Millicent Gaika rape victim in south africa

‘corrective rape’ terror campaign on lesbians south africa

Millicent Gaika rape victim in south africa

Millicent Gaika

In the report, one lesbian and gay support group told ActionAid it was dealing with 10 new cases of lesbians being targeted for what it called “corrective rape” every week in Cape Town alone and said that hundreds of South African lesbian women have reported that gangs of men taunted them for being lesbians, and then proceeded to viciously rape and beat them in an effort to cure them of their “homosexual affliction” and change them into “real girls.”


11 thoughts on “‘corrective rape’ terror campaign on lesbians south africa

  1. Raping African Lesbians/Women!

    The men who indulge in the raping of women (Lesbian or not) in Africa, do so because they can get away with it. Because the society at large generally, condones this behavior. And they use the excuse for this cruel act, as a cure for homosexuality.

    This is a traditional curse that the entire continent has to address legally, and severely punish those who are found guilty harshly.

    By imposing or enforcing those laws that do so already on the books. Or enacting laws in states where they do not exist immediately.


  2. Journalist Angus Shaw said the latest 50 page report compiled by the US Embassy in Harare gives emphasis to the harassment of the gay community, including revelations that there is now a practice in Zimbabwe called ‘corrective rape’, where some homosexuals are being raped ‘by those intending to convert their sexuality’.

    Although persecution of gays and lesbians is on the increase, very few victims are prepared to speak publicly about the attacks because of the stigma surrounding the issue of homosexuality.

    Shaw said the human rights report shows how through the guise of ‘corrective rape’ lesbian women are raped by men to ‘make them enjoy heterosexual acts’, while gay men are raped by women, sometimes, under supervision of villagers and relatives to ‘remove their sexual orientation tendencies’.

  3. hi
    you are doing agreat job
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  4. Regardless what your opinion of homosexuality is, this is sheer evil and definitely a result of the legacy of apartheid. Ryan you need a gunshot right between d eyes… nah, wait, that is too easy… you should be shot in the dick and left to bleed to death by the roadside motherfucker.

    • what ryan should have said is give them them the rod of correction i guess he is not into political correctness but i share his opinion

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