting somewhere catching dust and getting rusty.

mv vega azurit

we're not sure if that's the cocaine being snuck on board mv vega azurit in broad daylight


18 thoughts on “225 lbs Guyana cocaine arrives in Jamaica safely

  1. This shipment is owned by a combination of people and some of them of whom I can confirm by my 007 intel in guyana are: Recardo……………there is a gentleman by the name of DOSE that lives in republic park that is currently in Jamaica to represent him. I guess they have some men there to deal with money since they thought the shipment was going to land nice. Another person that have financial interest in this shipment is Paul Daby (Randall Daby) and Peter Daby from banks park. The got a little setup at the warf and sends out timber on the frequent. Another person is John Pyneandy……..he is currently in Jamaica and traveled to Venezuela and Panama on the frequent. He is currently building a big 3/4 story building in Kingston by Barrack and Water street and he has another at the corner of Middle and Waterloo name Bistro/Cara Suites and he has a house in Bel Air park where he resides.
    James Singh is on the payroll of these individuals………..I have seen him at times during my stay at the Cara Suites while I visited GT……………he was drinking with his buddy name Mohammed Qualander. They get free drinks from Mr. Pyneandy since they on his payroll. Raymond who is James Singh cousin and collector for him is good friends with Pyneandy Jr.

    • I does hear the gentleman Dose that lives in Republic park does have a Jamaican coolie gal frm Negril, who he met there. Sources say she is a college lecturer and very hot, but i dunno how smart she is cuz he giving her blow here in gt with this other girl. i hear he used to follow her every where in jamaica, cuz he was head ova heels she. i wonder wht he would do if she find out he giving her blow here. she is frns with some of his jamaican connections, so i guess thts how they meet. I doubt tht she know wht he do cuz them professional gals like she dont usually date men like him…..maybe thts y he nuh go back to ja since cuz teh girl probably lef him high an dry.

  2. no, its a fact………pyneandy owns the bistro/cara suites. Check the transport and you will see the history. His buddy is King’s Jewelry and they does roll together. Kings is Salem finance.

  3. A funny thing

    Sam Hinds is the head of the forest industry

    and cannot answer for transaction under, in

    his ministry.

    Boy it quiet about Sam Hinds

    the man who should answer to this


    Zaheed Emran Ally
    Zaheed Ally means Blessed Friend




  4. company involved in this shipment owned by bynoe from linde. treason accuse man who is now ppp hitman i linden
    got an org called linden salvation council. got a son name al

  5. N ice work Pandit G. Whether or not CANU is at the wharf the cocaine will still pass.
    James is workng with the cartels and jagdeo to ensure the cocaine gets out.

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