james girvin singh what visas do you have?

DEA agents caught in Guyana – CANU CEO snitches again!

james girvin singh - overseeing cocaine operation in guyana

DEA agents caught in Guyana – James Singh blows raid by snitching!
developing story: DEA agents were caught in Guyana again. this time they came by water-way to spy, using a tug registered in a sister caricom country under the pretext of transporting sand and stone around Guyana, Venezuela and Suriname.

PPP Crime Family Inc. were tipped about the tug  and the spying campaign and  called in Queen James to  deal with it conveniently forgetting James Singh is wired for sound and working for the DEA.

stay tuned for more updates

  1. incident date : july 31st 2010
  2. location: old fertilizer wharf next to giftland office max on water street
  3. name of vessel: back pearl
  4. all documents handed back to DEA agents 13th augut 2010
  5. one name entered in log book even though many persons were detained

27 thoughts on “DEA agents caught in Guyana – CANU CEO snitches again!

  1. This man James Singh is a Shame and disgrace to Guyana, many folks already know this and many more are coming to the realization of who he really is, even the Government of Guyana is realizing what a person he is!

  2. Oh look… Avinash is talking about cocksucking AGAIN. Why am I not surprised? Lol. Avinash… We get it… You are a homo and you are in love with Charles jr and James.

  3. the Government place James Singh as Head CANU to act as one of their puppet, but little that they know he is trying to be the puppet master and they are his puppets, wake up and sell the coffee PPP.

  4. James Singh you need to do some serious self assessment, is this how you want to make your mark in Guyana God is watching and most important Guyana and the rest of the World is watching closely.

    • Just like how they killed that young hard working girl for her cell phone (my condolence to her family) they might kill me for my pen or my cheap laptop, which I must inform you that cost less than many cell phone and drag me pass Brickdam police station- and nobody might not even notice including the police!

  5. This Government thinks your VOTE is not important to them that’s why nothing will happen to James Singh and corruption will continue at CANU by James Singh And His Few

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