Many white people don’t believe an African American should be president – Jimmy Carter

one thing about Jimmy Carter in his last days, he speaks his mind about most issues without obsfucation

NYT: “I live in the South and I’ve seen the South come a long way,” he said. But, “I think it’s bubbled up to the surface because of a belief among many white people not just in the south but around the country … that African-Americans are not qualified to lead this great country. It’s an abominable circumstance and grieves me and concerns me very deeply.”


8 thoughts on “Many white people don’t believe an African American should be president – Jimmy Carter

  1. Former president Jimmy Carter said at a conference recently,

    “I believe that the reason why president Obama is getting some much negative and ethnic hate threats, is because he is black. And there are still some people in the South, and elsewhere, who still harbor hatred or prejudice towards Black people. And would not accept or believe that Blacks could run or manage this country.”

    This opinion is shared by millions of Silent Americans, in all regions of the USA. Who will never publicly voice those prejudices. But harbor them no less.

    However, a Bi-Ethnic President was elected with 53% of the national electorate’s mandate.

    So it stands to reason, that they felt he is quite capable of managing this economy, and bring us out of this economic crisis.

    Derryck S. Griffith.

  2. Regardless of black or white or grey .you people are so dumbded down that u cant see furhter than ure noses…it wasn’t a black majority that ushered obama into presidency…so cut the shit u dumb fucks ! At the end of the day the grey rule the world..obama aint shit ! He is just another bought out negor who is slaving for the elite class !

  3. Illiterates voted for Bill Clinton.

    Who Voted for Barack Obama? Illiterates.

    Most of the United States don’t have a college degree.

    It is not that the U.S. don’t want a Negro President.
    Anything Black is entertaining. The Whites Love the Negroid mentality.
    The Negroid is entertaining to the whites. That is why You and I will suffer.
    (Revelation 13: 9-10).

    But the thing is: ill and literate people add up to illiterate individuals
    or groups of illiterates that need to tell the world/other countries how to govern themselves So that I and you remain dark and illiterate, without God knowledge.

    For example, Either in a Caveman or Negroid States of individuals.

    Look Here now, The greater part of the United States history is that
    the United States is living on borrowed money, and Living
    in debt.

    Yet the United States Prints its’ own money.

    And then regulate the world/other countries on the Value of the world/other countries currencies/money.

    This is absurd.

    although in debt and borrowing money
    the United States lends Israel, Uganda, and other countries
    money. While Guyana has to regulate its’ forest towards climate
    change to get a Hand-Out from White Nations.
    Hand-Out or money White Nations just run of their printing presses.

    If these White Nations don’t print Your money, your money is counterfeit.
    Other Countries Money is Useless if printed by that Country but when the U.S prints its’ own money their currencies are totally valid. What Unsound reasoning!

    Nevertheless, The Main thing is the U.S. is in debt and is borrowing money.
    Yet it prints its’ own money. Then tell Guyana the value of Guyana

    Then Both the Caveman and the Negroid dictates to an Indian
    to read a Book, get an education to be sucessfull.
    Then the White Nations set you up for employment into jobs they don’t need because they PRINT their Own money. It is like the Whites and Negroid have printing presses printing money in their homes the way they act without reason.

    They the White and Negroid Nations don’t work yet they are the well dress, well fed, and live in the best of the Palaces in the World.

    But yet, both the Caveman and the Negroid are illiterates.

    Getting Back to the CURSE to GOD, Barack Obama. IF Barack Obama is intelligent Would Barack Obama wage war
    on Indian and Arab people? No.
    These two nations the White and Negroid is ignorant of God. And since such we will have problems.

    Through these concepts, I guess then white people is ready for a Negroid president.
    And the WHITES love H.I.M.

    Fight the Power. Negroid Mentality.

    Sellassie I


  4. @c larock
    FYI, the poster above you has serious mental health issues and you might as well just ignore anything he says unless you just want some light entertainment. Don’t bother trying to make sense out of it.
    Bush and Obama both work for the same people, i.e. the capitalist elite. So although Bush was plainly an evil idiot and Obama comes across *personally* as being an “intelligent” “nice guy” it makes no difference to me at the end of the day. The babies being bombed in Afghanistan don’t care if they’re being bombed by “a nice guy”. And there has been no change at all in Black people’s position in ameriKKKa, other than nuff are being deluded into thinking that the day of deliverance has come and there is no need to struggle any more, which is a bunch of bullshit.
    If Obama cared about Black people he’d be having some of these po-lice arrested who are rampaging around shooting us down like wild game from coast to coast.

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