Balwant Persaud

Complaint against DPP Shalimar Ali-Hack & CIOG for Religious Discrimination against Balwant Persaud & the Guyanese Public

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57 Upper Robb Street, Bourda, Georgetown, Guyana

Tel: 225-1540 or 622-8308

June 8, 2010

The Chairman

Ethnic Relations Commission

66 Peter Rose Street, Queenstown

Georgetown, Guyana

Dear Sir

Complaint against the DPP, Shalimar Ali-Hack and the CIOG for Religious Discrimination against Balwant Persaud and the Guyanese Public

I am hereby lodging an official complaint with the Ethnic Relations Commission against the Director of Public Prosecution, Mrs. Shalimar Ali-Hack for religious discrimination against myself and another complaint against the Central Islamic Organisation of Guyana (CIOG) for discriminating against the Guyanese public at large based on religious beliefs.

Mrs. Shalimar Ali-Hack is a senior member of the CIOG at Thomas Lands, Georgetown, Guyana. She has discriminated against me on religious and political grounds, namely because I am a Hindu and with anti-government views.

Allegations of fraud has been made against me and a Muslim by the name of Sheik Aleem Samad of 129 Barr Street, Kitty, Georgetown, Guyana by certain individuals. These allegations cannot be proven against me because I am innocent and I have proved my innocence with documentation to the police but the police told me that they cannot do anything because the DPP has given instructions to them to charge me and not Aleem Samad.

Attached are contracts and agreements to prove my innocence.

Police officers have confided in me that orders were given “from the top” to the DPP and the police to charge me for alleged fraud and that Aleem Samad must not be charged.

I am not concerned with what political instructions were given “from the top”, as I am more concerned that the DPP and the police should have done proper investigative work and charge the guilty person and to perform their duties in accordance with the Constitution of Guyana.

The police just take statements and did not do any investigative work or check the documentation I provided because the DPP has already made the decision to charge me and not her fellow Muslim worshipper, hence the police just went through the motion of taking statements.

Police officers admitted to me that I am innocent but “their hands are tied”.

Aleem Samad is a member of the CIOG and a worshipper there. He is well known to the DPP and her husband, Shaik Moen Ul-Hack, the resident scholar at the CIOG.

It was well documented in the newspapers that Aleem Samad collected money from these victims and that he threatened them with violence if they reported him to the police. However, the victims did report him to the police but he was never charged.

In fact two of Aleem Samad’s victims did not get justice from the DPP and the police (the DPP is the official advisor to the police in criminal matters) and they had to take legal action in the High Court personally against Aleem Samad for the moneys he defrauded them.

Attached are copies of the High Court documents filed against Aleem Samad.

Now, if I had defrauded anyone, wouldn’t they have sued me in the High Court? Why the victims didn’t sue me and Aleem Samad jointly and severally instead of suing Aleem Samad alone?

I am filing this claim of religious discrimination against me because the DPP, Mrs. Shalimar Ali-Hack has refused to charge her fellow Muslim and worshipper at the CIOG for fraud committed against individuals but instituted charges against me, a Hindu who has proved his innocence with documentation. The DPP was bias due to her religious beliefs, to  help her fellow Muslim brother.

There is a trend or pattern that this DPP, Shalimar Ali-Hack does not prosecute her fellow Muslim brothers, especially if they are members of the CIOG. The CIOG has an unwritten code of helping their members and fellow Muslims in distress, similar to  the Lodges.

In this case one of their members and a staunch Muslim, Sheik Aleem Samad committed fraud against individuals but was spared the full brunt of the law because of his association with his fellow Muslim, Shalimar Ali-Hack and his links to the CIOG.

Attached is the documentation to prove my innocence. It is clear that I did not defraud anyone and it was Aleem Samad who defrauded these people based on the attached documentation.

The DPP refused to reply to my lawyer’s letter dated 27th February 2009 although my lawyer made many phone calls to her office. Besides being spiteful and vindictive, she also displays unprofessionalism in not replying to an important correspondence from a fellow lawyer and member of the Guyana Bar Association.

Attached is a copy of my lawyer’s letter.

The DPP, Mrs. Shalimar Ali-Hack has on many occasions failed to prosecute her fellow Muslim brothers and even when they are brought into court, the case would be withdrawn or dismissed for frivolous reasons.

Some examples are the Polar beer scam involving Mr.Safeek, the Muslim priest who sexually abused an underage girl, the recent case of Shafdar Alli who was accused of embezzlement of government funds and the DPP “found  nothing criminal” although there were evidence of criminality according to the Minister of Local Government and the Government Auditors.

In the New Building Society fraud case, no Muslims were charged although evidence points against them for wrong doings. Instead two Hindus and one Christian were charged for fraud and dismissed from the NBS.

The Teller in this fraud case was a Muslim, the auditors were Muslim, the General Manager was Muslim, the Chairman was Muslim, the account holder was Muslim and the Supervisor was a Muslim.

Strange, none of the Muslims were charged only the two Hindus and one Christian.

To make matters worse, the New Building Society held a meeting at the CIOG’s head office on Thomas Lands to discuss the fraud against the NBS. Why hold a meeting at the CIOG? Wasn’t any other venue available in Guyana?

The DPP was prominent in organizing this meeting according to reliable sources.

There are too numerous cases similar to these where Muslims associated with the CIOG are not facing the courts to be mentioned here.

I am also filing another religious discrimination charge against the CIOG based on their advertisement in the Chronicle newspaper on Thursday June 3rd 2010 inviting ONLY Muslim students to apply for scholarships to attend the University of Guyana.

Attached is the newspaper advertisement.

Guyana is a multi-cultural and multi-religious country and by placing that offensive ad in the papers offering scholarships only to Muslims is derogatory and outright discrimination. It would be understandable that if the scholarships were for Islamic Studies or religious related studies, but these scholarships are for various disciplines such as Engineering, Medicine, and Dentistry etc.

This is a clear case of discriminating against fellow Guyanese of other religious backgrounds.

Thank you.

Yours truly


Balwant Persaud

General Secretary


22 thoughts on “Complaint against DPP Shalimar Ali-Hack & CIOG for Religious Discrimination against Balwant Persaud & the Guyanese Public

  1. Mr. Persaud you need to shut your mouth, if muslims want to offer scholarships to UG to thier fellow muslims it is in keeping with our religious believe to look after our fellow muslims especially the poor, I see you as a wicked and mischievous person. If you have evidence to clear your name you will have your day in cour to do so, but until then stop peddling your lies about relaigous discrimination.

  2. Mr persaud you are wrong on this one, Mr joshua safeek is a catholic and i think one of his
    brother is a catholic priest. The broker (raj) in the polar scam is muslim and a member of
    the CIOG, but raj was charged and placed before the court.

  3. Imran Akbar, you are talking nonsense. We are not in the Middle east, we are in Guyana. Mr. Balwant knows what he is doing.
    You Muslims are just terrorists, the Israelis will deal with you.

  4. Raj you are an idiot, i can tell from your comment, weather we in the middle east or not CIOG looks after muslims, and the have a right to give scholarships to muslims. Hindu people are just for them selfs they don’t look after they own. So why should it offend you and Mr. Persaud.

    • Yo CIOG man
      Can you point out the part of the Koran where it says it’s ok to smuggle cocaine and organise death squads to murder Bilal’s people? I eagerly await your response.

  5. Raj, Muslims are dogs. Remember they caused India to divide. Muslims are cowwards, they only know to bomb places with innocent civilians.
    The USA, Canada and UK should chased them all out.
    I do not care about Mr. Persaud’s personal views, but from what I hear he is a fair and honest man and he does not discriminate against anyone.
    Can anyone show me an honest Muslim man in Guyana?
    Muslims are known all over the world as vagabonds. Hindus and Buddhists are the most peaceful people in the world, never mind I am a Christian.

    • Well, the truth can never hide, decade now people are saying that Muslims are dishonest hypocrites that fraud their way through life. Well ALLAH will surely deals with their miserable asses………………so much for their pretensive holiness. God is always watching, believe that you fucking Muslim hypocrites.

  6. YO So-called “King”
    Are you a Black man? And you bigging up the fucking USA, Canada and USA who sold your ancestors to live like cattle on a factory farm and who have bombed 100s of times more innocent civilians than all the so-called muslim amateur terrorists put together? You a “christian”? Bannah… you need to bun up in fire straight up.
    PS to Raj… so you like how the Israelis bomb little children to bits then is it? You fucking asshole.
    Balwant, big up yuhself me brudda, but you need to swat off a couple of these little fools who are on your dick.
    I Man a RASTA and I and I say it CLEAR… *DEATH* to *ALL* downpressors, it don’t fucking matter if you are so-called muslim, so called christian, so called jew, so called hindu, so called atheist, so called democrat, so called communist, white, black, brown, yellow or a fucking green alien… from you love to downpress people and kill innocent people and suck out poor people blood, then the EVERLASTING FIRE is for YOU and only the righteous can stand in the fire, if you are unrighteous you are going to BURN and MELT.

  7. Roger Khan was a Muslim who was supported by Jagdeo to kill black people. The Arab people started the slave trade and are still in it.
    So, Eye Skunt, know your history. All Muslims are worst than pigs.
    The Muslims discriminate against blacks all over the world. They are saying that the Prophet Muhammad is not a black man. Who he is? a white man, a indian? The whole Middle east was black at one time. Ethiopia was what Eye Skunt?
    I am going an look for a Koran to piss on it right now.

      I know Arabs who call themselves Muslims were and are involved in the slave trade. I Man a rasta not no fake-ass so-called “christian” who plainly doesn’t understand a word spoken by the great revolutionary y’all call “jesus christ”. I and I know our history already, we don’t need no brainwashed fucking church idiot to tell we nothing.
      Which part of “death to ALL downpressors” do you not understand? KILL ALL SLAVEMASTERS is the word I and I get from the ancestors, who were enslaves by people who called themselves Muslims, Jews and CHRISTIANS.
      Bun up in de fire idiot bai

  8. Akbar, shut you skunt and get your facts straight. We in Guyana is not ready for talibanic and pakistani muslim rules. Sorry Burnham died. We are one people, one nation and one destiny.
    Mr. Balwant Persaud has been framed by certain individuals, namely Jagdeo and Clement Rohee and he is just trying to expose the ills and wrong doings in Guyana like what Freddie Kissoon and Mark Benschop are doing.
    Akbar, one day you might be framed or discriminated against and then you will feel what it is like.
    We should support the comrade because he is fighting injustice in Guyana.

    however, it looks like Randy Persaud or ramson jr. wrote this letter under the name of Akbar.

  9. I am who i say i am, i don’t like the PPP/C and i do feel the are corrupt and Mr. Persaud already said he has his evidence to prove his innocent, as for Roger Khan i think you should have been excuted, nothing what he did is in keeping with muslim teachings.

    Bharrat is missing my point, which is any organization have the right to offer scholarships to who ever they wish to do.

    King is Stupid, hyper and very arrogant.
    and for the record i do feel Mr. Persaud was framed by the PPP/C i just disagree with him on CIOG offering scholarships to Muslims.

  10. Hello Imran Akbar

    I do not like to debate anyone on blogs because many bloggers do not disclose their true identity and as such they tend to slander people by shading under a false name. Dealing with ghost writers is not my cup of tea.
    I wish to inform you and the whole world that I have nothing against Muslims, but I do have something against one Muslim, Shalimar Ali-Hack, the current DPP of Guyana.
    She is not a fair person and very vindictive. She should resign from her position and save Guyana from having a “religious war”. I do not want to elaborate on this spiteful and vindictive woman here.
    If I offend any Muslim, I am now apologizing for any misconception.
    The CIOG may be a good organisation but with people like Shalimar Ali-Hack and her husband there, they will pollute the CIOG.
    Mr. Akbar, notice my emphasis is on one person, Shalimar Ali-Hack and not even the real culprit Aleem Samad. Aleem Samad can be excused as he is just a crook but I cannot excuse Shalimar Ali-Hack, supposed to be a lawyer anof d does not understand simple law of contracts.

    For your information Akbar, all my businesses I had in Guyana before I migrate were run and managed by Muslims and NOT Hindus, for example:
    Georgetown School of Accountancy- Shanaz Shaheed
    Caribbean Computer College- Serina Samad
    Computer Training Centre- Malik Rasheed
    Computer Training Centre-Anna Catherina Branch- Fazia Khan

    50% of my immigration clients are Muslims. Muslims are telling me I look like a Muslim.
    Many of my friends are Muslims.
    So where is the mischievousness?
    If you do not know a person personally Akbar, avoid making mischievous comments.
    And I repeat, one person can give a religion a bad name, for example, Bin Laden gave Muslims a bad name and Shalimar Ali-Hack is giving Muslims a bad name in Guyana.
    But not all Muslims behave like Bin Laden or like this Hack woman.
    Hey, the two accusers who were bribed by the PPP and the police are Hindus. They swore over the Bhagwat Gita in court to tell the truth but are lying to their teeth.
    When I watched how these two Hindus are lying, sometimes I am thinking of changing my religion, but then all religions have their own vagabonds and criminals.

  11. Mr. Persaud i do agree with you about the DPP, she does seem to be shaddy, i apologize to you but i thought you were bashing muslims like alot of persons do on this blog, and i am who i say i am and i live in Guyana. Best of luck to you in proving your innocence, and a word of encouragment, evil doers can run from man but not from God.

  12. Keep up the good work Mr. Balwant Persaud. All Hindus are behind you. We know you have been framed up by the wicked Muslims in Guyana with the backing of the corrupt PPP government.
    Lord Shiva is on your side and Hindus in Guyana are praying for you.
    All Hindus and Christians in Guyana should call for the resignation of the DPP, Shalimar Ali-Hack as she is a tool of the PPP and the CIOG.
    This guy Aleem Samad should be behind bars for robbing people including robbing Balwant Persaud.
    Why isn’t the ERC responding to Balwant Persaud’s complaint? Why are they silent?

    People, do not believe anything this George Bell is peddling here. There is no person by the name of George Bell. It is an anonymous name from someone from the Office of the President.

  13. Pandit Krishna, I agreed with your sentiments. We all need to support Balwant Persaud, Hindus, Christians, Muslims, Indians, Blacks, Chinese etc.
    Justice must be done.
    We cannot paint all Muslims with the same brush, Mr. Balwant already have one Muslim supporter on this blog. Mr.Imran Akbar.
    This is not a matter of religion but of a corrupt PPP govt. and a corrupt DPP, who happens to be a Muslim. The real fraudster is also a Muslim, Sheik Aleem Samad.
    Clement Rohee and Henry Greene are aslo at fault in this matter.

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