farouk razack

farouk razack we remember you

farouk razackIn May, 2007, Razac was found dead in his home. His death was said to be due to ligature strangulation.

“I miss him every single day at some point of the day we had a one-of-a-kind relationship, but life goes on. I’ve put my past experiences, especially the bad parts, behind me and I’m moving on.” So said reigning Mrs South America, Carolan Lynch, in an exclusive interview yesterday.

keep on singing carolan. life goes on once you put the bad parts behind you đŸ™‚


14 thoughts on “farouk razack we remember you

  1. Death’s right hand man is Morgan Chalmers Jr, the son of Ast Superintendent Morgan Chalmers Sr.
    The big Chalmers is the policeman who tried killing himself with his gun but ran off the road on Lamaha St instead. He uses his influence when ever Morgan Jr is arrested. He also uses the police to fetch Death’s drugs. Morgan Jr has about 4 vehicles. Himself and Vibert ‘Vibey’ Weeks were Death’s right hand men, along with Terrence Greene, the son of G.G.G councilor, Patricia Chase Green. Terrence was with Vibey when he was killed. But he ran away when he saw the gunman. Death had initially accused Terrence of setting up Vibey but he later forgave him.
    Death gets his drugs from the owner of Mohamed’s Enterprise and City Mall. Death’s father, Dennis Edwards Sr is Mohamed’s right hand man. He convinced Death and his off-lings to convert to Islam as a prerequisite to getting drugs on consignment from Mohamed’s.
    Death’s father escaped from Canada after he was to be sentenced for drugs. He was out on bail and was wearing an ankle bracelet, which he cut and fled the country.

  2. Shell Mohamed was an old crook dealing with backtrack to the USA and then he changed to drugs.
    He is being protected by Rohee, James Singh, Jagdeo and Henry Greene.

  3. Ex-phantom boss “farouk” is right where his mother skunt belong!6 feet under the ground!I hope his monkey face brother “brother” follow him soon!People should bouy-cut “swiss house cambio” in water st. farouk razack(now dead), his sibling “brother” ,his tellers and the black mother skunts that work at” swiss house cambio” does rob poor people when they go to do business there!They have been doing this for years now!I won’t mourn when any of those mother fuckers die!

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  8. nazar (shell) mohamed da owner of mohameds enterprise, da city mall and ISA Islamic school, is backed by da government. glen lall is his neighbor and close friend. lall never publish things that goes bad for shell. he dont publish his name either. he use ( well known business man). shell 2 boat sink while smuggling, then he smugglin gold. it was his gold that pirate stole. one of his guard shot da boy accross da river from da bond in friendship. he pay off da commissioner and da police that was on da seen. he have alot of illegal guns. he playin with da government. he use to call jagdeo then have private meetin with granger in his office. he burn gold in da open affecting his staff. me robbin da country by smugglin gold. less than half goes through legally. he uses da store as a cover up. he verbally abuses certain staff. he over pays those who have no qualifications and under pay those who have. he needs to b investigated. he steals electricity at isa. he frauds gra and nis. hussain, jumarally, persaud and a few others r his wrong doers

  9. shell recently started gold mining again. he got 3 load already. thats another smugglin goin down. he employs ex police to guard his land in da bush as well as at da store. he got 2 houses on da east coast. his son lives in one at da moment. da son is currently buildin a house at huston high bridge opposit gafoors entrance road.

  10. shell have a man by da name of ragubeer persaud of herstelling that wears shirtjack everyday goin abt arresting persons that peein da street opposite mohameds. when he does that he (persaud) harass them and make them give him bribe some times 5000. persaud cant read and write. but knows money good. he gives ppl to his phone to dial numbers for him. but he can talk name and carry news on da staff verywell. and shell pays him to do that. islamically shell oppresses ppl everyday and hussain jumarally and persaud is his rite hand in doin so.

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