Alliance for Change opens office at Whim, Corentyne i.e Indian country

residents of whm corentyne at afc office opening

Whim Corentyne residents are dying for change in Guyana

Last Saturday afternoon the AFC responded to numerous requests made by the people on the Corentyne for an AFC office to be established in the area. It is the first of two new offices the party intends to establish on the Corentyne and is situated at Whim on the public road in a building owned by the party’s Region No. 6 National Executive Committee (NEC) member and Vedic herbalist Veerasammy Ramayya.

The demands for the office came as a result of the representational and political work being done by AFC Chairman Khemraj Ramjattan, NEC member Ramayya, Sheila Holder and others following the 2006 National Elections.

Cutting the ribbon to open the office in the presence of a large number of supporters from the region was AFC Member of Parliament Latchmin Punalall.

Among the many speakers at the opening ceremony were AFC Leader Raphael Trotman and Dr. Rishi Thakur who, in an inspirational address urged the gathering to activate their fervour to overcome the discontentment and hardships they were experiencing as a result of the maladministration of the present PPPC government and regional officials.

The AFC’s Whim office will now be opened during the usual working hours to its members who reside on the Corentyne and also to members of the public. The party’s ‘agenda for change’ and membership forms are now available at its Whim office.

For additional info please call the AFC office Tel: 226-0181


5 thoughts on “Alliance for Change opens office at Whim, Corentyne i.e Indian country

  1. look dem starving ppl gone to collect any freeness they can get but believe me them gun vote for PPP come lection time. U ppl have to ask the mad professor Freddie and he wsud teel u is true.

  2. they opening offce all ove rthe country what difference would it make what difference would it make and what impact would it make to the guyananese ????????

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