ryan gomes

ryan gomes sends cocaine greetings from suriname

ryan gomes

ryan gomes

lieve vrienden en familie
Ik ben in Suriname als gast van het Korps Politie.
Bid alstublieft voor mij. maken.
Ik wil naar huis binnenkort

nobody hey talk dutch but we believe this is what ryan saying

dear friends an family
ah deh hey in Suriname as a guest uh de police. ah get lil licks but ah a’rite
yall must please pray fuh meh. please. and tell meh two girls daddy love dem
they gon let meh out when things die down. ah talk to dem

ryan gomes and poison

Ik zal altijd onthouden Guyana. als een terugkeer i het weer aan het werk


6 thoughts on “ryan gomes sends cocaine greetings from suriname

  1. Abandoned vehicle at Itaballi

    Duo granted $100,000 bail each on ammunition charge
    Ryan Gomes

    Two men for whom wanted bulletins had been issued in connection with an abandoned Toyota Tacoma 4X4 vehicle at Itaballi Landing, Mazaruni appeared in court yesterday to answer the charge of possession of ammunition without being the holder of a firearm licence.
    Police Constable Ryan Gomes and Romel Mc Kenzie, called Romel Sinclair or Romel Clarke, pleaded not guilty to the charge when they appeared before Magistrate Maxwell Edwards yesterday. They were subsequently each placed on $100,000 bail.

    The police alleged that Gomes of 117 Third Street, Alberttown and Mc Kenzie of 106 Garnett Street, Newtown Kitty had ten rounds of 9 mm ammunition without being the holder of a firearm licence on March 20.

    Police alleged that the vehicle which belongs to Mc Kenzie was found locked and seemingly abandoned at the interior landing. A subsequent search of its interior unearthed the ammunition under the vehicle’s passenger seat. Following investigations, bulletins were issued for the two accused. They subsequently turned themselves into the police last Friday afternoon with their attorney, Bernard De Santos. After being held in custody over the weekend the men were subsequently charged with the offence.

    Romel Mc Kenzie

    In his bail application, De Santos told the court that Mc Kenzie is the owner of the vehicle while Gomes was a passenger in it. The defence counsel said Mc Kenzie used the vehicle to transport persons around the interior. He said Mc Kenzie suffers from hypertension [high blood pressure]. De Santos told the court that was one of the reasons why the vehicle was left behind.

    He said that on the day in question his client was unable to drive it. De Santos later said the Narcotics Branch investigated his clients although the commissioner of police said no narcotics were found in the vehicle. The defence counsel said that Gomes is still a serving member of the police force.
    Police prosecutor Lloyd Thomas in response said he was objecting to bail on the grounds that the ammunition was found in a vehicle belonging to Mc Kenzie and Gomes was a passenger. After hearing both sides the magistrate set bail at $100, 000 each. The matter has been transferred to Bartica Magistrate’s Court for trial on April 20.

    Police had detained several persons including a former owner of the Tacoma in connection with its discovery along with that of a single engine Cessna aircraft at Kwapau airstrip. Police investigating the discovery of the aircraft and vehicle had suggested a nexus between the two and have been working on that theory.

    Gomes who admitted to being a passenger of the vehicle and whose cell phone had been found in it, like his co-accused, has denied knowledge of the ammunition. (Stabroek News)

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