paul rodrigues

paul rodrigues caught in Suriname with cocaine updated

paul rodrigues

paul rodrigues, former police, friend of henry greene & roger khan assassin

update: we’re being told that Ryan Gomes [Gomez] is the ex.cop being held in Suriname and not paulie. we await further confirmation.

paulie didn’t get enough licks in suriname the last time they hold on pon he in Suriname. back then it was paulie, roger khan, sean befield and lloyd roberts with 213 kilos of cocaine.

For the second time in three weeks is a big party cocaine from neighboring Guyana the Surinamese intercepted by police.

After a thorough preparation, units of the Judicial Department, including the Arrest Team, on Monday, January 3 broken up a drug. In addition to two locations raids and arrests involving 28 kilograms of cocaine was seized and two handguns with ammunition, a motorcycle, two cars and US.146.950, -.

Paul Rodrigues, Sean Belfield and Lloyd Roberts

39 thoughts on “paul rodrigues caught in Suriname with cocaine updated

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  2. Is uncle paul cacaine he was hustling. He got rodger benz ML 55 and he was broke for a long while. Uncle paul give he the hustle because he claim he still got some of rodger old clients pon lock. Suriname will bugger his bamsie again!

  3. like they say, a fool and his money will soon be parted
    he can’t be extradited directly to the USA providing they want him, but the Surinamese will not let him go for a second time just like that

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  8. Money the root of all evil…. paul rodrigues is another one who values money over human life. He is a Pathetic loser, who deceives his friends and family for his own benefits. .A Manipulator, a liar, who tries to trick people into hating each other and make people believe his story to make them hate one another. I think he would sell his own children for money. He is harmful and dangerous so please be aware of this individual. He is a jealous, envious, uncaring person, conniving cockaroach. I wonder why the GFD never pull in this disgruntle asswipe for all the contract killing carried out throughout the years. I heard he just got paid for a big job he did on his own friend.

  9. Yes he did, that man did a lot for paul. Put him up in his house rent free! Fed his children and he turned around and kill that man you see how you can trust these people. This man is a loose cannon he is killing people for money! And the Guyana gov isn’t doing anything about it. Maybe because he kills for them too. If you want a top man dead call Paul Rodrigues..smfh.

  10. dis duttie bwoy ah pose up in the man house pun de varandah i pass by the house everyday and shake my fucking head. duttie heart . sumbody will catch him good one day. spread him out pon de floor..nasty man dat.. i remember de days when he use to sit in fatman house with his wife and children for food cuz they had no money n nuthin to eat. Fatman wife use to give her hand me down clothes buy clothes fuh de kids, feed those mudda fuckers. paul is a dag hear me a damn nasty dag

  11. Words to describe paul, atrocious, bad, baneful, base, beastly, calamitous, corrupt, damnable, depraved, destructive, disastrous, execrable, flagitious, foul, harmful, hateful, heinous, hideous, iniquitous, injurious, loathsome, low, maleficent, malevolent, malicious, malignant, nefarious, no good, obscene, offensive, pernicious, poison, rancorous, reprobate, repugnant, repulsive, revolting, spiteful, stinking, ugly, unpleasant, unpropitious, vicious, vile, villainous, wicked, wrathful, wrong

  12. arite sexy why u dnt stop u jus after paul manis like he do u some……. leave the man in peace all u doin is bloggg bloggg jesusss man …

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if I hear he’s taking bugga in his batty for money. He would have man driving out his batty for money then rob the man afterwards. If yuhall see he is hanging tight with a man most definite the man buggering him for money..

  13. shimmers · June 17, 2013 – 11:56 pm · Reply→

    um do u have something good to say about Paul? I would like to hear this!

  14. Yes I have something to say. Paul is waste of space someone should lock him away in a Dungeon. I hate to see this man face around town. It’s unfortunate that he murder so many and is still running around the town. No body likes him, we all know what he did and who he killed. It’s just sickening to see his stupid face with that stupid smile. Not to mention that he cannot even stand up on his two feet like a man. He has to depend on others stealing and robbing to survive. Paul get a life and I hope u read this cause u r well hated around town. As u walk by in public places everyone chatters your stupid ass name talking about how much of a low life your are..bomba.

  15. wow After all what Paul did to you Fiona Rodrigues, After all? He called you a UGLY ASS monkey Hard face Bitch. He told all the BOYS U scare the fuck outta him when you wake up in the morning. He said you are a nasty STINK Yellow Crutch BITCH. He said he can’t stand yo ASS. Remember? Maybe you suffering from AMNESIA. He said you are a wicked HOE. Wow Well Now i believe him. YOU are Dirty, Your Mind is corrupted or did he fucking brainwash yo ass? Remember the fucking days he starved yo ass? Your children HUNGRY!!! When he ran away with his hoe, did not give a fuck about your kids. You are a disgrace to women. U fraudulent Piece of shit of a woman. I put my hands over my mouth for u. You are wicked beyond wicked. You run around the place trying to gain PITY from people, you stupid hoe. Everyone is on to you. You think PAUL Care for you? HE IS A MUrDERER And A THEIF and A LIARRRRR!!!. GET A FUCKING JOB STOP ROBBING PEOPLE..

    • Woww. After reading this I couldn’t help but think that you didn’t school.. or had the opportunity to finish it. Why? Why use all those foul words? Is your vocabulary that limited? Pick up a few books before you start posting baby.. then some people might not actually want to discontinue reading what you have to say.. you chose your name well.. ` stupid bitch` it really does fit the cap on your head I can’t believe people actually have the time to come and post ignorance here. Shame on you! You should be the last one talking.. smh!

    • She’s looking for pity?.. What are you doing right now? Hmmm? ..disgrace to women?.. Sweetheart you’re no better… Have you looked at yourself lately? Hahahaha. We’ve all got something better to be doing at this very moment. Tchao!

      • Liz, just like how you take up the job of representing these ppl here, why don’t you pay back the monies to the victims. Thanks…Hands out waiting for LIZ to pay DEBTS.

  16. People!!! when FIONA RODRIGUES N dat PAUL RODRIGUES Come around Hide your Jewelry, Hide Your Bank BOOOOOOOK. Hide All Important Documents. They are desperate for money and assets. And Most of all MEn Hide yuh wives pussy he will manipulate your wife to get to your MONEY..

  17. U know why Paul Rodrigues fighting Fatman widow for car and house and land cause while di lady was doing regular missionary position Paul was giving him 630 Position so he think his batty entitle…. He think his BAMZY TUN UP!!!! STINK BAMZYYYYYYY.

  18. And why you’re busy replying to my comebacks , why don’t you do the same? 😉 , let’s not go there sweety

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