Desrey Fox is dead in Guyana! former Minister within the Ministry of Education

Dr. Desrey Fox

news just coming in to the department of virtue and suppression of vice is that Minister within the Ministry of Education Dr Desrey Fox is dead. more later.

she was in an auto accident earlier this week where her car collided with an ambulance. her son was driving. more as we investigate

update: our source has verifications from all ends. Dr Desrey Fox is dead. Stabroek News is on it!

Dr. Desrey Fox biography
Born in Warmadong Village, Kamarang Upper Mazaruni District on January 2, 1955. She attended Warmadong Primary School then moved to Georgetown to attend Campbellville Government School. She later attended the Seventh-Day Adventist Academy also in Georgetown.
She has a Masters of Arts and a PhD in Linguistics from Rice University , an MA in Environmental Anthropology from the University of Kent at Canterbury and a B.Sc in Sociology from the University of Guyana.
She was an Associate Researcher at the University of Oregon, Co-coordinator, Amerindian Research Unit, University of Guyana and Curator of the Walter Roth Museum of Anthropology and Linguistics & Amerindian lecturer, University of Guyana.

interesting interview done with Banyan in 1989 here. be sure to read the entire thing as you don’t see this type of thing in the Guyana so.called press. too revolutionary!! did politics, compromising and the PPP kill her militancy?

Well, I came from the upper Mazarin district; from a little village called Waramadong that’s populated with four hundred and twenty Akawayos. Basically, it’s a traditional Amerindian society and the political structure…

… I was selected to do a period of two years training at the Georgetown nursing school. I nursed at Georgetown for three and a half years and decided to quit because I passed through a bit of hardships there trying to adapt myself in terms of the rules and regulations of the whole idea of coming to work on time and trying to abide by the rules and so on and I thought there was also a bit of discrimination, so I became disinterested in nursing and left and I got married after that.

…I realised to myself personally, I had failed my people. I should have returned to work for them and that I didn’t do and because of that as soon as an advertisement came out saying that they wanted researchers particularly archive researchers at the University of Guyana, I applied and immediately I was accepted …

As I said, I realised that I had failed them and while I was studying at the university too and maybe prior to that, I realised that my culture was different to the culture on the course [coast] and that sort of urged me to look inside of me … I took my culture for granted … I started to whip up consciousness within myself … I was sort of urged to work again hard and compensate my people for the loss they had experienced through me just leaving the nursing profession…

The dominant culture has not integrated you, does not really want you either. You’re a misfit also in your traditional culture so what I feel Amerindians should do is the whole idea of making use of both sides of the culture and making yourself richer and whipping up consciousness. Consciousness is very important I feel for future Amerindian development.

The whole idea of militancy; the whole idea of having an idea of what you want for the future in terms of development and progress. I think that it’s very important as far as I see, especially in the light of the new kind of spirit that is now brewing within the Caribbean and in the South and North American people. We as indigenous peoples, should get together and do something about our plight because the whole Indian question is a problematic question in the South.

O.K. I think we should get ourselves organised and get in touch with organisations like the Caribbean Organisation Of Indigenous Peoples, World Council Of Indigenous Peoples and some other brother organisations like the Mezquito organisation in Nicaragua and really get ourselves together and talk about what the Amerindian people want in the future, what they want for their progress.

For example, we finds links in Belize – the Garifuna of Belize. I was just there a couple of weeks ago. I thought that I was there before; the familiarity was there and every time I met the Garifunas, they were just accepting me as though I was there before. One particular experience strikes me here when I went to visit the spiritual church and the priestess, when she shook my hand said “O.K., we’ve been waiting for you a long time and now you’re here and I felt as though there was a sort of vibration through my entire body. I felt like I was there too. I was so familiar and that the people who were there were recognising me as a symbol of their ancestry and roots.


17 thoughts on “Desrey Fox is dead in Guyana! former Minister within the Ministry of Education

  1. deare proper gandhi how do youse guys manige to gets all these scoups and niews b4 dlikes of staybruk news and the waterfallin folks?
    me muss says i likes proper ghandi

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  3. Yet again Propaganda Press had it first how you guys believe all the REPORTS on this wonderful Website.

    That’s why the corruptions By James Singh as Head CANU must be investigated.

  4. I really don’t know much about this lady, but based on her biography I feel that she did well where her successes were based on her perseverance and zeal to achieve. It’s sad though that she has passed away in an untimely occurrence. However, I would like to extend my sympathy to her family and friends.
    Yo, Peter Khan, I think you are cruel in nature, that is so abnormal.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. yo peter you are beast,dead has no time,weather tommorow, now or anytime, so watch your life,wheather you are culie,blackman chine, and stop addressing amerindians buckwoman,buckman,and who would symphaties for you when your dead.

  6. Yo peter khan you are no doubt a demon filled with filth and hate for people. “Desiree legacy will live on in the minds of the many she inspire to success” I am wondering what this monster legacy will be like after death.

  7. my legacy will be one that my children will carry on,that is that their father stood up and did not compromise,even when my back was against the wall,i speak my mind and i repeat i have no time or sympathy for anyone who consorted with the ppp,especially this dicktaker bitch jagdeo,and his cabal of catamites so i repeat the hell with them all,guyana is a better place without them.God bless Guyana and my dougla children.

  8. I pity you, Peter, you seem like a lost soul! Irrespective of her political affiliation, she was undoubtedly very inspirational in preserving her heritage.

    We are are all mere mortals and should not cast judgment on our fellow brothers and sisters – death is inevitable and it’s the only certain thing!

    My condolences to her and her three sons.

  9. have noticed the filth and decadence that has filled guyana since 1993,are we to over look that turn a blind eye,these cockroaches have stepped on the heads of the poor and hapless citizens of our dear land,for their own personal gain without any thought of the suffering they might cause and you want me to have pity,noway suk my DICK.

    God Bless Guyana And My Dougla Children.

  10. I intake your commentry Peter Khan and i see with u and plead with your view…i agree totally because many who is attacking you are contradicting themselves !

    I know and i agree the PPP cabal is a vampire and anyone associated with them should be give no sympathy nor mercy !

    Where this indigenous woman had wapishana ancestry or otherwise she was in line with her cultural traditiopns and heritage but that doesn’t dispute the fact that she was associated with the Lawless PPP regime !

    Terrance Fox should be ashamed of reckless driving ! He caused his mothers demise !

  11. NAME: Desrey Clementine Caesar- Fox

    PLACE OF BIRTH: Warmadong Village, Kamarang Keng Upper Mazaruni District

    DATE OF BIRTH: January 2, 1955


    NUMBER OF CHILDREN: Three sons, Terrence Fox Jr., Kwame and Mensah


    * Warmadong Primary School
    * Campbellville Government School
    * Georgetown Seventh-Day Adventist Academy
    * Georgetown Hospital School of Nursing
    * University of Guyana
    * University of Kent at Canterbury
    * University of Oregon
    * Rice University, Houston, Texas


    * Ph.D Linguistics, Rice University, Houston Texas, 2003
    * MA Linguistics, Rice University, Houston Texas, 2003
    * MA Environmental Anthropology, University of Kent at Canterbury, U.K. 1997
    * B.Soc. Sociology, University of Guyana


    * Associate Researcher, University of Oregon
    * Co-ordinator of Amerindian Research Unit, University of Guyana
    * Lecturer in Linguistics, Department of Language and Culture Studies, University of Guyana
    * Lecturer in Amerindian Studies, University of Guyana
    * Curator, Walter Roth Museum of Anthropology


    * PRESIDENTIAL Scholarship, Rice University, 1998-2003
    * European Union Scholarship to read for Master of Arts in Environmental Anthropology at the University of Kent at Canterbury (1996-1997)
    * Who’s Who among students in American University Award ( 2001-2002), Rice University, Houston, Texas
    * The 2001 Rice University’s Women’s Impact Award, Rice University, Houston, Texas
    * The Robert Lowery Pattern Price, 2000, Rice University, Houston, Texas
    * The Dennis Irving Prize, University of Guyana, 1998
    * Recipient of the Post-Doctoral national Science Foundation Grant, Rice University, 2002-2006
    * Recipient Guyana’s 38 th Independence Anniversary Service and Humanitarian Award, 2004 from the Guyana Mission, Consulate and the Guyana Tri-State Alliance, Inc.


    * The Indigenous Condition in Guyana: A Situational Analysis of the Mabura Great Falls Community, University of Guyana, Co-authored with Professor George K. Danns.
    * Continuity and Change among the Amerindian in Guyana in Ethnic Minorities in the Caribbean Society, Dr. Rhonda Reddock ed. Published by the Institute of Social and Economic Research, St. Augustine, University of the West Indies.
    * Five Hundred Years After: Indigenous Women in the Caribbean Revisited. Published in the proceedings of the Second Gathering Conference of the Indigenous peoples in the Caribbean by the Ministry of Culture, Trinidad and Tobago.
    * Caught within the Cracks: the case of the Amerindian Women of Guyana. Published in Polygloth, USA
    * Zauro’no dok Akawaio Yau: Variants of Akawaio spoken in the village of Warmadong. Ph.D thesis, Rice University , Houston, Texas
    * Body Metaphors in Akawaio House Construction Published in the Journal of Anthropology, USA.

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