frank wisner negotiating hosni mubarak egypt exit

american hypocracy in egypt

usa = hypocrites & parasites

A former US ambassador to Egypt is in Cairo and “has the ability” to talk to Egyptian leaders, PJ Crowley, the US state department spokesman, said on Monday.
Crowley gave no details of who Frank G Wisner, the ambassador to Egypt from 1986 to 1991, would meet but said he would have the opportunity to reinforce the US message to Egypt.
He also said the Washington believed Egypt should revoke emergency law brought in following mass protests against the government.


2 thoughts on “frank wisner negotiating hosni mubarak egypt exit

  1. The Egyptian people have spoken. No one wants to be a pawn in the power games of the U.S. and their puppets like Egypt forever. Condoning an unjust stability involves the assumption that people will remain in servility, suffering and silence forever. The billions of dollars Mubarak has stolen from his country for his own personal comforts is an affront to the millions of Egyptians who struggle each day to maintain some resemblance of dignity for themselves and their families. Mubarak must leave Egypt and the U.S. must cease its diabolical support of these nations at the expense of the people. The U.S. reeks of hypocrisy while purporting to foster the ideals of “democracy” when in fact they are the very purveyors of some of the worst violations of human rights on this planet. On the bottom of the tear gas canisters used against the Egyptians reads “Made in America.” America, you are just as guilty as Mubarak for the indignities the Egyptians are suffering. You have blood on your hands!

    • @ E. Morrisey
      i only disagree with you on one point. mubarak must not be allowed to leave Egypt. he must be put on trial and jailed for his crimes. if he leaves he will be taking more billions with him never to be seen again…cause the europeans and americans will not help you get it back. he is their friend, but an enemy of the people

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