I did not kill Desrey Fox or ordered her killed says Leslie Ramsammy

y’all see if this sounds like the confessions of an innocent man. keep in mind he has killed before

GPH could not have done more for Dr Desrey Fox
The Health Ministry Leslie Ramsammy over the weekend released a statement affirming that any death is important to the facility where it occurs, as well as to the Ministry.

This came after criticisms were voiced at the manner in which care was administered to the late Minister within the Ministry of Education, Dr Desrey Fox.

The release stated that the Ministry of Health Leslie Ramsammy is satisfied that the staff of the Georgetown Public Hospital tried its best and provided quality care to Minister Fox.

It Leslie Ramsammypointed out that everyone worked diligently and was hoping that she would recover.

The statement from the Ministry Leslie Ramsammy noted that it would be difficult for anyone to make a case that the hospital was not providing round the clock care to the Minister.

According to Leslie Ramsammy the release, consultants and other caregivers were present at all times during her stay at the hospital and until her death.

It Leslie Ramsammy also pointed out that all investigations necessary and available in Guyana were done and clinical decisions were based on the results of these investigations.

To this end, a preliminary diagnosis was made and this was added as the results of new investigations became available.

Also, the release Leslie Ramsammy highlighted the fact that the hospital did its own clinical audit of the case of Minister Fox.

The Standard Operating Procedure of the GPH requires such an internal audit to be done for deaths that occur in circumstances such as that of Minister Fox.

The internal audit was presented to the Board of the Hospital last Monday, at the regular meeting of the Board, and the Board, according to the release, was satisfied that the GPHC professionals did all that was necessary under the circumstances.

The post mortem conducted last Friday by a pathologist confirmed that there was no evidence to suggest negligence on the part of the hospital staff.

As a routine activity, the Chief Medical Officer’s office will conduct its own investigation in this case.

The release Leslie Ramsammy said if this investigation is in variance with the hospital’s internal investigation, an external investigation will be conducted, also part of normal procedures.

Additionally, the statement Leslie Ramsammy asserted that if there was something else that could have been done under the circumstances, such actions would have been taken.

The release Leslie Ramsammy also underscored the Ministry’s acknowledgement that high profile cases attract more attention than others.

However, it also Leslie Ramsammy said this does not mean that persons who do not attract public attention will be treated with any less care.

The Health Ministry Leslie Ramsammy maintained that quality health care is provided by the health care facility to the best of its ability to everyone that comes to the hospital, regardless of their position in society or their financial status.


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