reepu daman persaud – rapist & pandit!

brothers an sisters i am a despicable rapist. please forgive me

so.called pandit, so.called holyman, one time minister of govt, senior member of PPP Crime Family Inc. and a serial rapist

the most talked about victim is the young ‘secretary’ who killed herself pregnant with this rapist child. but there are many other victims who’ve fallen prey to this old sexual predator. if there’s any justice in this world he ought to be killed for him capital offenses.

much more to come…


14 thoughts on “reepu daman persaud – rapist & pandit!

  1. Correct PP. This devil pandit should be stoned to death for causing his secretary to commit suicide and making her pregnant.
    He is no Hindu Priest but a fraud from the PPP Crime Family Inc.
    He is suffering now, hands and head trembling, this old sinful fucker will suffer until death by the hands of god, who he tried to fool.
    The next to go is Henry Green and Charles Ramson Snr
    Our faithful spiritual forces is at work and it is working.
    Hail Lord Shiva.

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  5. This is the downfall of Guyanese indians, on “hear say” we react with nasty comments, sinning our souls on something we do not know the true facts about. Did any have proef of these accusations? Is the accuse tried before a judge court and found guility? Hey who are you to judge?
    Now the other side is ….even if it’s true, let it be, karma wil take care. For if you speak ill things of another, you are contributing to your own karma.
    Yours “…
    fellow Guyanese.

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  7. So the fucking rapist is going to hell now for all the crimes he committed in Guyana such as rape, robbery and many more crimes.
    He suffered and died like a fucking dog, or worst than a dog. He was no Hindu, he just just a plain rascal and imposter. Cheddi Jagan called him a bandit pandit once.
    They are going one by one, Charles bandit Ramson Sr is next.

  8. his daughta vidya..has a big big attitude, she need some cock. her friends said she still a virgin. she waiting for jagdeo to dig she out, the one who went to ug and playing dacta

    • you are nothing but a obtrusive vulgar, do you have mother, sister or daughter? You should try to examine their lives? what are their qualifications and character? Are they of any use to society? The Great is to be praised!!!!!!

  9. I have info that vidya break up jagdeo and he wife. Uptight attitude-face vidya was jealous of jagdeo wife. So she cause problems between them. varshanie was a good good gal and I hope jagdeo mek up back with she. If I have to choose a wife it will be varshanie. I will let vidya clean my toilet. She is a dunce dacta with attitude and a long face. A while back I smile at vidya and she give me a look like she is queen Elizabeth grandmotha. Since then I hate that bitch.

  10. I agree with you if he had to have a wife, I prefer Varshanie or someone new but not sure of the circumstance that cause the problems so much of nonsense was published. I really liked Varshanie alot so simple. Don’t stress I hardly think that he is interested in the other person however condolences to her and the family on the passing of her father.

  11. all of you Guyanese CRAB-DOG INDIANS (DALITS-out cast from India, placed as slaves to work in plantation ) you are so nasty to cut apart decent, successful aspirants. You guys are no better than pigs, remain uneducated and live like animals, you possessed only the nastiest foul tongue to speak evil of Great Soul. Just inspect your dirty living and worship these great human who have utilized their human birth to educate themselves and serve their land and the people at large.

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