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Guyana most dangerous criminals

Guyana’s most dangerous criminals – PPP Crime Family Inc.

if you have pictures of any of these criminals or other criminals not listed here please send to dovav at propaganda press dot org

Five of the most dangerous criminals in Guyana. Gajraj & Jagdeo are cocaine dons & killers. Green & Rohee are confirmed raptists & torturers. Ramotar is their CEO

Five of the most dangerous criminals in Guyana. Gajraj & Jagdeo are cocaine dons & killers. Green & Rohee are confirmed raptists & torturers. Ramotar is their CEO

the list that keeps on growing…bookmark and check back for updates and additions appearing at bottom of list (numbers don’t signify importance or seniority in la familia) [bear with us as we work to rebuild the mother ship. links will be dead for now on descriptions]


  1. Bhar.rat ‘big bucktuh’ Jagdeo – the elected dictator. CEO President overseeing of all rackets taking place in Guyana from cocaine to guns to international pan handling & beyond
  2. Roger ‘the verboose wundurkind’ – Head of the Presidential Secretariat and another negroe front man of the crime family. also the frontal lobe of the CEO & co.
  3. Clement ‘dougla’ Rohee, Minister of Home Affairs – supporter of torture, self-hating Afro-Guyanese
  4. Ronald ‘hitman‘ ‘phantom’ Gajraj, former Minister of Home Affairs, leader of Murder Inc. responsible for killing hundreds of Afro-Guyanese. Currently running rackets in India as Guyana’s Ambassador
  5. Donald Gajraj, REO Region 9 and brother of you know who – stealing billions with a series of front companies who get most of the road, infrastructure works and other perks in Region 9. he is head quartered in Lethem.
  6. Donald Ramotar – CEO, PPP Crime Family Inc.
  7. reepu daman persaud – so.called pandit, sexual predator and raper man
  8. vishook persaud – son of reepu. so.called auto dealer
  9. Manniram ‘the narcissist’ Prashad – Minister of Tourism, Industry & Commerce
  10. Navin Prashad – son of Manniram and murderer of Rajendra Jailall.
  11. Robeson ‘the puss’ Benn, Minister of Transport & Hydraulics – lifelong negro thug.
  12. Bherri ‘the rapist’ Ramsarran, Minister within the Ministry of Health – rapist.
  13. Priya ‘the maniac’ Manickchand, lately of go to hell whiteman fame.
  14. Leslie ‘cocaine in my veins’ Ramsammy, Minister of Health and cocaine facilitator of Roger Khan’s activities.
  15. Kellawan ’shoot em up’ Lall, Minister of Local Government – gunman, fights with women and prime suspect number one in the murder of his very own wife.
  16. Doodnauth Singh – former Attorney General & Minister of Legal Affairs & a manifest failure.
  17. Juan Edghill – negroe frontman & homosexual maniac head of Ethnic Relations Commission & CEO of Guyana Post Office Corporation.
  18. kwame mccoy

    kwame mccoy

    Kwame McCoy – negroe front wooh!man, homo.sexual & sexual predator, Guyana’s on.again off.again first lady, presidential spokes wooh!man & mouth.piece and an incompetent jackass.

  19. Gail Teixeira, another mouthpiece & defender of the CEO & former & failed Minister of Home Affairs.
  20. Geeta Knight-Singh – the Clico Guyana bandit also running rackets at GUYSUCO.
  21. Navin Chandrapaul – responsible for training the PPP terrorists who killed the policeman at the Berbice Toll Gate and the shooting of PNC activist Sydney Sukhu, who defected from the PPP.
  22. Harripersaud Nokta – responsible for planting the dynamite on the Son Chapman, and he was subsequently given the name Tarzan, which is his nickname now.
  23. Shaym Nokta, son of Harripersaud – Adviser to the resident dictator and Chairman of the National Climate Committee. gettign rich on the climate change band wagon.
  24. Reepu Daman Persaud, so called man of God, i.e a bandit pandit. another rapist [a pregnant rape victim of this bandit committed suicide]
  25. Zulfikar Mustapha, Region 6 Chairman
  26. Clinton Collymore, just another useless negroe frontman runnng rackets.
  27. Moses Nagamootoo, double agent on the outside looking in.
  28. James Singh – Commissioner of Forests – the key industry for the cocaine two.bit hustlers
  29. Ashni Singh – Minister of miraculous Finance and magical economics
  30. Geetanjali Singh, wife of Asni and Audit Director, Audit Office of Guyana [aka Auditor Generals Office]
  31. Winston Brassington – money collector for Jagdeo & facillitator of shady businessmen buying up what was once public properties. also the man responsible for blackouts in Guyana.
  32. Lionel Wordsworth, Executive Officer of the National Drainage & Irrigation Authority – draining the treasury of Guyana and the blood of Guyanese daily. sleeping uneasy in the $60 million dollar house the wife he denies bought.
  33. Chabedevi Kavita Ramdehol aka Chabedevi Kavita Wordsworth – former GuyOil accounts clerk! & wife of Lionel Wordsworth even though he refuses to claim her publicly since his $60 million dollar house purchase.
  34. David DeGroot – Chairman of the board, President’s College 15+ years. responsible for embezzling untold millions. moonlights as a ‘journalist’ at daily fishwrapper (Guyana Chronicle) under the pens names: whispering mabel, clousseau and others
  35. Shaik Baksh – minister of education with an Islamic nose for child prostitutes
  36. Malisa Basdeo – in a relationship with shyam nokta aka shambollywood
  37. Geoff DaSilva – CEO of GoInvest and money collector. so.called radical communist with a small c for capitalism
  38. Sam Hinds – negroe front man and current prime minister
  39. Anthony Xavier –
  40. Clinton Collymore – another negroe front man
  41. Henry Jeffrey – another negroe front man who was chased by Bharrat Jagdeo but still hanging around. now lectures at UG waiting for another turn to drop his pants.
  42. Moses Nagamootoo -still waiting in vain for his turn at the Presidency
  43. Charlie Ramson – current atorney general and mover & shaker in the roger khan cocaine underworld. he makes it all pass the Crime Family stinking legal test.
  44. Vibert DeSouza-
  45. Gail Teixeira – advising jaggie on criminality. a failed former minister of home affairs who oversaw the rising and falling of cocaine roger
  46. Dale Bisnauth –
  47. Saisnarine Kowlessar –
  48. Indranie Chandrapal –
  49. George Fung On – former minister of public service
  50. Husman Alli –
  51. Cyril Belgrave –
  52. Komal Chand – president for life of GAWU and recently banned from state media by jaggie & company. internal pissing contest over sugar workers wages
  53. Shirley Edwards –
  54. Altston Kissoon –
  55. Eustace Rodrigues –
  56. Kumkarran Ramdas –
  57. Ramsundar Sankat –
  58. Geoffrey Fraser –
  59. Ramsrattan –
  60. Heerlall Mohan –
  61. Winslow Zephyr –
  62. Joseph DeSouza –
  63. Pauline Sukhai – current minister of Amerindian affairs
  64. Philomena Sahoye-Shury – negroe front woman
  65. Lawrence Rodney –
  66. Harry Ramkarran –
  67. Bijulee Motie –
  68. Moti Lall –
  69. Odinga Lumumba – negroe frontman and hitman
  70. Desmond Kissoon – PPP head honcho in Region 9 [lethem], former Regional Executive Officer
  71. Sucil ‘Cecil’ Kissoon – brother of desmond who’s made his fortune from projects funneled to him by desmond and now milking Annai & surrounding communities with his general goods store located in Aranaputa Valley


  1. Henry Greene, Commissioner of Police – known to sexually assault women. He preys on them at Latino Bar. Banned from travelling to US, Canada or UK by the respective embassies. Henry also has a filthy lust for very young girls and has sexually assaulted un.told numbers. he likes to talk proudly of buggering his victims.
  2. Gary Best, Chief of Staff, Guyana Defence Force – wife beater who used Fineman ransom money on himself.
  3. Steve Merai – Deputy Commissioner of Police & enforcer for Guyana East Indian Cocaine Association. recently appointed to head all of Berbice!
  4. James G Singh – Customs Anti Narcotics Unit, co-ordinates all cocaine operations for all of Guyana.
  5. Major Omar Khan – torturer in the Guyana Defence Force. well known for torturing and maiming countless African Guyanese whose crimes remain unknown.
  6. Captain Sukhul – friend and partner in Crime of Major Omar Khan.
  7. Leon Fraser, the former – killer, money collector, torturer & everyday madman. killed by his friends


1. Fazeel Ferouz – often seen accompanying the dictator to the Middle East soliciting terror funding from dictators and terroristic organisations. Owner of Twins

2. Ronald Hudson – wanna be mayor of Georgetown and frontman for the Ethnic Relations Commission. miracle of all miracles – recently arrested, locked up and charged for fraud. yet his ads are still running on the Guyana Chronicle.

3. Patrick Suleman Zephyr – negroe frontman on the Central Islamic Organisation of Guyana Executive

4. Reepu Daman Persaud – so.called pandit, full time rapist of young girls among other things. [a young secretary committed suicide after he impregnated her and treated her like shit]


1. Alim Samad, shady Talibanic figure. Well known for his terror tactics and friends of Rohee and Henry Greene.

2. Brahmanand Nandalall – cocaine exporter & owner of the department store & laundromat known as Keishars of I got kidnapped by the Buxton gunmen fame. Also the brother-in-law of Clay Hutson (the man who killed Leon Fraser)

3. Clayton ‘Clay’ Hutson – former? guyana police officer, cocaine smuggler, gun smuggler, killer, businessman! & brother-in-law of the cocaine owner of Keishars (the people who sponsor many sporting events in Guyana! and give away free pencils in Sopiha)]

4. Roger ‘Shaheed’ Khan – former two.bit hustler turned Guyana cocaine vice council. doing time inna white man country.

5. Peter Morgan – friend of Roger Khan and Sam ‘I am’ Hinds (as seen here) Presently cooling his heels in a Federal Prison in New York after admitting to cocaine smuggling like his friend Roger ‘Shaheed’ Khan

6. Sabrina Budhram – sister of Peter, convicted in New York of money laundering for Roger ‘Shaheed’ Khan among others with her husband Arnold.

7. Arnold Budhram – husband of Sabrina

8. James Morgan – father of Peter and Sabrina, of Arnold, doing time in England for cocaine smuggling.

9. Glen Lall, from sweetie vendor to owner of Kaieteur News. no cocaine here baby! also brother of child molester and shady businessman Reaz Khan. (Glen changed his name from Khan to Lall reportedly to be less affiliated with Guyana Taliban and to be more in.line with Guyana Hinduvta Inc.]

10. Bheena – wife of Glen, owner of on Regents Street and designer of Ganesh Ramlall’s cocaine mall.

11. Ganesh Ramlall , friend of Glen & Bheena Lall – from Stabroek Market stall to owner of Regents Street Mall & proud owner of stolen US$30,000 GPL transformer (installed in his new mall) [his friend also also moved from market vendor to newspaper magnate we’re told]

12. Terrence Sugrim also know as Terrence Emmanuel Sugrim, Lugard Thompson, Lugard Winter Thompson and Raoul Lucas – cocaine hustler deported from the USA. wanted in the USA for smuggling cocaine to the USA after being deported to Guyana. very very very goog good friend of Justice Janarayan Singh.

13. Salim Azeez – Director, New Line Aqua Farm – a front company & laundromat used for shipping and receiving cocaine. Bhar.rat Jagdeo is a regular visitor to New Line Aqua. Azeez is also famously known as embassy for his back.tracking prowess and was once caught with over 100 hundred stolen Guyana passports. Nothing happened!

14. Joshua Safeek, member of the CIOG Taliban outfit for the Polar Beer scam and the Guyflag scam. Was never charged. [submitted by Bharrat]

15. Mool Persaud Manniram – owner of a logging concession in Crabwood Creek thanks to the Guyana government and the builder of the biggest airport ever built on that same concession for shipping cocaine. he is supposedly wanted by the Guyana Police Farce.

16. Roshan Khan – owner RK Security and hater of all things Black. Refused to foot the funeral bill of one of his employees Simone Coleridge killed while working for Uncle Roshan. her family couldn’t foot the bill due to poverty even Simone Coleridge was working putting dollars in the pockets of Roshan Khan. uncle roshan is also known for his strong arm tactics of intimidating, taking money away from and firing employees.

17. Nayeem Nasir, Bakewell owner, from cocaine peddler and mini baker to Baker of the PPP nation. busy reinvesting his cocaine proceeds into things like Rituals Coffee. Also a member of the Guyana Taliban Confederacy.

18. Lennox John – owner of Splashmins, City Mall & Ashmins. banned from the USA and falling on hard times as the cocaine circle tightens. City Mall & Splashmins are up for sale with no takers in sight.

19. BM Soat – importer of automobiles and other things and seller of multiple vehicles with the same license plates and registration among other things.

20. Harrychand Tulsi – pumping Guyana wet with his expensive water pumps and drainage shit.stems

21. Shervinton Lovell aka Big Head – the Berbician who drives the Black Hummer around Guyana. lives in Republic Park and supposedly brought Beenie Man to Guyana for his daughter 16th birthday. last seen driving out of Linden after the hit was called in on Thakur Persaud. bought the building where Net Library internet cafe used to be [upper regent st] and is building something up there. recently picked up by steve merai who is putting on a show using this expendable negroe.

22. Paul Daby – more to follow

23. Thakur Persaud – killed for ‘loosing’ Paul Daby’s cocaine

24. Shiv Nandlall, brother of Brahmanand [aka Brahmer] – runs Keishar’s and sometimes can be seen donating cocaine proceeds to happy negroes and African children in Sophia

25. Maurice Gopie – Guyana Seafoods Inc. fuel smuggler & et cetara


  1. Vic Puran, Lawyer – lifelong member of the Guyana East Indian Cocaine Apologist Council.
  2. Glen Hannoman, Lawyer & partner in crime of Vic Puran – another lifelong member of Guyana East Indian Cocaine Apologist Council.
  3. Shalimar Ali-Hack, this Taliban DPP who charged Balwant Persaud wrongfully but free her fellow worshipper at the CIOG, Alim Samad, the real crook. She also refused to charge fellow Muslim Taliban, Joshua Safeek, for the Polar beer scam and Guyflag scam. [submitted by Bharrat]
  4. Anil Nandlall, lawyer, idiot, political hack and economic neophyte at large. [related to Brahmanand?]

5. Justice Jainarayan Singh – of releasing cocaine shipper Barry Dataram three times fame, a PPP Crime Family trusted member of the judiciary. (supposedly retired from the bench)

6. Nigel Hughes – a negroe who couldn’t resist the lure of cocaine dollars. Defends Roger Khan’s baby mamma Blondie for example who is now free to kill again thanks to negroe Nigel.

7. Acting Chief Magistrate, Melissa Robertson-Ogle [sometimes also listed as Ogle-Robertson] – who left her husband and living with a known and convicted drug dealer- Raphael Douglas. [when the acting chief magistrate is fucking a two.bit drug pusher you can understand why Guyana has never prosecuted a drug lord]

8. Carl Singh – chancellor of the judiciary i.e. the top rackets man in the court system of Guyana

9. Bernard DosSantos – crimes too numerous to mention. here’s a primer


200 thoughts on “Guyana most dangerous criminals


  2. Wham to Chief Mike? Clay’s right hand man and also an enforcer for Chief Justice Ian Chang! Chief Mike, despite being a known drug pusher is seen driving around the Chief Justice’s vehicle and often boasts about being in a position to make cases get dismissed for a fee!

  3. Well only the CANU head can tell us more on the cocaine dealers especially P.Daby…but can he do this …. i think not…he is in his back pocket just alike many other officials !

  4. Happy that this topic has re-surfaced and it has a new dimension now.I have been investigating this case for a Toronto based newspaper and this is what I found.

    Clement Rohee and two of his PPP businessmen friends raped the girl.

    Balwant Persaud, an Immigration Consultant in Canada claimed refugee status for the girl and he was successful.

    Balwant Persaud referred a few persons to a man named Alim Samad for him to process student visas for Canada for these persons. These four persons were initially Balwant Persaud’s clients but he terminated his agreements with these persons because he was returning to Canada after his office was atatcked and robbed. These persons entered into new agreements with Alim Samad and whatever fees Balwant Persaud had, he gave it to Alim Samad with the written permission of the clients.

    When Balwant Persaud left for Canada, these persons continue dealing with Alim Samad and eventually they were robbed by Alim Samad and never got their visas.
    They reported the matter to Kaieteur News and the Police.

    When Balwant Persaud returned to Guyana he was charged for false pretence and fraud and not Alim Samad. My investigations revealed some sinister things about Guyana and the police.The police were instructed by Clement Rohee to charge Balwant Persaud and not Alim Samad. Henry Green, the Commissioner of Police was instructed by the President of Guyana, Bharrat Jagdeo to charge Balwant Persaud and not Alim Samad.
    The DPP, a Muslim woman named Shalimar Ali-Hack, who worshipped at the same mosque with Alim Samad at the CIOG also instructed the Crime Chief that Alim Samad must not be charged.

    I spoke to Freddie Kissoon and another journalist from the Kaieteur News and they both said that Alim Samad was the real culprit and they do not understand why Balwant Persaud was charged. Mr. Kissoon wrote in one of his articles that the DPP should resigned immediately.

    It appears that the Government of Guyana and the Minister of Home Affairs and the President of Guyana wanted revenge against Balwant Persaud because of all those refugee cases he won for East Indian Guyanese in Canada and they used Alim Samad and his victims to frame Mr. Persaud.

    Two of the victims have filed lawsuits in the High court against Alim Samad for their money. Strange, Balwant Persaud was not sued by these victims and yet he was charged for the same crime by the police.

    Latest news of this saga is that Balwant Persaud has appeared nine times in the court from February 2009 to June 2009 and the police said they are still awaiting the DPP Report.

    My investigations showed the intrigues of politics, religion and money in the Justice System in Guyana.

    My newspaper in Canada is awaiting the outcome of the trial before they publish a detail report.

  5. Good to hear that these matters are finally coming to the front !

    Good work Avinash…the DPP is a damn idiot and incompetent as ever…she is not suitable for that position and is suited by the PPP criminals as a puppet !

    Lets hear more …if u criminals dare !

  6. The DPP, Mrs. Shalimar Ali-Hack is a racist PPP stooge. She hates black people and Hindus.She never prosecuted any Muslim criminals who are members of the CIOG.
    Her husand who is a big one at the CIOG collects the bribes for her. She works in association with Henry Greene, Seelall Persaud and Trevor Reid of the CID.
    Here is a sample of CIOG Muslims who she refused to prosecute:
    1. Nyeem Nasir of Bakewell for drug smuggling
    2. Johsua Safeek of the Polar Beer scam, Guyflag scam and more
    3. Sheik Aleem Samad for defrauding people in a visa scam and kidnapping Nathoo’s daughter
    4. Roger Khan-everyone knows his crime
    5. Saleem Azeez acqua farm cocaine king
    6. Glen Lall (Khan) for drug smuggling
    7. Reaz Khan for drug smuggling
    8. Khan of discount Store REgent street- drug smuggling
    This evil woman should be removed as DPP. Guyanese should boycott all the CIOG members businesses.

  7. Yes thankx Bharrat these are factual occurances that the Guyanese populace should be concerned about and boycott the Criminal CIOG members business fraternity !

    Keep up the good work…Bharrat …hope more info…. can be brought to light !

  8. Lets hear from the PPP criminals about the latest on the fugative extradition legislation that the parliament top brass AG Ramson put forward giving the Home affairs Minister xtra powers to determine extrdition and leaving the person in a position of non objection/appeal !

  9. Sheik Aleem Samad was arrested for the kidnapping of Nathoo’s daughter. He was ordered to be freed by his criminal Minister friend, Clement Rohee.
    Three of Samad’s cronies were supposed to be charged for the kidnapping and to be in jail but they are out everynight and back in the lockups early morning.
    Orders from Clement Rohee to the Director of Prisons.
    Guyana is being run by a criminal cabal.
    Only force can move the PPP out.

  10. Wham hap to Mooniran tourism minister, he belly so big them lil he try to fuck say he cock can’t reach them and he does end up sucking them lil gal.

    This crook tek nuff nuff bribe from poor people and buy nuff house in florida with other people name.

  11. Mooniram been to Bartica other day and the crooke a try to fuck wan lil coolie gal he fool up take her there, but the lil smart she setup two buck whore and maniram well suckup them buck whore in bartica.

    wen he come america he gat he auntyman friend them (Reggi, Jas and Lake Persaud)to pick whores and all them a fuck the same whores

  12. You guys are just begging for a libel suit.

    There is nothing wrong with voicing opinions that are critical to the Government, but to make the types of accusations like what I’ve seen here (especially since many seem to have not a shred of proof) is just plain old slander.

    I’m not a PPP apologist, but I think you may be crossing the line here.

  13. Fascist torture: The culprits are the political bosses of the police force
    November 3, 2009 | By KNews | Filed Under Features / Columnists, Freddie Kissoon

    We, the people of Guyana are letting horrible things happen to us that never occurred under the Burnham regime. The answer for this tragic state of affairs entails a long intellectual discussion which cannot be provided here because of space constraints.

    At some point this nation has to take a stand. I am satisfied with my own praxis. I go out in the heat of the sun and I hold my placard in front of my stomach. Mark Benschop and Lincoln Lewis should be applauded for their consistency.

    We need to be joined by others. The Hitlerite torture of that little boy so graphically carried by this newspaper should now galvanize the people of Guyana to create here and now the first Velvet Revolution in the English-speaking Caribbean.

    There cannot be any doubt about it– the PPP Government has lost its will to govern. It is steeped in brutality and more tyranny is to follow. Let us start first by asking for an all-embracing government before we reach the next election.

    If the political bosses refuse that civilized request then we, the people of Guyana must take it to the next stage – peaceful confrontation of a sustained nature for the eventual achievement of the Velvet Revolution.

    As the abomination against the fascist torture of the little 14-year-old mounts and reaches the shores of other territories, we, the nation of Guyana must keep in perspective who are to be blamed for this manifestation of fascist torture.

    The political directions to the police force have reached sickening levels never seen before in this country. Here is a comparison with an incident from a long time ago.

    A well known trade unionist was arrested by the police for possession of drugs. He got a message to Prime Minister Burnham. Burnham ordered one of his aides to investigate.

    The official returned and told Burnham that it wasn’t marijuana involved but cocaine. Burnham then told his aide to finish with the matter and let the law take its course.

    That trade unionist is still around in Guyana. Under the PPP, the edicts of the political bosses to the police force are so barefaced that we have been reduced to a caricature of what a banana republic is.

    Senior reporter from this newspaper, Dale Andrews, and I investigated claims of money being paid for Canadian student visas to a man with close ties to a Muslim organization, which in turn has close ties to the political bosses. We interviewed people who showed us receipts.

    We went to Eve Leary and made contacts with families that were being questioned by the CID detectives. We showed one senior rank the evidence we had but in the end the police refused to charge this man. Instead someone with a political attachment to the opposition parties and who had a clash with a certain minister was placed before the courts for the fraud.

    A businessman tried to defraud one of the most important organizations in civil society. He met with a certain overseas insurance official at the Pegasus where he presented bogus papers. The fraud was burst wide open by the two independent dailies. One of the businessman’s partners was charged but not him, even though the foreign insurance official gave a written statement to the police, which ought to be in the office of the DPP in which he openly stated that the Guyanese businessman was part of the fraudulent scheme.

    As it turned out, the businessman, like the immigration scam artist, has a close working relation with a certain Muslim outfit in North Georgetown in close proximity to a place that I love so much and spend a lot time frequenting.

    A policeman told this writer that he gave a written statement in which he saw a top Presidential personnel drive his car into a crowd of opposition protestors in East La Penitence. An injured woman was taken to the hospital. This man was not charged.

    On the lower East Coast, a Minister beat up a young lad over a woman, then had the police detain the guy. The victim turned out to be the one that was arrested. In all these episodes cited here, the police took direction from their political bosses.

    The time is coming very son, when the political bosses will tell the police to ignore the orders of the court if that hasn’t been done as yet. It is against this background one must understand the rise of Nazi torture by the security forces. Interestingly, the Americans have taken away the visa of a Kenyan Minister for corruption.

    It is time for visas in Guyana to be revoked. Right now!

  14. Kwame Mc Koy USA Visa has been revoked today, 3/11/09. The next criminals visas to be refused are:
    Anil Nandalall
    Shalimar Ali-Hack
    Seelall Persaud
    Roger Luncheon
    Donald Ramotar
    Manniram Prashad- Citizenship to be revoked
    Charles Ramson

  15. Pingback: Kwame McCoy – Guyana’s presidential spokesman & childmolester’s US visa revoked? « propaganda press! freedom now

  16. We call on the USA to revoke Manniram Citizenship as this is a criminal who taking bribe and buying houses in Florida under many of his stoogies name.

    This crook needs to be taken down and we are appealing to the US Government to revoke his citizenship and ban this bitch from coming to the US.

    We also calling on the US Government to investigate all of this crook business dealings in the USA, since he become minister in Guyana.

    He is getting good support from Gerry Gouvia and them two crooks hold down progress in the Tourism industry in Guyana.

    Why you think all them airline pulling out one by one this crook is not easy to deal with.

  17. Give uncle Freddie a chance and a hearing the man does bring out the truth about PPP thief.

    PPP dead when Jagan dead.

    What you got are all DOGS and soon them DOGS going to eat one another, if they start yet.

    • I have no beef with your comments, but I would like to say that dogs are lovely, honest, loyal, loving animals. Please avoid comparing these CREATURES to such lovely animals. Thanks.

  18. Racko, Manniram Prashad son, Ravi is into drug running. He was an apprentice to Roger Khan and now he is a king pin for smuggling drugs to Florida via Bahamas.
    He is getting protection from Henry Greene, Clement Rohee, Seelall Persaud, Jagdeo and his father Manniram.

  19. Not bad Not bad at all I remember seeing someone made a comment about James Singh Working with the DEA dose the DEA know that James Singh Head Of CANU is Roger Khan And phantom associate I think the time is coming when someone will have to take the fall for that some way or the other.

  20. Here is info on Ravi Prashad:
    Cocaine Smuggling – he once opened a duty-free shop at the Chedi Jagan International Airport with a financer by the name of Rudy from New York. This was a front to pass the cocaine pass the scanner at the airport. Due to his trusted relationship and father being the minister, he was able to walk in there without a problem and soon introduce his crew to the airport personnel. Later his crew was taking cocaine in the airport and getting it passes a certain point so that it can be smuggled unto passengers. He has worked with some of the largest drugs cartel and largest drug figures in Guyana. He has sold them the most expensive real estate because he gets their drugs pass the airport and knows when they make their money so he can sell them things that are overpriced. He worked with and sold Tower Hotel to Salem Azeez from Number Two Canal who is known as one of the leaders in Georgetown since the fall of Roger Khan. Price tag of Tower was three million US dollars. He has sold the three buildings at the corner of Visesenge road, across from the gas stations to Peter Morgan for a price tag of $1.5 million US dollars. These are only some of the larger assets. He sold Salem Azeez in Number two canal over 7 vehicles, including a Porsche Cayenne, BMW X5, BMW 645Li, BMW 3-series, Infinity, Lexus, Jet Skis, 4-wheel Motorcycles, He has associate with the biggest of the cartels from Ricardo Rodriquez, Clay Hudson, Uncle Paul from Banks Park, Peter and Andrew Morgan, Furuk Razak, Salem Azeez, and many others.
    Salem Azeez is the owner of New Line Aqua Farm who has used this tilapia farm to export cocaine in the fish being export.

  21. Duty Free Concession – he really take advantage of the duty free concession. He brings in a lot of duty free vehicles under different people’s name. How can he qualify for so many duty free vehicles? He violates the law by selling them before the three-year threshold is up. He has brought a black Denali, silver BMW X5 and sold it to Peter Morgan, silver BMW 645Li under the name Rudy and sold it to Salem Azeez of number two canal. He bring in the charcoal 2006 range rover sport and sold it to Haro Sugrim for $45K US. These are only a few of the vehicles and he usually brings AT LEAST one vehicle per year.

    Cocaine deals – he is the type of person thats the ring leader. He does not get his hands dirty. When the drugs are in the USA then he will fly over there and make the necessary arrangements. The other day, Salem Azeez from number two canal got 500 kilos of cocaine in the US and he took care of the money arrangements for Salem Azeez along with Haro Sugrim who helped to wash the money for Salem Azeez by buying large machinery such as excavators. He currently has Ronald Ramcharran who drives a white digicel pickup truck as his right hand man, Ronald is also known as Frostie who is a custom broker and works under his father’s broker license who lives at 42 Delph Street, Campleville, Georgetown. His father lives in Delpi Street campleville and he lives with the digicel manager Jackie (Jamaican native) in Nandy Park. He gets the vehicle cleared for Ravi. He is a deportee from the United States. His sister used to work as a mule for Roger Khan and his house was search twice because of this. He ships cocaine in the wooden doors that are made in Guyana. The doors are drilled and the cocaine filled inside. This is all done under the command of Ravi. Another worker is Jermaine, drives a blue Lexus Alteeza vehicle and just bought a house in Ogle. He sends out the mules thru the International Airport. Andrew Morgan supplies the drugs and gets 300 kilos each time from Venezuela.
    Ravi’s enterprise include Kamal Seebarran whom is wanted by the United States, Rupie Shewjattan who launders the money for Peter Morgan, Ronald Ramcharran aka Frostie, Derick from William St Campleville, Mikey who just got Carolyn Lynch belly big (from Carmichael St), John Pyneandie from The Farm’s housing scheme whose father owns the Bistro on Middle Street and light house bar, Kambie who was affiliated with the Dave persaud saga, and a host of others.

    Insurance Fraud – Ravi has created at least two insurance frauds. His brother Navin Prashad totaled a Lincoln Navigator and they changed the amount of the insured value and got a larger payout. His brother totaled another black pickup and this time KILLED an innocent man on Carafista Avenue and the same procedure was done. His father currently runs MP Insurance on brickdam.

    Hustling – His father, Maniram gives Ravi the leads of possible investors who comes into Guyana so that he can approach them to hustle them out of their money. The father makes the contacts and the son does the work. He is involved in renting the foreigners houses and selling them houses thru an agent he has as his front-man name Jerry. They target foreigners to exploit them of prices.

    Prostitution of Minors – the entire crew usually take advantage of girls the age of 11 to 13 years of age. They will take them far off and give them large amounts of alcohol and ecstasy and then take advantage of them sometimes literally raping them. A leader for this and one who tends to enjoy this more is Kamal and Rupie. They usually take the current minister of home affairs, Clement Rohee with them every Friday or Saturday night. Though, Rohee is not part of the drug empire, he just likes the young girls and drinking free alcohol. They usually take these girls on Kamal’s boat to a far out area where the girls are more venerable.
    Kamal Seebarran runs a popular auto dealership on Sherrif Street under the name Ray One Stop. Ray is the brother, but because Kamal is so hot that he let the brother front the business. Kamal lives in Bel Air Garden. He was kidnapped during the 2002-2003 Escapee spree and paid the $30M Guyana Dollars to get released. Ray on the other hand brings in a lot of chopped vehicle and weld them back together and resells them as a complete car in Guyana. He has been doing this for the past five years. All his vehicles are welded in the middle. Kamal loves racing and is a die-hard race fan. He races a yellow RX7. He hangs out a lot with Rohee and greases rohee’s wheel a lot. Basically, Rohee is on Kamal’s payroll. Kamal also wash money for Uncle Paul Dabi from Banks Executive Park.
    Uncle Paul Dabi is the man in the town since Roger Khan left. He owns four large trawlers/fishing boats that docks at Viera’s dock. Paul Dabi has two sons that runs the show, currently. Their names are Peter and Randal. Randal is a scamp and sold someone four pieces of dry wall as cocaine the other day. He always owing people money and dodging and ducking people. They have an offsite location in East Rumvelt – two large concrete houses behind the primary school. They have the main house in Banks Executive Park. Jerald Perriera works for them along with Paul Rodriquez. They were the one responsible for the cocaine shipment in the Furniture. CANU initiated a search lead by James Singh and it was a big joke. James did not even really search these houses. It seems as if he just went there to negotiate and collect money. They just went there and ask nicely to go in and also looked around without touching ANYTHING in the home and then told the cartel what information they got. This is the corruption that is involved in Guyana. I have been around these individual directly and I have see first-hand what they are involved with. This is not hearsay and I urge you to investigate and you will see for yourself that I am correct.

    This hit was ordered by Randell Daby who is the son of Paul Daby. He took 100 kilos of cocaine from Thakur and it fell down, he then took another 100 kilos to make back up for the first load and it fell down too. He then ordered the hit to cover up everything so he dont have to repay the 200 kilos debt. Randal and Thakur did the business together to fire up the 200 kilos. Thakur used to go to the landing strip in the interior and pick up the good and Randall know the schedule. Randall does a lot of moves behind his father’s back. He killed his father’s best friend. Some say Thakur is the father of Randall smaller brother name Peter. Thakur was a long time family friend of the Daby family.

      • Thakoor Persaud was a great human being and a man of substance, he should not have been killed many were made to suffer because of his death, Randell should have been the dead one, he is a waste of good space on this earth, Paul Daby son is a fuck up!!! Thakoor was a greater son to Paul than his own blood Randell, if i had a son like that i would have killed him a long time ago, people know of Randell deceptive and greedy ways, he steals from his own father, the greedy fucker.

  24. Fuck you silver dragon. You are a PPP apologist. Let them sue us for libel. They have to Sue in the US, and we will subpeona evidence not only to win the case, but to win cost. We will turn the heat up on their connections in Richmind Hill and Miami, and send the tax man after their agents. Libel my dick

  25. WHo the Fuck is this silver dragon ? U better stay away from this site sucker…u sounding very Puss pussish !
    Silver dragon u need more evidence thatn what is taking place every single day in Guyana ?>
    PLease u need to get real !

  26. Hello Pandit_G

    Welcome back. You know I enjoyed your writings but all disappeared when someone hacked into this site.

    Tell us what you know about Crime Chief Seelall Persaud, more on Rohee, the DPP Shalimar Ali-Hack.
    These are corrupt people.


  28. Good info Pandit G, you need to enlighten the public more on this Guyana Gambino family ( Maniram Prashad).

    I would joined with Bharat on his opinion who gives the order to torture the kid.

    No such crime ever ever happen in Burnham days, you see these PPP crooks take thier eyes pass Guyana and Guyanese.

    What worries me most is when these crooks comes to USA how them battie lickers would treat them like Gods.

    We need also to shed some light on the Guyana Watch Group.

    More that later.

  29. The thing is during the Burnham reign nothing like this never happened as Burnham had respect for the LAW and the Statute in particular !

    These jokers ain’t know nothing respecting the receptive Laws that Guyana has and so they disrespect ever detail of the Law !

    These coolie bullies havn’t the slightest clue of managing political affairs !

    Ohh this Silver Dragon is definately a batty licker !

    Seelall is said to be a leasion with the FBI. He complete all the necessary training with the FBI in the USA and is a close link with them. You have a big fat one name Boodram that work only for Seelall to fetch back info to him that is then passed on to the FBI. Seelall is always around buddy’s and some believe him to be working under cover to get them. He is good friends with Arafat aka Mohammed Qualander who’s great auntie own the Queensway center on water street where the Swiss House Cambio is located. Arafat is good friends with Seelall and also with James Singh. James Singh and Arafat can be seen drinking most friday night at the Bistro on middle and wellington street owned by John Pynandie who is a member of the Lodge. Seelall has a deportee nephew that live in grove and own the King’s Beer bar in grove. His name is Jay who shot someone in NY and did 11 years and get sent back by uncle sam. Jay is not only Seelall nephew, but also a negotiater for Seelall. He does try to set up people and then act like he can help out thru his uncle for a little $300K. Seelall can be seen at king’s beer on the weekend drinking with a few doctors and also with Morros Gopi that own that seafood place across from hudsonville. Morris is the largest smuggler of fuel right now and got Seelall on payroll. Guess its true what they say, you got to pay to play.


    • we do not believe this is the ronald hudson talking here. hudson ad for mayor was running online the Guyana Chronicle for months after he was arrested
      also ronald hudson was a contributor for the same govt paper he is criticising [Guyana Chronicle] (if this is indeed him but we have our doubts)
      also hudson is friends with david degroot who ‘writes’ for the Guyana Chronicle under such assumed names as ‘Whispering Mabel’

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  33. hey iron-monkey nice to see you here man whats going

    Let’s hear what your take on the James Singh Saga of devastation of CANU and some CANU officers I say some because he hate some of them whiles he’s gay about some of them I am sure you know something

  34. Pandit G,
    Do you know that Seelall Persaud drinking buddy is Shawn Baldeo of the famous Baldeo tapes that the RCMP has? The Baldeo tapes implicated Henry Greene when he was Senior Supt. with human smuggling to Canada by facilitating Shawn Baldeo with hundreds of blank Guyanese passports.
    Show me an honest policeman in the Guyana Police force.

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    Good info Avinash! Shawn Baldeo is Salem Azeez good good friend. He also drink with Balram Persaud. Shawn came out the gutter and now own fancy house and cars. He had a jandie the other day and Pandit_G was the famous guess to eat up some of that nice seven curry food (actually they only had six curry). Balram Persaud is a big drunk and a big negotiater between the drug cartels. Recardo give him $4M to help build his house. Paul Rozriques does get him a lot of little young girls to sleep with. Balram is a sell-out to the police force and does collect big money from all the cartels to give out information. He groove in good with a lot of the CANU officers and CID people. He does go around and call a lot of people “his son” to big up their head and join his team. Once again, this is first hand information and I bribe Balram for a friend personally!

  37. Balram Persaud was also charged for treason under the Desmond Hoyte adminsitration. He and a few others such as Anand Sanasie were trying to overthrow the Hoyte Govt. but they were all freed when the PPP came into power. Balram Persaud got his job back in the police and Sanasie did not return to the GDF, instead he teamed up with Balram and others and began exporting cocaine and become a loan shark.
    They are getting the backings from Freedom House.

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  41. Good Info Avinash, you are right on the money. Balram Persaud and Sanasie did team up and started peddling the cocaine. Then they was a big problem with some ship and a big network of cocaine peddlers get caught up. It was a big network, cocaine, back track, etc. I remembered the time he try to overthrow the PNC and get locked up. Keep up the good work, fellas. Expose the truth!

  42. How can a Magistrate that you list here, Melissa Robertson be on the bench and her live-in companion, Rafael Douglas is a know drug trafficker, who was convicted in Canada nd the USA. He was deported from Canada for drug dealings.
    This woman Melissa Robertson have no moral authority to sit on the bench and sentencing people.
    She must be removed now. DRUG DEALING IS WRONG.

  43. How can I find out about anand sanasie treason attempt;time and place and how he escaped from me at [propaganda press removed your email for your own safety. replies will be forwarded]

  44. I heard they had a sex orgy at her residence two weeks ago. Eight persons were involcved and lots of cociane and vodka were flowing like water plus KFC chicken.
    A magistrate in a sex orgy? using cocaine? She should be removed from the bench immediately.
    The authorities would say they want proof. Would these people leave a paper trail, most evil things are done by word of mouth and action not by paper.

    • certain things are hard to believe when you are not living reality. However, i cant doubt that the magistrate would be involved in that but i can say we have people in high society with freaky pleasures

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  51. Shalimar Ali-Hack was caught sucking her black chaffeur’s cock on old year’s day in her car at the back of the Botanic Gardens. Our informer tried to take a photo with his Nokia but they were too low doing their own thing. Just her car was photographed. They spent about 30 minutes in the gardens.

  52. Avinash, that is old story. She has a weakness for black cocks. Her husband is 80% impotent.
    She is a Psychopatic woman. The woman is unhappy and she spites others. She is too fat to have sex. She loves to give oral sex.

  53. Not only black cocks, any big cocks. We used to peep her when she comes to the Meten-Meer-Zorg masjid and see what she was doing. There are three particular guys with huge cocks who will entertain one by by one. We used to be in the nearby washroom and peep into her office at the masjid, she will suck their cocks and they will play with her extra large breasts.
    She licks one guy by the name of Zaheer ass. This is the only person ass she would lick. She always pretend to do some paper work in the office when these guys are around.Shalimar is a wicked woman and a disgrace to the Muslim women.
    She is so fat she can hardly move and has a weak bladder, she always smell of urine. Her husband only concern for money and takes bribes from people so Shalimar would not prosecute them.

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  56. oh yea not forgetting that we should live fucking reality equal rights and justice will be shared in fucking Heaven, not in fucking Guyana the rich will have rights if you aint rich get accustom to shit in your lives

  57. people who currupt can never c them selves move forward they always talking bad about the party and the same party they would vote for and only vote for always want help form them, vote for the pnc and u will c if they don’t stave and live like how the living

    • yo its the corrupt people that have life easy check it out. and when you try to live with integrity the $ in god we trust dollar make lots of people even eat their own shit

  58. They are two types of supporters of the ppp,pitchers and catchers,which one are you?
    God Bless Guyana And My Dougla Children.

  59. what the fuck does a baseball concept have to do with tring to find someones political affiliation, every fucking one has a perspective on life and politics will always shape our lives don’t matter who we support

  60. This is a bunch of non sense these guys know why they are in guyana and not in America. Bunch of low lives steal and corupt the country and the poor. They know why they don’t come to this country, cause they won’t make it to their next birtday.

  61. kevin i dont have a beef with you,its perverted vibes i am thrashing,but i guess you are not too word wise,this guy is supportive of a group of sexual devients,hence the term pitcher or catcher,meaning if he is the dominant or passive partner of a gay relationship,capice,God Bless Guyana And My Dougla Children.

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  68. Good day My fellow Guyanese. I am a policy of clico guyana and i have obtained information for reialble sources on the Clico problem. The government is dragging along the court matter to buy time for election. They do not have any plans to pay out the policy holders. The report i received is that payment mighr be available withing 5 years but in small amount. The money they received is going to pay clico managers and staff and also Geta Singh Knights who is collection a month salary of 1,000,000. By the end of that 5 years miss singh would have collect most of the money that is mennt to pay our clico policy holders.

    The PPP is corrupt.


  70. @Crazy Baldhead
    So being dugla is a bad thing???
    It’s OK to be a racist asshole though huh??
    Like most if not all of the PPP supporters who try to worm their way onto this blog, you have not one shred of refutation for all the facts of corruption you are presented with. You can only resort to childish name-calling.
    Well to speak to you in language you will understand: “Yuh muddaskunt.”

  71. this have nothing to do with race you dumb M-FUKRRRRR

    • Crazy Baldhead:
      You can’t call somebody “you dugla” as if that is an insult and then go on to say “this have nothing to do with race”.
      I can say anything I want to my girlfriend and she can say anything she wants to me. We might argue but we won’t whip each other with pussy cloths or anything else. I am not married and have never sucked a cock. Are you confusing me with someone else?
      PS the light bulb in your head might need changing. It’s getting kinda dim.

  72. We should give as we would receive, cheerfully, quickly, and without hesitation; for there is no grace in a benefit that sticks to the fingers.

  73. Write the bad things that are done to you in sand, but write the good things that happen to you on a piece of marble.

  74. nothing I hate more than hear you guys black and Indian over there talk about race (racial attitude) both of you guys cant live without each other and when you fellow come to the West you kiss up and suck the white man dead cock, then you come to Guyana like a saint with white mouth. LET TALK YOU BIG MOUTH

  75. On a serous note Guyana is not going to move forward with people bickering at eachother…a lot of guyanese have no moral values…just look at some of the comments we. If there are problems with the government and other oppositions we should come together to deal with it, not writing crap on a blog that is named PROPAGANDA PRESS. SO come on people be mature about what you say, afterall its how you put it on this website that reflects the type of person you are. I know for a fact there will be negative replies to my comment. In the end I will call that utter ignorance…that’s how a lot of US are.

  76. is it utter ignorance .. that the GOG put a drug dealer by the name of James Singh to run CANU i Guess not because they did.

  77. How come the Drug Dealer Crime Chief Seelall Persaud and his sidekick, Trevor Reid did not make the list? Seelall Persaud is a close friend and drinking buddy of known back tracker Shawn Baldeo. Remember the Baldeo Tapes? Henry Greene supplied Baldeo with hundres of Guyana Passports and the RCMP taped their conversations.
    Trevor Reid is a partner with Selall Persaud in their drug dealings. They will seize drugs from the drug dealers and resold them to other drug dealers.
    Selall Persaud and Trevor Reid can be seen most days drinking in Cummings Street at known Phantom gang members beer garden, the Rodrigues.
    These guys should be on your list.

  78. If people don’t skin these high class corrupt asshole to the light of day everybody would be left to sail, so this blog is the best to air the views of everyone’s perspectives.(Yahoo)

  79. Ok justice i get your point there, but why must there be a website and there is always 2 sides to every story, i am not going against anyone b/c it isnt my way, i deal with my problems always the right way. I know alot of people in Guyana or should i say GUYANESE..are envious and cruel..its like the see another man might be doing well in business and majority will rule in its drug smuggling…a typical guyanese style when some people say things like that. We as Guyanese have so many resources that can make us wealthy and yet we do the wrong thing. GREED

    • Guyanese are hustlers, it in their blood, greed is in everyone. But we should be greedy for the love of our creator.

  80. One of the listed criminals of the PPP Crime Family the DPP, Shalimar Ali-Hack is protecting her fellow Muslim rapist, the Imam of the Alexander Village mosque, who was arrested by the police for raping a child.
    Are readers now convinced that the CIOG is a Mafia run Islamic organisation?
    Why isn’t this DPP prosecuting her fellow Muslim criminals?
    Muslims are the biggest drug barons in Guyana, smugglers, killers etc,. and none have been brought to justice.
    The CIOG operates like the Mafia in the USA in the 1930’s and 40’s.
    The CIOG also has the blessings of the President and the Minister of Home Affairs.
    Henry Greene is a dirty little puppet.

  81. Manniram Prashad son, the one that drives the grey Lexus SUV and is close to Salim Azeez, recently bought Palm Court for $60 million and will be reopening the night club.
    Maniram and sons also sold the property the owned on Vlissengen road between Pop Eyes and Pizza Hut for $80 mil.

  82. Lovell aka Big Head is throwing up a 6 story steel framed building next door to the new Little Rock Suites on Main Street New Amsterdam.

  83. Correction Spy Shop. Manniram bought the Palm Court Building for G$140, 000,000.
    They want to open a TGI franchise.
    Jagdeo have a share in this enterprise.
    Lots of drug money flowing here.

  84. Spy Shop, the agreement might be for $80M but the actual amount paid to Muneshwar is 140 M. You know these guys do not want to pay much Capital Gains Tax.
    Then Manniram does not want questions as to how he got 140M in Cash, so they can make the deal for 80M on paper instead of 140M . Manniram can always say he sold teh Vlissengen Rd property for 60M and used this as part payment towards the $80 M. Smart guy.
    It look like some blacks bought the Vlissengen Rd house, many of them are liming in the house now. They do not look rich or educated, where did they get $60M from?
    Clothes can be seen hanging all over the yard like in Tiger Bay or Albouystown.

  85. Corruption…. will not be ending anytime soon, however, it is our duty as a society that we should ensure that we expose such elements who believe they are too smart for their own good. While they live their lives as fat cats, we have to live like peasants, scurrying to pay our bills and slave behind our jobs to keep our existence worth while.

  86. Pingback: manniram prashad buys palm court for $140 million in shady deal « propaganda press! freedom now Guyana

    Police Headquarters, Eve Leary, Georgetown
    Tel: 225-5401 or 227-2685

    PRO: 2/1 May 18, 2010

    News Editors,


    Acting on information received the police obtained and executed a search warrant on a building owned by Mr. Peter Ramsaroop at 261 Forshaw and New Garden Streets, Queenstown, Georgetown, yesterday.

    The building houses several apartments and the police were only able to access one occupied by Nicole Ming, female, 19 years, the sole occupant. The search revealed the existence of three covert cameras. One hidden in a clock on the wall that obtains a panoramic view of the apartment, another hidden in a radio in the bathroom and a third focusing on her bed.

    Nicole Ming indicated that she rented the apartment about two months ago from Mr. Peter Ramsaroop and about a week ago he requested that she leave her keys as he had to fix an electrical problem and on her return she observed an instrument on the wall with a light flashing.

    She also stated that about two weeks ago she had replaced a battery in the clock in which one of the cameras was found and the camera was not affixed at that time and complained that Mr. Peter Ramsaroop may have been recording her.

    The police became suspicious that Mr. Ramsaroop may be in possession of pornography and may be distributing pornography and consequently obtained warrants to search his apartment as well as his office at Land of Canaan, East Bank Demerara. At the time he was overseas and upon his return on May 17, 2010, the warrants were executed in his presence by the police who seized two computer hard drives and a digital video recorder from his apartment and two computer hard drives from his office.

    Mr. Peter Ramsaroop has denied the allegations of possession and distribution of pornography and indicated in a written statement that he once used the apartment to house an office for his employees when he installed cameras and did not remove all of the cameras when he rented it to Nicole Ming.

    He is currently on $20,000.00 cash bail pending investigations.

    Ivelaw Whittaker
    Public Relations & Press Officer

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  91. suck me cock black people go suck ya motha pussy hole me took weh all dem black man gyals and dem a beg fi dem back afta me don mas up dem pussy says:

    i wana fuck yall motha


    Dear Editor,
    In societies where there is an organised criminal mafia, there is one standard modus operandi. Members of that society are harassed and subjected to all manner of thuggery, until they succumb to the pressure, subject themselves to the mafia, and start paying protection money to the members of that mafia. Then, they stop being harassed. In Guyana, there is no mafia, but there is an individual who practises the same methods as the mafia, but in the corporate world. I refer to no other than Guyana’s very own, Mr Know- It- All, Mr Holier- Than- Thou, Mr Belatedly- Matriculated- Attorney- at- Law, Christopher Ram. What has Mr Ram’s methodology been over the years? Using the free medium of a column space provided compliments of Stabroek News, Mr Ram has lambasted every company who is not a client of his account ing firm, accusing them of all manner of things, most of which are easily debunked, but which nobody ever has the time to bother to respond to. But, he continues to lambast the executives of companies, the managers, and anybody connected with the companies. Until when? With what aim? To what end? Well, the answers to those questions are found in the fact that he hardly ever seems to write about companies that are current cli ents of his accounting firm. And, if he does, it is not in the scathing critical terms that he writes about clients of other accounting firms. So, the implication is simple. If you are a fee- paying client of his and you pay him hefty fees, it appears that you enjoy protection from his poisonous pen. If you don’t pay him hefty fees, it appears that you will receive the brunt of his venom.
    The lesson of all of this: Mr Fip Motilall and Synergy Holdings, time to change your accounting firm. And, while you are at it, time to change your lawyers too, and recruit the recently matriculated junior counsel. Although it might be a bitter pill to succumb to corporate gangsterism, it might be the surest way to get the corporate gangster off your back, even if it costs you a penny or two, as it surely will. No wonder he had to be sued over his handling of the Hotel Tower liquidation. Yours sincerely,
    Dave Martindale

  93. The government has taken away the firearm security license from Kaieteur News, because the newspaper are really getting to their bone.

    • why would the KN get to the PPP. the KN is well known for fabricating stories and is seen in guyana as a gossip newspapers. KN and SN are the mouth piece of the oppositions and the newspapers stories are distorted by the views of the owner.

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  96. you young lawyers not getting cases take up a magistrate job now. Ian Chang sent home the MORMONS and he became ajudge you can be one also if CN SHARMA FALLS IN YOUR COURT all you have to do is jail him. if he appeals the case won”t bother you.

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  100. how can u leave out BK and prettipaul inestment. one does collect money for bharatt (bk) is bk built the house that bharatt sell the other day for free. and the other (pi) is owned by bharatt(bharatt steal the money and buy 20 trawler…remember)

  101. I went through the lists carefully, if true then what “corruption”is this??? I am shocked , I do not know what to say????

  102. I am not sure that I saw Cecil Kennard the former chancellor of the judiciary here, but that guy should be right next to Janet in the express line to hell.
    His nephew killed a young lady in a motor vehicle accident. That evil wizard paid US$10,000 to the late Lloyd Bacchus to ship his nephew out backtrack. The facillitator? None other than the Honourable Carl Singh when he was just a wash batty lawyer, scruntin for cases.
    There is even a theory that because of that Lloyd Bacchus became a loose end.

  103. Steve Merai and Seelall Persaud are barely literate individuals whose command of the English language is appalingly deficeint. Merai managed to represent his brother’s CXC certificate(three subjects) as his to the police administration. Fraudulently gaining a promotion.
    Persaud scraped two CXC’s (grade ‘c’ and ‘d’) at Maraj building in the 1990’s. A conspiracy between freedom house and Balram raghubir sent him on officer’s cadet course. He then took six years to complete a diploma programme at UG.
    Propraganda Press have one of your agents get a hold of a memo or report written by either of these two knuckleheads and see for yourself their abhorent incompetence.

  104. RETIRED, reponding to your QUALIFICATING INDIANS.


    HENRY GREENE look well qualified to be President

    FART. General GARY BEST look like Prime Minister diarrhea. excessive shit.

    Did GENERAL GARY BEST take his MARCUS GARVEY salts or senna pods.


    Thank You.

    Eyem@n how is the Koreans try the CHINESE they pinch and bite.

    Well excited in the NIGHT. The JAMAICANS always have CHINESE available.

    There is also the Jamaican Chinese Dr. No.

    Fix you up right Eyem@n.

    Zaheed Emran Ally
    Zaheed Ally means Blessed Friend.

  105. Retired,
    I didn’t know Seelall Persaud attended my school, Georgetown School of Accountancy at the Maraj Bldg.
    Anyhow, I was teaching for professional accountancy exams, and he was probably in the CXC division.
    I am sure he knows me. But how can this man Seelall Persaud get himself involved in a conspiracy to frame me up when he knows my background?
    Did he collect a bribe? or was he pleasing his political and corrupt masters?
    I am sure Seelall Persaud would not answer that. When I saw him at the CID, I said to myself this guy has a familiar face.
    I am ashamed to have produced students like Seelall Persaud. My institution was to educate people and make them good citizens and not to be corrupt and frame up innocent people or charge innocent people like what he did to me for framing me up on trump up charges.

    If Seelall Persaud is man enough, he should apologize to me


    you look like you swell with corruption.









    Zaheed Emran Ally
    Zaheed Ally means Blessed Friend.

  107. Police last evening issued a bulletin for a man who is wanted for questioning in relation to the murder of De Hoop businessman Lakeram Bishundial who was shot and killed during a robbery at Hope, East Coast Demerara.

    Sheik Alim Samad
    Sheik Alim Samad, police said, whose last known address is Lot 128 Barr Street, Kitty, is wanted in connection with Bishundial’s murder. The man, of East Indian descent, is medium built and fair in complexion.
    Persons with information which may lead to the man’s arrest are asked to contact police on telephone numbers 225-6411, 225-2700, 226-2917, 226-1326, 226-2870, 225-6941 or 911 or the nearest police station.
    Police in a press release following the incident had said the robbery, during which Bishundial was murdered, occurred at about 3.15 pm on August 20. As Bishundial was driving his motor lorry GGG 8273 along the roadway he observed his brother, Totaram, in his motor pick-up. The two brothers stopped their vehicles and were talking on the road when two men rode up on a motorcycle. The pillion rider, who was armed with a handgun, got off the motorcycle, approached the two brothers and discharged rounds at Bishundial, hitting him in his abdomen.
    The armed man then grabbed a bag containing an undisclosed sum of cash from the pick-up and escaped along with his accomplice on the motorcycle. Bishundial was taken to a private hospital in Georgetown where he succumbed to his injuries.
    A man has since been charged with Bishundial’s murder. On August 24, Shawn Anthony Thom, 31, of 128 Third Street, Alexander Village was not required to plead when the charge was read to him at the Cove and John Magistrate’s Court. Thom was remanded to prison.

    See today’s Stabroek News, Kaieteur News, Guyana Times:
    This man is a member of the PPP Crime Family and is very close to Clement Rohee and Bharrat Jagdeo. He is also close to the Director of Public Prosecutions-DPP, Shalimar Ali-Hack as they are both members of the Terrorist organisation, CIOG.
    This man was implicated in the kidnapping of Nathoo’s daughter but was set free by the DPP- Shalimar Ali-Hack on instructions from Clement Rohee and Jagdeo.
    He is the head of a Crime Syndicate based in Georgetown that involves robbery, kidnapping and murder.
    He is Rohee and Jagdeo hired hit man. He only employs black people to do his dirty work.
    This man was involved in a visa scan sometime ago and was never charged because of his links to the PPP and the DPP.

  108. Alim Samad is a close friend of the President of Guyana, Bharrat Jagdeo, Clement Rohee, The Minister of Home Affairs and colleague/family friend of the DPP, Shlaimar Ali-Hack.
    He will give himself up and then his other friend, Henry Greene upon instructions from the DPP would say there is not enough evidence to charge him.
    This was what was done when he was arrested for kidnapping Nathoo’s daughter and when he was arrested for scamming people in his visa fraud.
    Alim Samad is the head of a crime outfit supported by Henry Greene, Seelall Persaud, Bharrat Jagdeo, Clement Rohee and that rogue DPP, Shalimar Ali-Hack.

  109. This is the same Alim Samad that Jagdeo, Rohee and the DPP used to frame up Balwant Persaud.
    God is watching. What goes around comes around.
    The U.S and Canada will deal with Jagdeo and his gang of thieves.

  110. Correct Ram. Hope the world see what Balwant Persaud was saying all the time is correct. Balwant Persaud said that Alim Samad is a criminal that is being protected by Jagdeo, Rohee, Greene, Selall Persaud, the DPP and the PPP.
    He is a hit man and hired gun for the PPP.
    The police want him but the DPP and the PPP will free him.
    I am sure Rohee and Jagdeo are getting a share of the proceeds of the robberies committed by Alim Samad.
    Alim Samad was seen many times at Jagdeo home in Ogle and at Rohee’s home in Queenstown.
    Alim Samad usually socialise with Rohee and the owner of Roy’s Pharmacy in Bourda market. Samad provides the under aged girls for Rohee.

    So all that we were reading about Alim Samad shooting up Balwant Persaud’s office and robbed his office under directions from Rohee and Jagdeo are true.

    We all know that Alim Samad was the real visa scammer but Rohee, Jagdeo and the DPP are dangerous and spiteful people and one day they will have to answer for their wrong doing.

  111. Add this bugger batty criminal and Jagdeo lover to the list, Ranjisinghi Ramroop, we will say Ramroop.
    His wife left him when she caught Jagdeo on top of his back.
    This man is the owner of GPC, Guyana Times, Ch.28 TV Station and half of Guyana.
    Know why?
    He is Jagdeo front man and a member of the bugger gang.

  112. Missing from the line-up is Gordon Gilhuys (former ppp appointed slave/magistrate) who shot a policeman after he was caught in homo erotic ecstasy ( fucking with a man) in his car.
    Because he is a member of the exclusive OP club nothing happened.

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    • @Sunder,
      if you want ppp out,just ignore all the fancy ads they gonna put up in election time about how things nice, how much progress they make and it’s all the opposition’s fault except theirs and vote against them.Sitting out is giving them a chance to come out on top.

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  115. Chetram Singh money launderer-in-chief and US/Canadian Visa racketeer. Sometimes moonlight as president-for-life of the Guyana Cricket Board.
    He can get anyone a Visa under the pretext that they are part of a Cricket team.

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  117. hey guys,
    gr8 information,any body got anything pon de campbellville boyz,roger khan sidekicks,imran and safraz khan trigerin butcher bros ,roy & audi singh,derek madre,curtis and adrian desouza(deportee),(andrew morgans & ricardo rodrigues launderers), all from austin street,campbellville.hehehehe new batch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • i jus got back from tenesee ,usa , anybody ever heard of texas bigger,de extraextraxxxl fat fucking conman from aubreybarka ,in south and de wannabe extortionists ,ricardo did cocaine robbery with stevemann and lilmark, and osafo runnabout de yard, with sending coke to jamaica to tek weed to go barbados runnings.

  121. Granger….With blood on my hand fame, burnham soldier boy and henchman, working with house of israel to torture and brutally murder coolie ppp members, Stealing ballot boxes was his game. Now head of the negro zulu group Apnu.

    Hamilton Green….. Hammie is a known cold blooded murderer and rapist. He rape shakira baksh and murder her. Head of the house of israel and ordering rabbi washington to disappear coolie people, and break and entering rape and slaughter coolie in their sleep. He once claim to raping over 1000 indian women including rovin deodat wife. Now lifetime dictator and thief of garbage city

    Raphael trotman…..bishops high softie, halfway to being fully gay and easy to manipulate.

    Cammie ramsaroop…..i told burnham to ban foodstuff fame. Live in new providence like a king whilst his fellow coolie people eat shit

    C.N sharma……Child rapist and thief, they thief all the proceeds from the teleton for the flood victims in mahaica mahaicony. Rape lots of girls from east coast all the way to west coast and canal. Start out repairing fridge and selling the tubing as antenna wires. Hint: thats how he got the bright idea to open the tv station.

    freddie kissoon……famous as a book thief. Was caught stealing in stores around regent street and in grocery stores. Is so ugly that to compensate for his ugliness he resist authority…he should research the cure for rebelliousness against authority. A small time scamp who try to evade taxes and duties and like begging people for money. Built a mansion on east coast and has a whoring lesbian daughta going to UG. He is recessive gay and is hiding in the closet. WAS SEXUALLY ASSAULTED when he was a teen. ask his sister she told me.

    I will continue the list……..

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  124. Add Perry Gossai of Berbice, the PPP Lawyer thug, head of the NO TEETH GANG. His deputy Murseline Bacchus, a gambler and woman beater. Berbicians should boycott these two sell out lawyers.

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  126. That list will keep growing if people don’t start getting lockup soon, people like Robert Persaud who just keep getting richer and richer he have a lot of underhand business

  127. In Guyana this kind of behavior for “ppp-government_ministers” is >>> ENCOURAGED> ENDORSED AND EMPOWERED.


    Deviancy are rather, a pre-requisite and resume/career enhancement for further promotion in the ppp-government. It’s NOT considered dastardly but normal. Especially for ppp-cabinet ministers. Living large ON Corruption from kickbacks on ppp-government contracts. Allowing drugs barons to continue their trade in narcotics & guns openly, without any repercussions. Aiding their money laundering schemes as progress & development & expecting a cut of those actions. As well as, DUI and intentionally leaving the scene of an accident. Showing your BAADNESS by shooting-up in a threatening manner innocent folks, wild west style. Raping young vulnerable innocent girls/women seeking assistance and much more as such.



  128. I think everything posted was actually very logical.
    But, think about this, suppose you composed a
    catchier title? I am not suggesting your content is not
    good, however suppose you added a title to possibly get folk’s attention? I mean Guyana most dangerous criminals | propaganda press!

    is a little vanilla. You should look at Yahoo’s front page and note how they write post headlines to grab people
    interested. You might add a video or a picture or
    two to grab readers excited about everything’ve got to say.
    Just my opinion, it might make your blog a little livelier.

  129. Dean HASSAN aka Shiekh S Hassan aka Shahabudeen Hassan aka Shahabudeen Ahmad and owner of over 20 companies and businesses in Guyana -claims to have dual citizenship if guyana and Canada. Robbed the owners of North American Resources and forced the company into bancruptcy. Currently using commissioner sellall and commander Ramsey to do his dirty work . Terrorizing small miners in the Konawaruk mining area. Burning down their camps, shooting up their equipment, shooting persons, robbing miners. They are being protected by the mahdia police who is the most corrupt set of police. They arrest women and lock them up and rape them upstairs for days. They threaten any miner that complains against Dean hassan of TESOURO resources.

    Dean Hassan has been doing this for years without any problems, he is good friends with Sam hinds and it said to be a gay. His brother Sean Hassan is also gay along with his chief accountant RAY BEHARRY. Ray Beharry is a member of the rifle association that is how Dean hassan gets all of his guns.

    He currently is making 150 ounces of gold a day and has over 40 security guards, who is RC police. He also had a voting booth at his camp for this election. His attorneys Andrew pollard and Nigel Hughes get paid well to cover up his crimes against miners.

    Last year he made $1.5 Billion GYD in gold and is not declaring it. He is known to be good friends with Rickford veira of GGMC and has ggmc in his pocket. Also Edward shields of GGDMA is on retainance fee for Dean hassan.

    Dean Hassan is a monster and has already paid this new government for protection. Most of his workers are old police and soldiers, he has retired col. Jaswick Williams as his chief security officer. Jaswick Williams is organizing all the crimes in the back dam . Most of the workings were dishonorably discharged from the army and police force. Jaswick Willaims is using his Army connection to help Dean Hassan with his crimes.

    He donated 10 minion GYD to 18 charities as a way of cheating his tax obligation.

    He is known to pay off judges, magistrates, police , politicians. Let’s see if he can pay off GOD.

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