sheik alim samad the killer surrenders

remember it was Balwant Peraud who first alerted us to this little criminal

sheik alim samad - the killer

Bharrat: This man is a member of the PPP Crime Family and is very close to Clement Rohee and Bharrat Jagdeo. He is also close to the Director of Public Prosecutions-DPP, Shalimar Ali-Hack as they are both members of the Terrorist organisation, CIOG.
This man was implicated in the kidnapping of Nathoo’s daughter but was set free by the DPP- Shalimar Ali-Hack on instructions from Clement Rohee and Jagdeo.
He is the head of a Crime Syndicate based in Georgetown that involves robbery, kidnapping and murder.
He is Rohee and Jagdeo hired hit man. He only employs black people to do his dirty work.
This man was involved in a visa scan sometime ago and was never charged because of his links to the PPP and the DPP.


12 thoughts on “sheik alim samad the killer surrenders

  1. Alim Samad is the man that Bugger Batty Jagdeo and Rapist Clement Rohee used to frame up Balwant Persaud. The Corrupt and Whoring DPP goes to the Terrorist Organisation CIOG where Alim Samad is a member.
    Balwant Persaud has defeated them in the Courts.
    Shame on the DPP, Jagdeo, Rohee and all those racist corrupt PPP politicians in Guyana.
    Balwant Persaud was announcing to the world that it was Alim Samad who atatcked and robbed his office and shoot up his building under instructions from Jagdeo and Rohee.
    Jagdeo and Rohee should be jailed for attempted murder and assassination.
    Alim Samad should be hanged for murder and the DPP should be jailed for corruption.

  2. I know this low down criminal, he distributes the Koran in the Kitty area. He is close to the criminal elements in Anns Grove and Ruimveldt.
    He recruits young Indian girls for Clement Rohee. He is also close to the criminal organisation CIOG and that cock sucker Shalimar Ali-Hack.
    This man committed many crimes by robbing Indian people, kidnapping and promising people to get visas.
    He is close to Jagdeo and the PPP. They will use some method to free him.
    He should be shot like a dog.

    • Finally I can agree with you 100% as you are talking about this cunt and his ilk, instead of about all Muslims in general like you used to do.
      Only thing I disagree with, is the “dog” comment. Dogs are nice, loyal animals which should not be shot. It’s like calling police “pigs” – it’s unfair to the animal. No four-legged pig ever beat me up or shaved off my knotty dread. 🙂

  3. You are fucking right. We cannot compare these people with dogs or pigs as they are lower than these four legegd animals.
    Can you or someone suggest how we should describe these criminals?

    • Let’s put it this way. The entire PPP crime cabal could stand on each other’s shoulder and they would still be able to run under a snake’s belly without touching. Is that low enough?

  4. If all this is true, then this well-connected criminal is going to walk free. How come he’s wanted in the first place, Merai couldn’t make it go away? Is this just for show, or could it be that there are some officers in the Guyana police force with integrity after all?

  5. Something fishy is going on here. They will manipulate the system and this murderer will go free.
    Remember, the same thing happened to other PPP killers such as Shawn Hinds and others.
    This man is the head of a Crime Syndicate that deals with kidnapping, extortion, drugs, guns, killer for hire, prostitution and anything criminal. He is close to Rohee and the crime outfit, CIOG.
    Remember, he was never charged for robbing people in his visa scam although the victims reported in the newspapers that he robbed them
    He was never charged for kidnapping Nathoo’s daughter.
    He was never charged for a murder he committed in Canal # 2 sometime back during a robbery although he was identified by witnesses.
    He was involved in the killing of the EPA woman in Kitty.
    He masterminded the robberies twice at the Mahaica Supermarket.
    One of his accomplices shotMaria Van Beek on orders from Jagdeo.
    He was accused by Balwant Persaud for attacking and robbing his office and shooting up his home.
    He was involved in the robbery of a hardware store this year at Coldingen.
    His cars are used in several robberies, especially the AT 192.
    He collected money for visas from Nadira Mohan and Kampaul Jaikarran and was never charged although these people accused him of obtaining money by false pretence.
    He is famous for selling hand guns for $75,000.
    He provides Rohee with young girls ages 12 to 15.

    This man is being protected by Henry Greene, Cosbert of CID, Seelall Persaud, Jagdeo and Shalimar Ali-Hack, the PPP and the CIOG.
    Don’t be surprised if he is set free.
    Notice it was only the Stabroek News reported that he was charged for murder. His associates bribed Glen Lall and Adam Harris of the Kaieteur News and Mark Ramotar of the Chronicle not to report the murder charge. Guyana Times did not report it too but this paper is owned by the criminal Jagdeo.
    Something as serious as murder, the dailies refused to print. Isn’t something wrong here?

  6. Heard they move him from teh East Coast lockups and have him in Brickdam lockups. He has a cell phone in the lockups, meals up to date and calls from Rohee, Shalimar Ali-Hack, Henry Greene and others that everything will be alright.
    He was even promised that soon he can leave the lockups at 9 p.m and return at 5 a.m next morning.
    Only in Jagdeo’s Guyana that can happen.

  7. This killer Alim Samad is closely connceted to the PPP, particularly Rohee, Jagdeo, Henry Greene, Seelall Persaud, Cosbert and Kwame Mc Coy.
    He is part of Jagdeo’s criminal gang and also Rohee’s gang.
    He was involed in kidnapping my friend and was set free by Rohee.
    It is strange a man is charged for robbery it and murder and the media did not report it.
    Isn’t murder important in Guyana? When a black man is charged for murder, all the media reports it. Why is this man different?

  8. This fucking piece of shit is responsible for the deaths of a lot of hard working Indians in Guyana. He is connected to the Muslim Mafia CIOG, Rohee and Jagdeo.
    I saw him many times drinking with Rohee at Nathoo’s Bar in KItty.
    He is also close to that cock sucking DPP, Shalimar Ali-Hack.
    This killer is being protected by the PPP criminal elements namely Jagdeo, Rohee, the DPP, Henry Greene and Seelall Persaud.

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