Janette Bulkan declared enemy of the state by the criminal govt of Guyana

janette bulkan

the latest enemy of the state in Guyana

  Janette Bulkan now officially joins the list of Guyanese declared enemies of the state. the designation was officially made by robert ‘fake mba’ persaud, minister of agriculture who is currently masquerading as prime minister in the absence of negroe sam.  

the glen lall:In November, the government filed a protest with the World Bank over a map of Suriname that included part of Guyana’s territory which was presented at a recent forum in Washington, D.C.
Additionally, the government has asked for the removal of Bulkan, a forestry critic, from a technical panel of the World Bank’s Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF), stating that the country has serious concerns over her ability to be an objective assessor in that body.
The concerns were raised in a letter, leaked to this newspaper, and written by the Ministry of Agriculture [a supporter of torture against African Guyanese]. The letter was signed by Minister Robert Persaud and dated November 26, 2009, and copied to President dictator Bharrat Jagdeo; Commissioner of Forestry, James Singh; and Benoit Bousquet, World Bank’ FCPF.
The correspondence explained that in October, Guyana and a number of other countries participated in the World Bank’s FCPF in Washington, D.C.
Guyana said that the meeting was a successful one in which it had the opportunity to inform the participants on the rapid advances being made on the country’s Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS) and its Readiness Planning Preparation Activities (RPP).
Discussed, also, was the development of Guyana’s Monitoring, Reporting and Verification System (MRVS) framework.
“Unfortunately, however, two issues were brought to my attention, both of which the Guyana Government seeks your urgent intervention on. First, we are now aware that Janette Bulkan has been selected as an expert of the Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) and she was a reviewer of the Suriname’s RPP. This is a most alarming development,” the Minister said in the letter.
The Ministry said that it is a known fact that Bulkan has “been guilty” of writing public, critical articles of Guyana’s forestry sector filled with inaccuracies; distortions of facts; and unsubstantiated allegations of corruption, bribery and illegal logging.
“Her correspondences are also defamatory and slanderous, accusing Government officials including the President of Guyana of being incompetent and involved in clandestine activities. Even when responses to her correspondences expose her poor understanding of sustainable forest management principles; and debunk her slanderous comments, defamation, and inaccuracies, Ms. Bulkan refuses to concede and persists publicly with her hidden agenda.”
It is against this background, the letter stated, that the government has the opinion that such a person would not be an objective assessor. 

 saying PPP Crime Family members are all mad is an understatement 

Janette Bulkan is a doctoral candidate at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. She is an anthropologist by training and has work experience in social forestry, participatory community development, teaching and diplomacy. Her most recent full-time job was as Senior Social Scientist with the Iwokrama International Program for Rainforest Conservation and Development in Guyana (March 2000–2003) where she coordinated various projects in participatory resource management, sustainable livelihoods, Makushi linguistics, environmental education, monitoring and evaluation, and cultural diversity awareness and protection. She has published on forest peoples and broader forest issues in Guyana, including in publications and reports issued by Social and Economic Studies (1990), UNDP Program for Forests, PROFOR (2001), Tropenbos (1998, 1999) and New West Indian Guide/Nieuwe West-Indische Gids (1999). She is also a member of the editorial board of Kacike: The Journal of Caribbean Amerindian History and Anthropology (www.kacike.org).  


Janet Bulkan in her own voice!

I wish to respond to the unsigned articles published in the Guyana Times (‘Govt objects to Suriname map with Guyana’s territory at World Bank forum,’ January 16) and Kaieteur News (‘Gov’t protests Suriname’s map showing Guyana’s territory – demands Janette Bulkan’s removal from key World Bank panel,’ January 17). Apart from the oddity of the government treating as news in mid-January 2010 an event held in Washington DC at the end of October 2009, I wish to point out that I was not present at the meeting of the Participants Committee of the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility. So I could hardly have protested at the display of a map at a meeting at which I was not present. Another Guyanese member of the same Technical Advisory Panel was also not present at the Washington forum, and so likewise could not have made a comment.

According to the letter quoted by Kaieteur News, the Ministry of Agriculture/Minister for Forestry says that “it is a known fact” that Bulkan has “been guilty of writing public, critical articles of Guyana’s forestry sector filled with inaccuracies, distortions of facts; and unsubstantiated allegations of corruption, bribery and illegal logging” and “has consistently and publicly displayed her lack of understanding of key forest management principles.”

Through your column, Editor, I request the Government of Guyana to provide specific quotations where I show such a poor understanding, in relation to the published national policies and laws and regulations of Guyana, and in relation to standard textbooks on sustainable forest management.

I might point out that I hold a doctorate degree from Yale University for a thesis on the slippages between national policies, laws, administrative procedures and actual practices in the forest sector of Guiana Shield countries. So my academic committee of university professors, who have extensive tropical field experience, must have approved of my understanding of these key principles.

I challenge the government also to quote the “defamatory and slanderous correspondences… accusing government officials including the President of Guyana of being incompetent and involved in clandestine activities.” I have certainly raised questions concerning the apparent differences between what the laws of Guyana say and what is reported to be happening, but these valid questions are hardly slanderous statements.

It is unclear what the government hoped to gain from intervening in my employment outside Guyana on a task not affecting Guyana. It can scarcely enhance Guyana’s international reputation for diplomacy or its wish to be seen as a leading country in forest-based climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Yours faithfully,
Janette Bulkan


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