Leslie Ramsammy ordered spy gear for Roger Khan


my name is leslie ramsammy & i am an unapologetic cocaine assassin

October 24, 2002
Dear Nancy
Re: Acquiring the services of cell phone interceptor and geographic integrator [this is just one of a long series of letters from cocaine leslie to Spy Shop]

Guyana is in the throes of one of the worst crime situation the nation has ever faced. We are interested in acquiring your service for a short period so that we can enhance our intelligence.

Our representatives have been in touch with you. I have spoken directly to you and this letter on my Cabinet portfolio letterhead is confirmation that this initiative has government’s support.
Thank you.
Yours truly,
(and it was signed)

Dr Leslie Ramsammy
Minister of Health
Government of Guyana


9 thoughts on “Leslie Ramsammy ordered spy gear for Roger Khan

  1. this posting is a lie. this not enough evidence or proof to show that Dr. Lesli Ramsammy is involved in this scandal. besides if you have the letter then you should have posted his signature.

  2. that goody man mighty raj is a crook and a good friend of drug dealer teddy and that ganster bashir mohamed soat who sell you a car when late for the last payment he will bring his body guard and demand the car goody man mighty raj knew all the story.

  3. is this that the guy from the mighty raja taxi stand at lusignan public road is that true he have goody (big seed). that goody (big seed) would look nice on his mouth. he knew every body story.

  4. Big mouth ben wire (BUMMER) from annandale have a bigger goody in his mouth buy him a quarter of white rum he will tell you who is screwing who, who wife is screwing who and he dont see his wife is screw with his friend when she go at the market and visit her sister.

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